my holidays

This holidays I had soccer football  I also went to osch  all the football and soccer training.  On Saturday I had a game I got a goal from a penalty.  My friend Hunter and Mustafa

got a goal and it was a really fun game. I also got a award for being player of the week and on the weekend my friend Tee jay.

Stayed over and the next day I had a football game and after that I had football presentation. I had tea there and my mum and dad had noodle box at osch we had to go to the movies to watch Sherlock nomes and Peter rabbit .

my goal next term

i will like next term to improve my work and give my teacher a better stranded. of work a to improve my grades because i want to be good at maths .


i want to make friends by asking them what there weeknessers and working out what they are good at.