My Term 3 Holiday Recount

Orientation: In the holiday I was with Annie, Gareth, Chloe, Noah, Danny, Hope, Jon, Mai and Putin. The adults I was with Ha, Thanh (My dad), Grandma and An (Mum).


Monday: On Monday the first, it was a Public Holiday so I stayed home with my Dad, I didn’t really do anything I just watched TV for a few minutes and then I went outside my backyard to play some soccer, handball and tennis and I also ran around the garden and I got myself wet.

Tuesday: On Tuesday I went to Annie’s house because my Mum and Dad had to go to work, but first I had to go to a dentist appointment with my mum so the dentist could clean my teeth that had tartar in it. When the appointment finished, my Mum and I went to FoodLand to buy some apples and pears, she also bought me a pie to eat at Annie’s house.

Wednesday: On Wednesday I had to go to Annie’s early the reason why is because my Mum had training so that’s why I went early, I went at 7:10am but arrived at approximately 7:30am. When I arrived I went inside to wait for everyone to come. When everyone came, I went outside to play with them. Finally when it was lunch at 11:00am we all sat down and ate our food. After when everyone finished, the younger children had to go to bed and the older children could stay up. My Dad picked me up at approximately 2:30pm so he could go to his dentist appointment.


Thursday: On Thursday I was at home with my Mum and Grandma. At home my Mum let me play my laptop at around 10:00 am to 11:00 am, so my Mum gave me 1 hour of free-time. When the hour was done my Mum encouraged me to read some books, so I did. When my Dad came home I was doing my homework.


Friday: On Friday I went to the shopping center with my mum and grandma. Our first stop was Big W  where I bought my watch. After when we finished the shopping we went to have some lunch and then we went to the library to borrow some books. Finally we went back home and had a rest.



Ending: In the holidays it was a great experience to play with the children.

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By Nhi Tran

BTN Wk 4 Garma Festival 2018

1. What does the Garma festival celebrate?
The Garma festival is a celebration of the Yolngu culture held at Gulkula and they  get together and celebrate the traditional owners of the land.
2.What do people do over four days during the festival?
Over the four days during the festival people share their stories, discuss their important issues and think about ways to bring about change.
3. What is this year’s theme?
The theme of this year’s Garma festival is Truth Telling.
4. What do the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Community want to change about the Australian Constitution?
The Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Community want to change the Australian Constitution many of them say it should recognize the  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Australians, while also giving them their own voice in the parliament and more of a say on policies and decisions that affect them. That would require a referendum which means – a vote put to all Australians. But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says that the vote won’t happen anytime soon

2IB, 2TD and 4RG Buddy Assembly

Today we had an assembly with our buddies and the theme was about food/ Master Chef. The assembly started off by me doing the Kaurna acknowledgment after I did the Kaurna acknowledgment Kim my buddy told the audience to stand up for the National Anthem. After the National Anthem the hosts Lincoln, Rehat and Sampan welcomed us into the first round of Master Chef which was to share some catholic scripture and it was the Parable of the Sower. After that we had a dance from GoNoodle and it’s called “Milkshake” Finn,Kim and Finn’s buddy lead us to the dance. After the dance they we had a video of us and our buddies making fruit animals. My favorite bit of the assembly was the video of us and our buddies making fruit animals because I think mine looks good.

Holiday Blogging Term 3 Wk 1

In the holidays I went to my friend Annie’s for a play-date at her house. In the holidays a lot of kids went to her house because her mum ran a daycare but I was going to her house for the holidays only 4 days a week because a day my dad would be at home and he could look after me. When I was going to Annie’s house my mum woke me up at 6:30 am so she can get ready to go to work so I went and brushed my hair and brushed my teeth and  also washed my face, drank some milk and I waited until 7:05 to go. When I arrived there it was still early and no one arrived yet so I went inside where the warm, hot heater could keep me warm. After Annie woke up and we drew on our laptops  together and made animations, when it was 11:00 am I went and had some lunch, rested and waited for Annie. At 3:00 pm my dad picked me up from Annie’s house and I told him about my day, after when I was home I went and I did some homework.

By Nhi. 2018

My Goals For Term 3

My Goals for Term 3 are:

Getting more better at math/ numeracy. Every day I practice math, to get better at math/ numeracy I have concentrate more harder.

Getting good in Science. To get better at science I have to get knowledge to achieve this goal.

I want to get better at being confident to people I don’t know. I want to get confident to people I don’t know because I’m not brave enough to control the fear I get from seeing other people.

In term 3 I want to concentrate on my work than talking all the time with my friends. To stop me from talking to my friend I have to concentrate on the work I supposed to do and I have to say to myself that you have to move your hand muscles not your jaw muscles.


Nhi’s Prayer Reflection

1. Why do you think Jesus went to pray on his own?

I think Jesus went to pray on his own because he wanted to have a personal prayer with God and he didn’t want anyone to disturb him. Jesus prayed on his own because he wanted personal space to pray to God about his feelings.

2. What other ways did Jesus pray?

Jesus prayed by telling his feelings to God and he wanted to have a strong relationship with God. Jesus also prayed with his companions/ disciples and Jesus also prayed with strangers.

3. What are some ways you might pray and strengthen your relationship with your God?

Some ways I can pray to strengthen my relationship with my God is to pray to him more often and to pray with him in different ways and tell him my feelings.

Excursion Reflections

On Friday the 25th of  May my class and REF and REQ went on an excursion to the South Australian Museum and the Botanical Garden.

While I was at school I had my fruit while my teacher reminded us that we have to split up into two groups. me and my class had to wait for the bus for about 15 minutes.

On the bus I sat with my friend Mary and my friend Emily and her excursion buddy, Sierra was sitting in front of us. While I was on the bus I felt really bored because it was a 30 minute bus ride to the city, so to take off the boredom I decided to sleep but it only lasted about 5 minutes because the bus trip was so noisy. When we arrived at the museum, my teacher said we could have recess. After I had recess, I had to go into my group and I was in Mrs Feher’s group.

My group was walking along the first floor of the Aboriginal artifacts while the other group was walking on the second floor of the Aboriginal artifacts. After we explored the first floor we had a switch over and my group was exploring on the second floor. I had to look after my excursion buddy and her name is Madison. After we had explored the museum we walked to the Botanical Gardens to have lunch. Later when we had lunch we could play around where the teachers saw us. When it was time to go I was really interested in the artifacts so I wanted to know more.

This excursion was so fun!

By Nhi

Religion Artwork- The Chalice and The Bread

Today in class me and my friends did an artwork, we drew the chalice and the bread because we were learning about sacraments. This lesson was both religion and art because we got to sketch and do arts and crafts, the teacher said we could use our 100 languages to draw or make a chalice, I decided to sketch. Most of my class made 3-D chalices, but me and some of my classmates did sketching. Emily and I did shading but it was quite different because she used a pen to shade and I used a pencil to shade.

Term 2 – Week 3 Guided Reading – Bionic Arm Builder

1.What helped Hannah build the bionic arm?
a. Coding
b. Electronics
c. 3D design
d. All of the above
2.What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words.
Bionic technology is a technology which helps people to regain the ability to do everyday things that they couldn’t do before.
3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do?
The bionic arm can do many different grips and hold many objects, the bionic arm can also do a close for example it can do a close around a glass of water. The bionic arm can also pinch grip something and hold it very nice and firm.

Guided Reading Wk 2

What three things help start the composting process…
a. Bacteria
b. Insects
c. Fungi
d. All of the above
2. What sort of fertilizer do the kids add to their compost?
The type of fertilizer the kids use is called manure and it’s made up of dried animal blood and ground animal bones.
3. Explain what worms, slugs and other insects do to improve the compost’s texture?
When the compost is mixed, worms, slugs and other insects eat their way through the decomposed matter and then pooping it out to improve the composts texture.
4. How does compost help our garden?
Compost helps our garden by giving the plant lots of nutrients so they could grow big and healthy