Numeracy Investigations

During Numeracy Investigations yesterday, students worked together to complete provocations ranging from measuring of length, chance, graphing/tally, building clocks, halving, adding and subtracting and making/creating shops to use money in! All students expressed their love of learning and sharing during this time.

What can we create today!?

In investigations today, students showed an abundance of creativity from creating houses and people with harma beads, to constructing a gold house with hot glue guns and cardboard, to painting new cars out of big boxes, to creating space ships that could travel the universe out of Lego! The students creativity and imagination was on show during our investigation time! It was amazing to see the children in flow and showing, sharing their love of learning with each other!

On the Road Again!

Hi all,

Continuing on from the hair colour graph provocation yesterday and the recent interest students have had with roads and cars, today students enjoyed graphing and creating a tally for different coloured cars that drove past our school! The students had lots of fun spotting the cars and recording their data.

Welcome to our ROADventure!

Following on from what some of our class members explored in our investigations on Monday, and Miss McCarthy’s Speak of Gold today. Our classroom has been collaboratively transformed into an exciting and now populated Road! It all started from a simple idea of a race track from a few class members, and was then embraced by all, as everyone started contributing to the project creating an absolute masterpiece! During this time I was so proud to see the teamwork all students used with each other as they shared their ideas, creativity, imagination, love of learning, 100 languages, trust; to create something simply remarkable!

Take a look below πŸ™‚

Exploring Creativity

Hi all,

Today in investigations students engaged in multiple provocations that explored their creativity and unlocked the amazing imagination each student has within them and these were on show during our time today. Provocations included box play, Lego construction, block play, pretend play, harma beads, creating faces and animals.

A group of boys within the classroom demonstrated all the characteristics and values we hold in our learning community such as sharing, teamwork, love of learning and creativity. The boys with our block set, created a race car track for their toy cars to race on, which included ramps, jumps, tunnels and much more! Watching this process take place was incredible as I observed the boys in flow, sharing ideas with one another and creating a masterpiece.

Have a look at our amazing ability to share our learning below! πŸ™‚

Monday Investigations

Hi all,

Today the students engaged in our weekly investigations! Investigations included in our session were harma bead creations, creating yourself (identity), fishing, constructing our own marble run, making play dough creatures, Lego making, box construction, pretend play and many more.

During this time students showed their ability to share and work united with one another as they engaged and collaboratively played in their learning.

Children’s Quotes:

Daksh: I have built a ship with Justin and it can fly into outer space.

Holly: I made a heart with harma beads for my mum.

Vallion: Mason and I created our own iPhones to communicate and go on snap chat.

R/1MS and 5/6MN Buddy Excursion to St Kilda!

Good morning all,

I am sure all the children have expressed to you how much fun they had on our St Kilda excursion on Thursday! It was amazing to see how well all the children engaged with the activities led by Mr McCarthy. Students participated in a mangrove walk, where we learnt many new facts about the salt water and how the mangroves are able to grow in these conditions. Fishing was a big hit with the children as for many it was the first time they had tried fishing, and lucky last all the children were able to spread their legs around the St Kilda playground! A big thank you to our 5/6 buddies for helping us throughout the day!

And an even bigger thank you to our parent volunteers! Without all of you this day would not have been possible!

Have a look at our amazing collection of photos from the day! πŸ™‚