My holiday recount

In the holidays my Mum and I went to Port Broughton because we wanted to catch up with family.

Firstly, we packed the car  then we got in the car with my nana  then my mum drove to port Wakefield  went inside kiplins I got a finger bun and also a sausage roll when we got back in the car my dad called me to say that he got my favourite drivers signature he also told me that he got into the Nissan shed he also told me that he had to book into an hotel for the night because when he got there it was to dark to set up the tent

Secondly, when we got to port Broughton  we just chilled on the couch once we had 30 min of chilling we started to unpack the car my mum’s aunty heather told us that we were going out for tea so someone I know said that do you want to walk to the pub where we are having tea so I walked with him I had to help him because he is blind then once we got there I told my mum that I wanted a seafood platter for tea  my mum said ok but you have to eat it all.

Lastly then we went to the nursing home to see my great nana she is 93 I rode my scooter there I catched a geko with my helmet when it was in my helmet it tried to get out but I quickly got it and ran and told my mum.


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