Hopping into inquiry!!

At the start of the Term we were excited to receive tadpoles! Over the duration of the term we have inquired, observed the transformations from tadpoles to froglets, discovered and compiled questions. This morning we were visited by Simon to aid our learning. This learning experience engaged and captured the interest of all the students in R/1 AM and R/1 MS. Simon spoke to the children and answered all their questions! We learnt about different types of frogs, what frogs eat, how they move, body parts and their life cycle.

Student Reflections

“I learnt that some frogs don’t have tongues” – Jevan

“frogs camouflage” – Josh

“I learnt some frogs are poisonous and some frogs are not”- Holly

“There is a tomato frog” – Lara

“I learnt about poison frogs”- Darcy

“Some tadpoles are still in eggs”- Jasmin

“Some frogs go under water to swim” – Meklet

“Frogs are amphibians”– Daksh

“I learnt that frogs communicate with each other” – Krystian

“I learnt frogs breathe with their lungs” – Neisha

“They breath with their skin” – Tcross

I would like to provide you with the opportunity to access these links with the children at home, allowing them to revisit their learning and an opportunity for the children to share their learning with you 🙂

All About Frogs For Kids and Teachers

One thought on “Hopping into inquiry!!

  1. It was fantastic to see the children lead this learning experience! They continued to pose questions and kept Simon on his toes. The students were definitely all in flow this morning and active participants in their learning! Go team 🙂

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