You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.

This morning we participated in reading. We chose from our readers or the classroom books, we also chose to read individually or together.

Children are effective communicators- Children engage with a range of texts and gain meaning from these texts (EYLF).

Investigations with REQ and 6/7 RG

A few happy snaps from our investigative play utilizing the center space with REQ. We were also fortune to have 6/7 RG join us for play! See the Billabong Blog for more photos 🙂

Let’s Dance

Numeracy Investigations

During Numeracy Investigations yesterday, students worked together to complete provocations ranging from measuring of length, chance, graphing/tally, building clocks, halving, adding and subtracting and making/creating shops to use money in! All students expressed their love of learning and sharing during this time.

Provocations at Grevillia Reserve- nature play, sustainability, hands on, children leading their learning.

When children engage hands on with nature, then a love of nature will grow

Today students ventured out to Grevillia and discovered a shopping trolley. This was a provocation in itself as it students pondered… what is it doing here? “this isn’t the shops!” Meklet shared. Ayden said “Maybe we can go shopping!”. “Let’s push it!” Vanessa exclaimed.  Students explored this re-invented trolley. The trolley also acted as a ‘monster’ as students also poked it with sticks and ran from it.

We also had sticks which lead the boys to measuring, comparing lengths and tapping on them to make a rhythm and beat!!!

Mia Walters made a home under the trees and in log park for pretend play. Mia said “It was me, Claire and Arabella and we played schools too.”  

Raf also used the sticks to make a clock! The long stick represented the big hand and a twig represented the small hand.

Tane and Leighton begun their own provocation collecting snails which then saw many students join them on their search. This provocation saw the snails then enter the gates of Holy Family Catholic School and we now have some new classroom friends.

Grevillia Reserve provides so many learning opportunities for the children. It enables them to become socially responsible and show respect for the environment. It also offers a lesson about sustainability!!

Decision making, problem solving and creativity contributes to the children’s learning and development outcomes in relation to their identity, connection with community, well-being, confidence as learners and effectiveness as communicators.

Literacy Investigations

We begun our morning with a fun game of bingo! We then entered literacy investigations where students were able to recall events from various texts. Students were also able to retell the story and create their favourite characters, invent new characters and develop alternate plots. The students did all this by accessing their 100 languages! we had students construct with boxes, blocks and lego to create the houses from the story, The Three Little Pigs. We had students decide to manipulate the play dough to make characters from Little Red Riding Hood. Have a look 🙂

What can we create today!?

In investigations today, students showed an abundance of creativity from creating houses and people with harma beads, to constructing a gold house with hot glue guns and cardboard, to painting new cars out of big boxes, to creating space ships that could travel the universe out of Lego! The students creativity and imagination was on show during our investigation time! It was amazing to see the children in flow and showing, sharing their love of learning with each other!

On the Road Again!

Hi all,

Continuing on from the hair colour graph provocation yesterday and the recent interest students have had with roads and cars, today students enjoyed graphing and creating a tally for different coloured cars that drove past our school! The students had lots of fun spotting the cars and recording their data.

What colour hair is more common among the students in R/1 AM and R/1MS?

This morning during investigations, the girls in the home corner were discussing their experiences at the hairdressers. This conversation then saw the girls discussing different hair colours and styles. This idea was revisited after lunch as we saw this as an opportunity for the students to participate in a data collection activity.  The provocation question was posed, what colour hair is more common among the students in R/1 AM and R/1MS?

It  was a child lead learning opportunity that saw students interacting, engaged, sharing  and representing their findings while contributing to their sense of belonging and identity. The students had a lot of fun during this time!