Pre Assembly

I helped out with making the boom mics that was very very hard and the cameras were not as hard but still a little hard but I did it. The dance was a little bit hard to learn but I did it.

The Assembly

The assembly was fun and I really fun I enjoyed doing and announcing the school sports day captains was a little bit scary. The dance on the on the on the other hand was absolutely frighting.

After Assembly

After the assembly I was very happy that things were over and finished and I couldn’t be more happy with my last assembly of the year.


It’s Pat

Hi my name is Pat I’m 12.

what I enjoy doing:

I like to play sports like soccer, footy and kinda cricket.

I like to eat Rice, KFC, Hungry Jack and Chinese.

My favourite soccer team is Chelsea and player Eden hazard.

I like music hip hop, electronic and rap and post Malone.

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