Specks of Gold

Students were thrilled to share their ‘Specks of Gold’ this afternoon.

Daskh – Going to the year 2’s class to work on the book on my laptop

Rafael – My speck of gold was playing with Jevan, Darcy, Krystian, playing Sonic on the oval

Daniel – Playing with my friends, a police game

Tcross – Going to Mrs Sharman class and at lunch playing with my BFF

Meklet – Playing with friends on the oval

Amelia – My speck of gold was listening today

Tane – My speck of gold was about playing with two kids at lunch

Sarah – My speck of gold was playing with Tcross and Natalie in the home corner

Natalie – My speck of gold was playing with my cousin Melissa

Gurnoor – Playing chasy

Mia W – Playing in the hall

Caroline – Playing with my friends

Numeracy: exploring subtraction and addition

This morning we enjoyed learning bout subtraction and addition! We used a variety of counters and resources to aid our learning. It was great to see the children engaged and encouraging each other and guiding their learning.

“subtraction is about taking numbers” – darcy

“subtraction is taking away”- Ayden

“five plus one equals nine”- Jasroz

“I was doing two plus two” – Saj

“subtraction is what you take away and the smaller number” – Daksh

“when you have a number then you take a number away” – Lara

“one plus one equals two” – Anna

“I as doing reflection of drawing numbers, doing maths, maths numbers that you do with plus and equals” – Tyson

” I did sums” – Carter

Tuesday Investigations

Hi all,

Students have explored a range of investigations set out this week. Students have used their growth mindset to challenge their learning, and manipulate tasks to cater for how they prefer to learn. Investigations have included designing a fidget spinner, mirror image painting, designing a sparkly rainbow fish, creating a clock, researching buffalo’s, pretend play and exploring our fish tank.

Student quotes:

Krystian – I created a fidget spinner and learnt that Buffalo’s can run pretty fast

Vi – I made a clock and it tells you the time, and it helps you wake up and go to school

Daksh – I learnt that clocks let you know when it is lunch, dinner or breakfast

Daniel – I played with Lego with Daksh and learnt Lego can build things

Darcy – I created my own Fidget Spinner and learnt how to draw it

Tyson – I learnt about Buffalo’s, when they run really fast dust come behind them

Sarah – I learnt about fish swimming fast

Lara – I learnt that you can eat fish

Holly – I learnt about Jesus, and how he is loving, kind and caring

Rafael – I learnt about Fidget Spinners, and making them look cool by trying hard

Tcross – I learnt that rainbow fishes have glittery scales

Ayden – I made a clock,

Mia W – I learnt how to make fish

Gurnoor – I learnt how to make fish

Tane – I learnt about Fidget Spinners and that they spin. There are cookie Fidget Spinners that have no bearings that you can eat

Monday Investigations

Today during investigative play, we engaged in pretend play using the home corner and vet set, designed our own rainbow fish, explored mirror paintings, visited the Fish Farm, and had Mr McCarthy help us in our room transfer the yabbie. This was put to the students as a provocation “why did we move the yabbie?” Jasmine replied “because the yabbie was stuck” and Deng said “so he has his own room” . We also engaged in construction play and used the laptops for research. Students set to the laptops to research questions about Buffalo’s which they pondered last week.  Have a look 🙂

Morning Stamina Run

Good morning all,

Ashlee and I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend 🙂

To start off our week, we continued with our weekly stamina run! All students used their growth mindset, with lots of teamwork observed as each student helped one another achieve new goals!

Thank you Simon

We were very lucky in our class this morning because Simon was kind enough to visit and give our class two books! We were very excited and Mr Stramare read “The Rainbow Fish” to us.

Here is what the children shared in their responses to the Rainbow Fish:

“The rainbow fish didn’t give the other fish his scales” – Claire

“Maybe he wanted to look beautiful” – Mia

“He saw a starfish and asked ‘why does everyone want my scales?’ – Daksh

“He was sad” – Ekam

“The fish ran away” – Caroline

“The fish became happy cause he had other fish to share with” – Amelia

Thursday Morning Investigations

Good morning all,

This morning the students spent time exploring their weekly investigations and also incorporated their literacy investigations into this time. Students explored manipulating the magic sand, making play dough ‘s’, whiteboard site words, creating dinosaur parks, ozobots, making with boxes, spending time with Simon and the fish tank, creating ships with Lego and researching on the laptops.

Student quotes:

“I am practicing my sight words” – Amelia

“I drew a person” – Zarii

“I am making a Pokemon” – Tane

“Making the ozobot tracks bigger for them to move on” – Ayden

Wednesday Investigations

This morning we enjoyed our stamina running, brain break and investigative play! Tane enjoyed making a helmet, Tyson engaged in pretend play as Ben 10, Jasroz created a tower and small groups were visiting the Fish Farm. 🙂

My Speck of Gold

“My Speck of Gold was playing with Deng at lunch” – Tane

“My Speck of Gold was hugging my G-ma” – TJ

“My Speck of Gold was playing with Tcross and Natalie” – Nicole

“My Speck of Gold was playing with Jasmine and Anna at lunch” – Holly

“My speck of Gold was the Fish Farm” – Meklet

“My speck of Gold was playing with Jevan hunting for snakes” – Raf

“My speck of Gold was playing Ben 10” – Tyson

“My Speck of Gold was finding treasure with Miss McCarthy” – Aden