Holy Family School of Fish Fishing Academy!

This afternoon the girls were hard at work preparing the banner for the opening ceremony / launch of the Angling Academy!!

Thursday Oct 28th Holy Family Catholic School will host the opening ceremony / BBQ launch of Angling Academy.
This will encompass a short assembly in the hall (prior to recess) and a free Sausage Sizzle and fruit juice after assembly. All are welcome to attend!!

As a school we are proud of our Aquaponics and Fish Farm development and would like to share with you our most recent celebration of the grant provided by the Department of Environment , Water and Natural Resources. There is so much to come and celebrate!! Woohoo!

Welcome to Monday!

Hi all,

Spring has well and truly set in, and to mark the beautiful weather we had this morning, the students had the opportunity to explore outside in Log Park and Grevillia Park. During our short time outside, the students demonstrated their love of sharing, caring for one another, exploring, investigating and using their growth mindset to continue working through the challenges they are faced with.

Grevillia Gallery:

Through investigations, students again demonstrated their sharing and creativity with each other through provocations such as spring painting, 3D shapes, Lego building, pretend play, box construction and much more! Observing students engagement levels showed a motion of flow through their investigative time, where students were immersed in their learning bouncing ideas off one another, and working in unity together to reach a common goal.

Investigation Gallery:

Hopping into inquiry!!

At the start of the Term we were excited to receive tadpoles! Over the duration of the term we have inquired, observed the transformations from tadpoles to froglets, discovered and compiled questions. This morning we were visited by Simon to aid our learning. This learning experience engaged and captured the interest of all the students in R/1 AM and R/1 MS. Simon spoke to the children and answered all their questions! We learnt about different types of frogs, what frogs eat, how they move, body parts and their life cycle.

Student Reflections

“I learnt that some frogs don’t have tongues” – Jevan

“frogs camouflage” – Josh

“I learnt some frogs are poisonous and some frogs are not”- Holly

“There is a tomato frog” – Lara

“I learnt about poison frogs”- Darcy

“Some tadpoles are still in eggs”- Jasmin

“Some frogs go under water to swim” – Meklet

“Frogs are amphibians”– Daksh

“I learnt that frogs communicate with each other” – Krystian

“I learnt frogs breathe with their lungs” – Neisha

“They breath with their skin” – Tcross

I would like to provide you with the opportunity to access these links with the children at home, allowing them to revisit their learning and an opportunity for the children to share their learning with you 🙂

All About Frogs For Kids and Teachers

Spring Fair

Hi everyone,

In preparation for ‘Spring Fair’ on the 22nd of October, R/1MS and R/1AM have been allocated the ‘Second Hand Stall’ for the day and will be asking for parent volunteers to help throughout the day during different time slots. You will find the sign up sheet on both classroom doors! 🙂

Thank you for your cooperation!

“The Play Investigations”

Good morning all,

The students went on exploring through our investigations today, challenging their thinking and exploring their creativity through their 100 languages in investigative play. Students challenged themselves through; play dough play, lantern making, creating their own wallets, spring painting, creating potato people, pretend play and block construction.

Throughout our learning, we all showed care and respect for one another, and shared all our creative learning together! Have a look below! 🙂

log seats: alternative classroom seating

We enjoyed our new additions to the classroom today!  During investigative play these logs were also used for balancing and pretend play 🙂

Monday Investigations

We made wallets and engaged in pretend shop play, participated in a collaborative spring painting, we were creative with potato people, manipulated the play dough to create cakes, overall we were active participants in all our play.  Have a look 🙂

R U Ok?

The 14th of September marks the annual ‘R U Ok? Day’. This morning as a class we discussed what the day means, if we see someone upset we should be asking them if they are ‘Ok’. Lara spoke about how we should be asking people if they are ‘Ok’ everyday rather than just today!

Have a look at the video we discussed below!

We then spent time building our own support networks of people we can go and talk to if we are feeling upset 🙂

Remember it is okay to speak out if you’re upset, and the most important thing we can do, is ask someone; ‘R U Ok?’



Hi everyone,

Just a reminder if you would like to Volunteer within the classroom and help on excursions, all you need to do is fill in a volunteers package which can be collected from the friendly staff in the front office! 🙂

If you have any questions relating to this, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind Regards

Ashlee and Matt