Assembly Reflection 🏹☁️

Hi, last week was 6/7 JW and PN assembly which is my class. Our theme was The chase which is a tv show that shows everyday on the Tv. It is a quiz show that has a professional quizzer and a contestant which they play against each other. The 'chaser' will try to prevent the contestant from winning money.

In our assembly, there are 3 contestants and 4 chasers. There are many questions to answer which is a to c. The questions are based on Clara learning, the contestants look at a picture and guess the learning powers. 

Another part of our assembly was caricature's it's a type of art, for example people exaggerate Donald trumps chin and many other weird drawings (it's meant to be funny).

At the end, we done a dance that a group of girls in our class choreographed. The song was Thunder from the Imagine Dragons and at end, Mr. Slater went on stage a announced the sport captain's of 2018.

About me!!!

Hi World!!, My name is Nhi and I’m a year 7 this year at Holy Family Catholic School. My favourite foods are Noodles and  Macca’s. My favourite drink is bubble My favourite genre of music is pop because they are catchy. My interest are swimming and taking one billion photos because they are going to turn into memories. I can’t wait to learn more with Mr. Winters and Mr. Norris. My Friends that I mostly talk to is Lara, Uyen and My.


Thank you for reading 🙂

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