My Holiday recount Term 3

So at the start of holidays i went to OSCH for a whole week and on friday we went shopping for all the stuff that we needed for going away then Saturday morning we went in the car to port broghton with my friend teejay and on sunday night teejays mum and dad come with the bikes so in the morning we could just jump on our bikes and go and that is what we did we went down to foodland to get some gravy for the roast tea that we had for tea that night that my dad cooked in the oven teejay and i were kicking the football and soccer ball we had so much fun and then we went home and on satrday i went to a football game and the next day i went to my friends place and they gave me a free pet frog.


term 3 Goals

My goals are for term 3 areĀ  to get better at math in math i want to get better at my subtraction and be really good at it so i can be really good in the future and i also want to be really good at times tables because i need to use them instead of +