Monday Investigations

Good morning everyone,

The students in R/1AM and R/1MS explored and worked through the numerous investigations set out for the week. Students were challenged through each investigation testing their stamina, resilience, team work and creativity. Due to the wet weather we have experienced today, multiple students chose to create their own paper boats and test them outside in some of the remaining puddles we had around the Piazza. Ayden spoke about how he changed his design, “the first time I just made it out of paper then that didnt work so I made one again and covered it with sticky so the water wouldn’t ruin the paper”. Other activities included created their own family tree, making play dough, creating the colour of the sky outside, making play dough food for the hungry caterpillar, pretend play and box play.

I was so pleased to see how well the students cooperated with one another and were able to reach a common goal with persistence and perseverance. The mood within the the classroom was electric as all students were immersed in the activities which was evident through their engagement and discussions with one another.

Childrens Quotes:

Mia J – I learnt that my mum, dad, sister and grandad were on my family tree

Amelia – I was learning how to make play dough

Meklet – I was doing the caterpillar and made some food for it to eat

Jasmine – I tried to make a paper boat and I tried to see if it would float

Anna – I learnt to make play dough, I used flour, sugar, oil and food colouring

Ayden – I made a boat float by making it out of paper

Vi – I leant how to mix paint colours to try and create the grey sky outside

Niesha – I made cats out of a box and then made a car for them

Writer’s Workshop

This afternoon we viewed an ebook called Snow Troll . Jevan reflected on the story and said “Tromso made a letter box but he was sad cause he didn’t get any letters”.Β  The students decided they wanted to spend their writer’s workshop completing stories about the main character Tromso! We took this as an opportunity to create a story together using active inspire before students went to create their own writer’s workshop!

Ayden created a story on the laptop about Police, Holly created a story about puppies andΒ  Mia J used the laptop to create another story about Tromso.

Great engagement by all πŸ™‚


Setting up our week!

We begun our week by participating in Fitness where we continued to build our stamina by counting the laps we could do on the obstacle course. We then enjoyed our healthy brain break and completed our weekend reflections!

We returned after recess to engage a mindfulness breathing exercise before entering investigative play. Stay tuned for our photos during investigations. Happy Monday!!

Atelier and Log Park: taking our learning outside the classroom

Friday afternoon we took the opportunity to visit the Atelier, allowing students to explore their creativity and immerse themselves in painting experiences.

The Atelier backs on to Log Park, another new development at Holy Family Catholic School. With the doors open, the students were happily floating between the Atelier and Log Park- letting their imaginations run wild while building and exploring. Some of the students decided to take their painting outside.

This opportunity enables the students to take their learning further and outside the classroom. It was a great end to the first week of Term 3! And we look forward to many more opportunities!!

Stay tuned πŸ™‚

Thursday Inquiry

This afternoon students engaged in our weekly inquiry session. With the STEAM Center taking shape, the students explored a piece of timber. That is right a piece of timber! I placed the timber in the middle of our classroom, didn’t tell students it was a piece of timber and posed a couple of questions to them to see what they thought.

Where was this thing born?

After identifying that it was not created in a ‘Toy Shop’ and that it is made from a tree, I asked the student what this piece of timber could be used for:

Daksh – Build stuff with

Tcross – Can make what ever you like with it such as a house

Darcy – Can use lots of them

Holly – You can make a fence with it

Students then had the opportunity to use their imagination to create what ever they thought they could use this piece of timber for. Students created houses, towers, cities, clothes draws and then went on to identify numerous objects in the classroom that are made out of wood.

Have a look through our photo gallery! πŸ™‚

Log Park Adventures

Hi all,

This morning the students had the opportunity to do some exploring in our newly developed ‘Log Park’. In this area the students have a range of different sized logs to use and manipulate to create what ever their imagination desires. I was especially pleased to see the team work carried out between all of the students on their quest to putting their ideas into practice. Designs ranged from multiple house layouts, campfires, a skeleton and working on Growth Motor Skills by using the logs to test their balance! Students shared the space equally and worked unified to complete a common goal. It was an amazing experience to share with them.

Student quotes πŸ™‚

Tcross – We made a little area for us and it was a big house

Mia J – Me, Ayda and Ayvah made a camping spot and there was a kitchen and a kitchen table

Jasroz – I made a house with Daksh, Mason K, Mason C, Gurnoor and Daniel and Raf

Mason C – With my friends we made a doorway and a toilet and connected it to others houses

Lara – Niesha showed me how to make fake Chicken and put it on a plate

Carter – I made a log see-saw that is very delicate

Tane – At the log park me and Leighton were building a skeleton

Ayden – I made a potty (toilet)

Claire – We made a campfire and a house

Amelia – We were balancing on the logs, and it was a little bit easy

Ayden – Maybe we can make Parkour?


Picture Gallery!

Numeracy: Exploring Tens Frames

During numeracy we worked in pairs and groups to create our own games and strategies to gain more knowledge about tens frames. Students used their creativity to explore, challenge each other and assist each other. I was impressed to observe the year 1 students guide the receptions and lead the learning.

“It was funny, I told Meklet how many I had then I turned the frame around and took two away and she had to count” – Lara

“That was fun. I challenged my partner and he had to guess how many I added to the frame” – Jevan


Exploring Family

Hi all,

This afternoon, the students started our Religion topic for this term about Family. Students were asked a few questions and gave responses to each. Students discussed how ‘God’ showed love to his family and his son Jesus through love and care.

What do you think of when you see the word ‘Family’?

What is a ‘Family’?

Who is in a ‘Family’?

Students then went on to drawing their own families and explaining each member.


Wednesday Morning Investigations

Hi all,

Students used time before recess to engage in our investigations set out for the week. Students demonstrated team work, stamina, and the ability to share with one another and explore their learning together. Through our investigation time, students challenged themselves by exploring new tasks and different ways of learning. Some students explored their learning outside, whilst others chose to stay inside. I was intrigued to see the sorts of characters students were developing through pretend play. There was all sorts of characters from construction workers, magical wizards, silly people and ninja turtles.

Have a look at some of our student responses from their learning:

Darcy – I learnt how to make a hook out of a pipe cleaner.

Amelia – I went on the laptop and researched cats, some were black and there was a funny cat.

Tcross – In investigations I learnt with Natalie and Mia about Beenie Boo’s and we found ours on there.

Mia J – I went on the laptop and created my own book.

Meklet – I learnt to make a puppet with pipe cleaner and paper.


Have a look at our picture collage! πŸ™‚

Tuesday Investigations

Today we revisited the provocations we begun yesterday. This enables the children to reflect, revisit and build on their learning and creativity. Vi showed an example of this while making slime again today, she was very proud of herself and saidΒ “Miss McCarthy I am so proud, yesterday was like worse because I used too much water and less water today. I’m more proud of myself and brother likes this too” . Lara also commented ” I didn’t make a butterfly yesterday, but I did heaps today and I’m happy. Yesterday I was too busy with slime”.

We also enjoyed new provocations and engaged in water play with the sea creatures, manipulated the ozobot, constructed with the duplo blocks and used the plasticine to make our family.