term two week four excursion reflection

so on Friday 4RG,REF and REQ me and my buddy went on the first floor at the start and we learnt about Karna and we went on the bus on the bus i sat with my buddy Daniel and the buss ride we were playing tick tack two and rock paper sizzlers and he won I was on 10 he was 45 and it was so fun and when we got off we had to go in groups and had so much fun we were looking at the aboriginal stuff like weapons and the rock how to make fire they had to have a stick and they would spin it in the ground and it will make fire and those days they would not have clothing and you could see like them naked witch was that they had because they had no money and food but they would hunt animals and kill them and it was gross and you would think why don’t they have money but the clothes that they have skin off a bear or a an animal then we went to the second floor and saw what was up there my buddy was Mya and Daniel it was so much fun there but then we had to go and it was the botanical gardens and we had our lunch there then we played games that was (the best part) then when the bus was there we had to go BYE! THANK YOU MRS G FOR THE VIST AT THE MUSEM


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