Tball Carnival

Afternoon all,

Below is the final draw for the Tball carnival at Ridley Reserve and the HFCS teams.

We would love it if you were able to get down at some point and support the students.

Holy Family 1 – 3/4 Girls

Kristina, Tcross, Rhoda, Amira, Lolla, Terese, Seanna, Nicky-Rose, Adang, Atouh, Ava, Marli, Destiny

Holy Family 2 – 3/4 Girls

Bianca, Ebony, Holly, Anna, Winnie. Nhu. Ann Maria, Charlie,. Aurora. Kayla, Melissa, Cecilia, Hannah, Aurora

Holy Family – 3 Boys

Nate, Krystian, Ashvarn, Joseph, Jevan, Makur, Jake, Jed, Deng, Sukhman, Angok, Dion, Daniel, Sonnie, Lucas

Holy Family – 4/5 Boys

Tyron, Sam R, James J, Josh, Denzel, Finn, Yafet, Kevin, Lucas, Aymen, Iverson, Minh, Victor, Kaidyn

Holy Family – 4/5 Boys

Ryan, Anthony, Sam G, Thien Anh, Nathan, Jakob, Deng, Udesh, Winh-Anh, Clarke, Pieng, Terry, Lincoln