Moon Lantern

  This is me with my angry bird lantern for the moon lantern festival I used a hole bunch of seaplane and scrunched it all into a ball next I made a beck  that opens then I got googly eyes and stuck them on with glue and then I made black eyebrows with black paper and stuck them on next I put a feathery tail then I put popsticks  on the side of the head and put feathers on the popsticks  then I put a feather on top.

Circuit Robots

On Wednesday I made a light up eyes Robot with circuits. I made a circuit with Mr. Ryan. First I made a robot and coloured it in then i cut it out and then I cut out the eyes then I built the circuit. so I put lightbulbs lamp holder then I put them in the eyesockets so the bulbs  can light up in the eyes next I connected all the wiyers  and put the spikey things and thay light up.

On Tuesday the 28th of August 2018 we did a Big Art Day of the book we read The Iron Man we made are iron man out of cardboard so we got a big box for the head and a big box for the body and we gave the iron man teeth so it can chew metal.  We all had to help each other and we all had a job to do.  Our robot fell apart and we had to try and put it back together. We worked as a team and did it!