Wonder Excursion

What I have learnt from the movie Wonder, I have learnt that you shouldn’t bully someone from there look and anyways there is no need to bully and if you have to chose from bullying or being kind you should always pick kind.
What I liked about the movie Wonder, I liked that all the kids at the end liked August Pullman even though he is a bit un regular. My favourite part is when Jack and August become friends.

Assembly blog

Today’s assembly was about the Christmas story representing Jesus and Mary also Joseph. It was about when Jesus was first born  I liked the way the children knew what to do and say when it was there turn I liked the way the made a nice Christmas tree even though they had help they still did well but I think that next they should try by them self.

I the weekends I am gonna go shopping and have lots of fun at my friends house next day I will go to church and then get KFC and also go to my cousins house and have a sleepover for school the next day.

That Christmas Feeling

This book is about this christmas feeling

It is basically about a girl and what she wants for christmas. That girl had a feeling and that exciting and fabulous and it was really good. And last year they all had a great time but this year they all made a cake they got to have a each a stir and later on they had a bit of a problem they didn’t have any icing but they tried to make the icing but the grandma was elegise to nuts and the grandpa had forgot to put in the sugar. Later on they all got stuff that they didn’t need and gave them to the poor refuges after they decorated the christmas tree later at dinner they hd jam and butter for dinner. Gem was sad because it was christmas and she had no christmas feeling inside of her so she asked her granddad to help out and once they got outside they saw the star and realised what she really need for christmas and it was her mother and father.

5/6DE and R/1MR Assembly

The, assembly was nice I liked how they were creative when they made the name HolyFamily Tube. But I got to put lots of credit to Thomas Penny for making the holy family tube logo. I like the dance but I kind of was mad because lots of the people on stage didn’t join in it was just a punch of girls and all the boys were siting down and that quite made me upset. The puns were funny and made me laugh a lot and when it is my assembly with buddies I would do the puns because its quite funny.


On the weekend I went to play soccer with my cousin on Saturday. On Sunday I went to church stayed there for 5 hours after church I went home and before that I got jumbo from hungry jacks it was really big and great after at home I went to my cousins house and my car broke down half way so we had to walk all the way their but sadly once we were there they were at church but they came 30 minutes later and we got to get in. it was tiring but worth it, we called RAA and they fixed the car I went home then went to sleep at like 10:00 pm.

Assembly Blog

Today there was an assembly and the thing that made me laugh was the ghost telling ohh lol(laugh out loud) that was funny I liked the one that where Jamie was like why didn’t the skeleton cross the road because he didn’t have the GUTS to do it. There was a scratch task that they did in there class and showed it on assembly Stephen’s scratch task was the best of all because it had the floor is lava and that was amazing I like it. But the best one of all was the Rubric’s cube race it was the first one to solve it in under a minute William came first the Fiazan then in third place Ian they where really quick in the race and I was surprised because I can’t do it in a year. I quite like the animation with Mryiane, Ann, Annie and also Adela I liked their animation it was quite funny.

On the weekend……

On Friday , After school I went to my aunties house to have a sleepover and me and my brother had some pizza and soft drinks.

On Saturday, I was watching movies when I woke up at my aunties house and also I was having fun I had breakfast and I had cereal  lots and lots of it after breakfast I brushed my teeth then I went to play soccer outside my older cousin came from work and took me to KFC my brother had to stay and it was the best. Then I went back in the house and my other younger cousin came I felt happy and was eating with him after when we finished I went outside and then we were watching movies but after an hour or 2 my dad came and he took me home I went home with my brother and dad and my dad had to go work and I was home with my mum.

On Sunday, I went to church and after church I had to eat but I was finished and my dad had a meeting at church and we were at church from 8:30 to 2:30 and I had a great time I was bored but also I was playing soccer outside of church on the grass. After the meeting I went home and also I had to go to a party then I went to another party which was fun I went to another and also another the I went to my aunties house again and then I had to go home and sleep at like 10:00 for school the next day.

Today’s Assembly

Today’s assembly was fun and I enjoyed every bit of it but my favourite was about the soccer and how my cousin did around the world but the reason why I liked that was because it was soccer and duh I love soccer. The part the I don’t like most is the gymnastics because I can’t do it myself and I am not really good. My second favourite is the Ninja warrior course because it was cool how they made the course on Minecraft.


Speck of gold:

My speck of gold is that I wish for me in the future I become a professional soccer player.


On the weekend….

On Saturday, I went to my game but first I picked up my friend so he could come I went to a place near the spring bank shopping centre so I could play my soccer game the grand finals. It was fun and I loved my game because I won I had a good time with my team but the super disappointing thing is that we had lots of opportunity’s but we missed them all and that is what I want to work on because of how we won we could of won even more but no we just had to miss most of our opportunity’s, once the game finished we got our cup and the coach got to take it to the club’s shed where all the cups that Salisbury villa have won. And me and my family were so happy that we won so we got cake and also pizza and my cousin’s came over to celebrate our win in the grand finals, later that day I played so video games and Also played Roblox.

On Sunday, I went to church early morning and also had a great time at my cousin’s grand finals. it was a fun game but I was upset because my cousin’s team lost I went Home and was playing outside for a bit then next I took a shower and also I had a great time at home because we celebrated again for my cousin for making it to the grand finals.

Outdoor Education Day!!

OutDoor education day was a fun and enjoy able day and also people got to have a lot of exercise we had to do 4 activities for the day,

I did:

Activity One: Footy/football/AFL 9 and that was really fun

Activity Two: Circuit which had handball Frisbee and also the big jenga game

Activity three: Hockey with Cooper and James

Activity Four:  Hockey again with Cooper and James