This Is code in scartch find out more bye reading this text below

this is a code that I and my friend paxton made in scratch you can see how much hard work we put in it. It is a legend about the karken a story where this guy killed the karken with musdes head to save a princess and he made the karken stone. but this took us about one hour and thirty minutes or less

we made a face for that man that you can see and well there were many mistakes well that’s all for now and I will try to make some more blogs BYE


This Is What We Did Today

Wow This Is So Good! You Have A Look For Your Self. this is what it looks in the inside of the headset.

And This Is What it Looks Like In the Out Side And The Inside.

You can see abbey and Her Group

Wearing the virtual reality Class Googles Or you can all it

Head Set.

And You Can See Paxton And His Group  Doing The Same Thing. It was great!