My holiday recount

In the holidays my Mum and I went to Port Broughton because we wanted to catch up with family.

Firstly, we packed the car  then we got in the car with my nana  then my mum drove to port Wakefield  went inside kiplins I got a finger bun and also a sausage roll when we got back in the car my dad called me to say that he got my favourite drivers signature he also told me that he got into the Nissan shed he also told me that he had to book into an hotel for the night because when he got there it was to dark to set up the tent

Secondly, when we got to port Broughton  we just chilled on the couch once we had 30 min of chilling we started to unpack the car my mum’s aunty heather told us that we were going out for tea so someone I know said that do you want to walk to the pub where we are having tea so I walked with him I had to help him because he is blind then once we got there I told my mum that I wanted a seafood platter for tea  my mum said ok but you have to eat it all.

Lastly then we went to the nursing home to see my great nana she is 93 I rode my scooter there I catched a geko with my helmet when it was in my helmet it tried to get out but I quickly got it and ran and told my mum.


Term 3 – Week 3 Guided Reading – Garma Festival

1.What does the Garma festival celebrate?
how they tell the truth what happened in the past
What do people do over four days during the festival?
over the 4 days they tell story’s and discuss issues
What is this years theme?
this year’s theme is based on truth telling . truth telling the truth about what the british army did to the garna people
4. What do the Aboriginal and Torren Straight Islander Community want to change about the Australian Constitution?
the torren straight islander people want them to talk to the bristish people and put it in the paper

Blog of Assembly

so we had assembly in the morning so when i got at school i put my bag in my locker and ran to the hall and jumped on the stage and sat in my spot and started talking to my friends to it started and when it started Lincoln rehat sandpan were the hosts they started the assembly we did a dance hosted by finn kim and magot the dance was milkshake

My Holiday recount Term 3

So at the start of holidays i went to OSCH for a whole week and on friday we went shopping for all the stuff that we needed for going away then Saturday morning we went in the car to port broghton with my friend teejay and on sunday night teejays mum and dad come with the bikes so in the morning we could just jump on our bikes and go and that is what we did we went down to foodland to get some gravy for the roast tea that we had for tea that night that my dad cooked in the oven teejay and i were kicking the football and soccer ball we had so much fun and then we went home and on satrday i went to a football game and the next day i went to my friends place and they gave me a free pet frog.


term 3 Goals

My goals are for term 3 are  to get better at math in math i want to get better at my subtraction and be really good at it so i can be really good in the future and i also want to be really good at times tables because i need to use them instead of +

term two week four excursion reflection

so on Friday 4RG,REF and REQ me and my buddy went on the first floor at the start and we learnt about Karna and we went on the bus on the bus i sat with my buddy Daniel and the buss ride we were playing tick tack two and rock paper sizzlers and he won I was on 10 he was 45 and it was so fun and when we got off we had to go in groups and had so much fun we were looking at the aboriginal stuff like weapons and the rock how to make fire they had to have a stick and they would spin it in the ground and it will make fire and those days they would not have clothing and you could see like them naked witch was that they had because they had no money and food but they would hunt animals and kill them and it was gross and you would think why don’t they have money but the clothes that they have skin off a bear or a an animal then we went to the second floor and saw what was up there my buddy was Mya and Daniel it was so much fun there but then we had to go and it was the botanical gardens and we had our lunch there then we played games that was (the best part) then when the bus was there we had to go BYE! THANK YOU MRS G FOR THE VIST AT THE MUSEM


Term 2 – Week 3 Guided Reading – Bionic Arm Builder

1. What helped Hannah build the bionic arm?


a coding

b. Electronics
c. 3D design
d. All of the above✔️

2. What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words.

It is something that can move with technology their are sensor’s  that allow it to move

3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do?

open a door

hold a glass

crack a egg


be able to make a  fist

pat her cat

Term 2- Week 2 Guided Reading- Composting Awareness

1. What three things help start the composting process…a. Bacteria

b. Insects
c. Fungi
d. All of the above☑️.

2.What sort of fertiliser do the kids add to their compost?

dried animals blood and bones☑️.


3.Explain what worms, slugs and other insects do to improve the compost’s texture?

it makes it ready for the garden to help the plants so the worms get the food and then eat it  they


4.How does compost help our garden?

it makes the garden more good  it makes the plants grow ☑️.

btn week one

The Commonwealth games was invented to ivinte people from different countries to play in the Commonwealth games a bit like the Olympics but England teamed with Australia.

To be in wars but Australia went a different way were still  teamed but they still had the original cricket game Australia still had to do there thing buy going to the beach.

my holidays

This holidays I had soccer football  I also went to osch  all the football and soccer training.  On Saturday I had a game I got a goal from a penalty.  My friend Hunter and Mustafa

got a goal and it was a really fun game. I also got a award for being player of the week and on the weekend my friend Tee jay.

Stayed over and the next day I had a football game and after that I had football presentation. I had tea there and my mum and dad had noodle box at osch we had to go to the movies to watch Sherlock nomes and Peter rabbit .