Assembly Reflection 22/3/2019

Today was a day that the school celebrates harmony day. of course that means the assembly

Today was about HARMONY DAY. There was Dances and videos they were about

different countries AND MORE! if i could give a rating of this assembly 1 out of ten it would be ten

WHY because it is a assembly about harmony day and the talented dances WOW!

Did you know that the school has 70 different languages.


Hello My Name is Nikos i am Greek i know a few words here’s one yassou.

sorry that there is no pictures but dont worry there will be in the next one bye!!!


Assembly Reflection.

It was my Sister’s Assembly today I enjoyed the Assembly It was all about Netflix I Loved The Starting Music

It Was a beat drop and you know me I LOVE BEAT DROPS! I don’t know why It Was just good.

I Felt That it was a Friday afternoon, I was home watching Netflix Because I love watching Netflix every Friday, Saturday

afternoon I stay up watching Netflix I love how the assembly was based around Netflix.

I learned that everyone has a good sense of humor and that everyone was having fun.

I would like to try and master the desktop drumming Because it looked cool and challenging.

PS loved the assembly -Nikos

My Assembly Reflection

My Assembly Reflection


I Think the Best Part was the baker boy dance. J I would change… the music at the start of the Assembly. J I was feeling embarrassing in a good way ok. I think the audience liked the baker boy dance and the Minecraft video.


This Is code in scartch find out more bye reading this text below

this is a code that I and my friend paxton made in scratch you can see how much hard work we put in it. It is a legend about the karken a story where this guy killed the karken with musdes head to save a princess and he made the karken stone. but this took us about one hour and thirty minutes or less

we made a face for that man that you can see and well there were many mistakes well that’s all for now and I will try to make some more blogs BYE


This Is What We Did Today

Wow This Is So Good! You Have A Look For Your Self. this is what it looks in the inside of the headset.

And This Is What it Looks Like In the Out Side And The Inside.

You can see abbey and Her Group

Wearing the virtual reality Class Googles Or you can all it

Head Set.

And You Can See Paxton And His Group  Doing The Same Thing. It was great!