Scratch animation

This is my scratch animation on the right there is my code and on the left there is my animation when I press the green flag up there my animation will start and my animation was about the kraken it is a mythical octopus legend but the kraken is actuality not real it is a Greece myth there is some facts about the kraken evan when it is not real but perseus was the one who killed medusa and perseus killed the kraken with medusas head to tern the kraken to stone.

Outdoor Ed Day

Outdoor Ed Day yay. So first i did STEM with Mrs. Stam i did LEGO there it was a little bit boring but my friends came to play battle ships next to me then I tort them how to play it I watched them play it I tried to finish my LEGO rainbow  house but i did not finish it then are activity was done and then a netball ball came rolling next to me and i brang it back to them after that we did outdoor yoga I got really stretched in it then we had lunch and I played minecraft then we had our last activity it was fossel hunting and handball but I wantd to do fossel hunting that is all.

3mp and 3JH SLEEPOVER!

The sleepover that’s me i’m star jumping in the air on a big trampoline and it was SOOOOOOOOOO! fun we had to stay in the middle it was kind of hard i jumped really high I have a higher photo tho next we did tiqwon do and I hit minh-vuong in the hand but it was OK he had a mit on after that we whent on a inflatiball jumpy thing  we ran across it in different posers then we had PIZZA! for diner and finally we watched a movie hotel transalvania 2 then we whent to bed after when i woke up in like a cupple of minites we had breakfast then we all whent home.

3mp and 5cms Assembly

This is 3mp and 5cms assembly my assembly this is me on the stage i’m that blue guy are assembly is about Diwali and i playd as the blue guy his name is Rama and i enjoyed  it alot a star reteing 5 the best part for me was when all the monkeys ran around me the character strengths i used is braverey that is all.

Iron man gone

Today i unraveled my giant iron man that i made with my friends we smashed it into tiny pieces of foil and cardboard it took long to clean up I’m not kidding it was soooooooooooo messy Mrs Papillo choose some people to take some cardboard down to the bins.


Today i made a Diwali lamp out of clay then i put it out in the sun to dry on the lockers after that i made a paint elephant hand print with grey paint finally i tried to make a Diwali puppet show with Bonn and Sophetra are best one wile we were making it Minh-Vuong was yelling so it was rewind so we did not get to make one then our Diwali lessen was over