Tuesday Investigations

Today we revisited the provocations we begun yesterday. This enables the children to reflect, revisit and build on their learning and creativity. Vi showed an example of this while making slime again today, she was very proud of herself and said “Miss McCarthy I am so proud, yesterday was like worse because I used too much water and less water today. I’m more proud of myself and brother likes this too” . Lara also commented ” I didn’t make a butterfly yesterday, but I did heaps today and I’m happy. Yesterday I was too busy with slime”.

We also enjoyed new provocations and engaged in water play with the sea creatures, manipulated the ozobot, constructed with the duplo blocks and used the plasticine to make our family.





Exciting development at HFCS!!

Hi all,

Welcome back to Term 3, I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing break. I would like to share with you all the new developments that are taking place at HFCS.  I am excited to introduce the STEAM Center and the Atelier, both are shared spaces and will enable the students to further explore their 100 languages and engage in new ways of learning. The Atelier is for Fine Arts, such as painting, printing, clay modelling etc. The STEAM Center (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)  will include an area for Robotics, a green screen, ecology aspects, some elements of the Fish Farm/Acquaponics project and act as an construction area equip with resources and tools.  To assist in the development of  STEAM Center, we are looking for the following donations from our lovely community:

– tools (such as hammers, nails, saws, etc.)
– gardening equipment (gloves, buckets, soil etc.)
–  work bench (where students can hammer away and build on)
– aquariums and pumps

If you have any of the above resources and you are happy to donate them to the school, please bring them to the classroom.

I look forward to documenting and sharing with you the learning journey your children will embark on using these rooms.



Monday Investigations

Great start to Term 3 seeing the children in flow and engaged in their provocations. Today we made potion, explored the very hungry caterpillar, made paper butterflies, engaged in construction play, stacking, painting, pretend play and so much more! Have a look 🙂

Specks of Gold

Students shared their excitement of returning to Term 3! Have a look what they had to say:

Tcross – Seeing my friend and seeing my teachers

Caroline – My speck of gold today was playing with my cousin

Amelia – My speck of gold was seeing my teachers

Daniel – My speck of gold was playing with Justin

Jasmine – My speck of gold was going to the new reception class

Darcy – My speck of gold coming to school

Holly – My speck of gold was seeing my brothers new classroom

Lara – My speck of gold was making potion

Daksh – My speck of gold was coming into class and seeing everyone again

R/1 AM and 6/7 NB

Have a look at all the fun and physical activity we got up to with our friends from 6/7 NB.



From Lachie and Mason

We have been very fortunate in our class this week to be joined by Lachie and Mason. The boys have been leaders of learning and taken it upon themselves to engage the children in writer’s workshop during the afternoons. The boys  have engaged us in texts enabling us to gain meaning, they investigated words and meanings,  and recognized and recalled key details from the texts they read e.g. who, what ,where.  Lachie and Mason would like to share their reflections about their time spent in our classroom.

Lachie’s Reflection:

Its been I fun week of helping out the children are grate and very smart I wish one day. I could be a teacher and teach them again and I will be very honed to help out again.

Mason’s Reflection:

I really like the children are so nice and I would like to do it again.

Thursday Investigations

Today during investigative play we made our own play dough, stress balls, engaged in marble painting, construction play with the lego and boxes, manipulated the plasticine and researched using the laptops. So much fun, engagement and learning! Have a look 🙂

Tuesday Investigations

In investigations today, students continued to show great resilience and their growth mindset through overcoming challenges through the investigations set out. In each investigation, students showed how they care for one another by demonstrating team work and the ability to share their learning with each other. Investigations included creating play dough, stress balls, shape trains, marble painting, STEAM Challenge (creating a bridge), Lego, creating a bus and pretend play.

I was very proud to see all the students sharing their learning so well together, and persisting with the investigations they were working on. Each student had so much fun, and this was reflected through their facial expressions, attitude and engagement levels.

Have a look at our fun filled learning below 🙂

Monday Investigations

Today during investigative play we experimented and created our own play dough, used balloons to create stress balls, constructed in box play where Leighton and Josh designed and painted a stadium for the beyblade, engaged in marble painting, conducted a steam challenge using only afoil to make a bridge which had to be strong enough to hold the trains,  designed shape trains and participated in pretend play.

I really enjoyed hearing the children reflect on their learning and apply positive psychology initiatives in their reflections. The students highlighted their growth mindsets, shared their challenges and persistence! Great learning every one 🙂

“The balloons were a bit hard but I didn’t give up, I kept trying. They were hard to put the flour in but easy to drop the seeds in “- Holly

“I tried to make the play dough and then I felt upset but I didn’t give up cause I tried my best to make it. I put some flour and I put a little bit of oil then little salt and then the colour blue and I squish it and mix it and it was made” – Meklet

“I made a stress ball. First the spoon, then I need a balloon, then put some seeds inside then I tie it” – Deng

“I learnt how to make a house ship. This is a house inside a ship. I used lego”- Daksh

“I tried to make play dough but it was really hard so I used lots and lots and lots of stuff like ingredients but I finished it I just had to wait “- Cater

“When I was playing with the lego then I was playing with my friends” – Daniel

“Making play dough was challenging cause you had to get the right amount of flour” – Jevan

“I made a stress ball. I liked when we started and when I put the flour inside” – Amelia

“I been doing the balloons I put flour in and I tied it up”- Darcy

“I made a bridge it was good, it was easy” – Caroline

“I did the marble painting” – Avyah

” I put the paint on the plate then I make the marble wobble ” – Mia  J