Harmony Day Assembly Reflection Week 8.

Harmony day  assembly  reflection

Today it was a Harmony day assembly.  there where lots of dances and  there where a lot of people in there I new. In the African dance there was blessings and other people in there. there was the Indian dance that Ria was in There was the Spanish dance that my brother was in and lots of other people I new Then there was a mother dance and I think it was a mother Spanish one as well. and there was a Vietnamese dance as well. My favourite part was the Indian dance because Riya was in it and the afriken dance because blessings was in it and the Spanish because my brother was in it. I wode also like if there was Italian in the assembly because I have an Italian back ground and insisters that where born her and I also have and Irish backround and ancestors.

Friday Week 5 Assembly Reflection

Todays Assembly Reflection.

todays assembly was 56AE and 56HM’S assembly it was about Netflix and all the different shoes but what they did was make some of them there self my favourite one of them was the nail to one because they where very creative and my fav route 2 of them as Lilly’s dog drawing and amities but I forgot what it was.

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