We’re hooked on fishing R/1 AM & 6/7 NB Excursion

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.”

Today R/1AM and 6/7 NB embarked on an excursion and were involved in fishing, walking explorations along the Mangrove boardwalk and beach front, as well as play on the St Kilda Playground. With so much to see, do and learn the children showed engagement, persistence, resilience, growth mindsets, collaboration and so much more. The students were very attentive and overall had a lot of fun! What a joy to see the children completely engaged with their peers and buddies in this shared learning experience. Thank you to all of those involved for contributing to a very successful day.

What was your Speck of Gold?

“My speck of Gold was fishing” – Meklet

“My speck of Gold was the play ground”- Holly

“My speck of Gold was fishing” – Claire

“My speck of Gold was going down the slide with Deng”- Josh

“My speck of Gold was going on the slide”-  Daniel

“My speck of Gold was fishing” – Darcy

“My speck of Gold was seeing and looking at the Mangroves”- Saj

“My speck of Gold was Mangrove walk” – Vanessa

“My speck of Gold was fishing” – Neisha

“All of it” – Ayden

What happened today?

Hi everyone,

Today R/1MS had a fun filled day of learning!

This morning we were lucky enough to spend time with our 5/6 Buddies and share our learning with some partner reading! Everyone showed how well their reading stamina has developed over the course of the year!


After Recess we continued to explore our learning through our investigations! During this time we demonstrated our love of sharing with one another, our creativity, questioning and problem solving skills through a range of investigations such as pretend play and box construction.



Spring Fair Volunteers

Hi all,

In the lead up to Spring Fair this Sunday, R/1MS and R/1AM are looking for parent volunteers to help out at our ‘Second Hand Store’ on the day 🙂 Any time you are able to give up and help on the day will be appreciated dearly. You can find the sign up sheet on our classroom doors and on the lockers before and after school!

Thank you!

Kind Regards

Ashlee and Matt

The Billabong Blog!

Please subscribe to the link below (by copying and pasting the link) to follow the learning of REQ, R/1AM and R/1MS! This is shared space will keep you up to date with the learning that occurs when the three classes come together! 🙂


Monday Investigative Play!

Another busy day in the room of R/1AM and R/1MS during investigative play. Have a look at what we got upto!

R/1 AM 6/7 NB Buddy Excursion Reminder :)

A big welcome to Term 4! I hope you had a lovely break.

Just a reminder R/1AM and 6/7 NB buddy excursion to the Mangrove Walking Trail, Fishing and St Kilda Playground will take place Tuesday Week 1. Please ensure the following:

  • Students wear their sports uniform including their hats.
  • Students will need their brain break, recess and  lunch packed (with a water bottle).
  • Students will not require their school bag, however they will need a small bag/ back pack to keep their food and drink in.

If you have not returned the permission form please bring it in tomorrow. I look forward to seeing everyone in the morning 🙂

Growing with Gratitude

Hi all,

This morning we had a very special visit from some representatives of the Adelaide Crows Football Club to deliver a special presentation on “Growing with Gratitude!”

The students were engaged and willing participants in answering questions, becoming involved in activities and overall creating an amazing atmosphere for the presenters.

After the presentation the students were very lucky to participate in a mini football clinic run by the Crows and had a load of fun practicing tackles, kicking and hand eye coordination.