Today we observed what the students are doing using their 100 languages, making connections, trying new things and challenging themselves.

As we observed we see how the students have taken their learnings and ideas from yesterday to further explore, engage, and flourish.

  • Book making – writing books about things healthy eating fruit and sweets, what is healthy fruit and vegetables, rainbows and families.  Book making is such an intergal part to allow the students to write freely and express themselves through words and visual meaning. Further discussion on to this could be healthy eating, brain food, cooking with the students. 
  • Lego – space ships that can fly. As educators we will add space books when we visit the library today and explore space and what is space?
  • Outside – movement push and pull, mud making pies.
  • Laptops- making books on there holidays making connections to their own lives and sharing them at school, making books about holidays they won’t to go on, Some of the students continued with books they wrote yesterday, adding speech, using capital letters and full stops, using sight words and sounding out, as educator we support the students to further develop their ICT skills, literacy skills and creativity. 
  • Blocks- mario mini games (drawing and creating their own games bringing ideas from home and their own interests and then using their creativity to extend themselves but recreating their own versions. Police to make sure all the bad people are put away, the students connected back to yesterday about the shapes of the windows they used, “squares and rectangles”. We could put this forward to the students to use shapes to create their own community, city or towns. 
  • Making recycled- maracas kites, boats, masks, finger puppet, puppets and people, shields this is always developing the students bring their own ideas and use different materials to recreate, the students will often go back to what they have done another time, what they have seen, read about or talked about. They also learn from each other here seeing what other students do. 
  • Star stickers – were added to the making area the children have created flags and space pictures. This demonstrates to educators through the addition of certain objects it  extends and challenges the children thinking.

Today the students reflection was to reflect on the learning they went during investigations, to draw, write, reflect and share the investigations they went through.



The children have returned from  holidays with many stories to tell; birthdays, sleepovers, going to the movies, loosing a tooth, visiting friends, sleeping in and pyjama days.

The environment for investigations has been create with what we refer to as ‘open ended materials’ where the children come with their curiosities and ideas to explore, challenge their understandings and extend thinking.

Today we listened to the children as they engaged independently and with their peers.                                                    Some of the connections we noticed included (connections to people, ideas, experiences) :

  • Block building – McDonalds – signs were added and also made from pop sticks. A drive in so cars could access it as well. The creative use of pop sticks will be shared with the group to spark the curiosity of ways to use pop sticks. The children continue to build spaces which they can relate through personal experiences.
  • Book making – shapes and objects the children could draw. Children were adding letters. Oral retell of their stories to link with pictures and writing.
  • Lego – Vehicles and space areas of focus. Social interactions are an important part of this learning area.
  • Playdough – laptops, donuts, cakes and bey blade launchers. I diversity of what can be created with play dough – any idea can be transferred into play dough.
  • Paper – Stars and  a game (The ball was caught in a cylinder shape). These ideas will be shared with the group to explore the provocation of shape. We shared our knowledge about shapes after recess and  went for a walk to the playground to look for shapes.
  • Outside – Fishing and fire, making food. Experiences transferred into role play and collaborative play.
  • Laptops- Using visual images to create meaning, making books on their interest, Re writing stories they enjoy, Dr Suess, rhyming words. Students will then share their learning and discuss their books. Extending upon the children’s knowledge of punctuation and rhyming words. Share Pete the Cat book.


What shapes do we know? Where do we see them?

Ishaan: We see shapes in our books, rectangles.

Ashvarn: We see shapes in the cities, squares,. windows.

Kaisha: Circles on a door handles.

Bass. I saw a square in the park.

Sierra: I see a circle on a bin and see a rectnagle

Ruby C: I see triangles  on houses.

Jonny: I see a shape on a letter, like a circle on a d,( lower case d)

Nevada: we see a square in the classroom.

Rehat: shapes have different sides and some have straight and some have lots.

Blake: Cylinders are shapes of people heads.

Ruby S: 3d shapes are not flat shapes.

Cierra;: 3D shapes.

Noah:A triangle is on a roof.

Suk: The shape of a roof is triangle.

Olivia: I see shapes in the classroom.

Khushi: I see shapes when I walk.

Jaanpreet: Boxes are squares.

Kaiden: the shape of the door is rectangle.

Bella: The lockers a square.

Jeian: The ball is a circle.

Noah: a ball is a 3d shapes.

rehat: Diamin like a ring is not flat.

Alyssa: i can see square on the locker.

Charlotte:  a rectangle is a wider.

Lucas: you put two square on top of each other.

Francesca: Shapes are in italy like rectangle, like a house.

Sara: A shape is a love heart you can draw.

Lucas: A shape of the door is a rectangle.

Rhoda: I see a circle clock on the wall.

Lucas: a Hexagon shape has six sides thats why it is a hexagon.

We then went for a walk to the playground and explored what shapes we could see there… sharing our ideas… this could lead to lots of different learning provocations, maybe you can have a look round your own your house. These students even found different shapes in their lunch boxes.


Over the last couple of weeks we have noticed that the students have been interested and engaged in shops and money. We therefore are going to turn our classroom into a shop today.

We put the questions forward:

How are we going to make the classroom a shopping centre? What do we need? Where will we get the money from? How much will that costs?

Here are some of the students responses, the students then were given the opportunity to use there 100 languages and share and express their understand and learning around shops and money.

Next Term Excursion

We are tentatively looking at booking an excursion next term the date at this stage is will be Friday the 8th of September this however may change.

If you do want to be parent helper, we will need 4 helpers per class so 8 all together. If you would be interested in this please let us know.

If you want to be a parent helper you will need to have:

  • All volunteers are required to have a current Catholic Police Clearance.
  • All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Induction Schedule.
  • The details of a suitable referee for us to contact must be provided.

Parent Resources

The language of Music

Today we begun our day with the ‘Music Assembly’ – The children enjoyed the showcase of performers from the school.

Olivia – I like the Violin because the girl was called Olivia.

Saara – I love the guitar, I like the string.

Ruby – I like the drum, because so slow and so fast and a bit quiet and a little bit noisy. I like the drum thing that goes bang bang.

Kaiden – I like the drum because the boys names Hayden.

Annmarie – I like the girl song because the voice was beautiful and I like how she sung Moana.

Charlotte – I like the piano because I play the piano and the keys are smooth. I like the drum beasue my brother plays it.

Angus – I like the drum because it was fast.

Nathaniel – I like the drum because it was fast and slow.

Johnny – I like the drum because my buddy was playing the drum.

Sukhpreet – I like the drums because they were so fast.

Jacob – I like the drum because the boys names was Dylan.

Ishaan – I like the piano because it was so quiet.

Dion – I like the drum because they were loud.

Reheat – I like Mr Slater playing the drums.

Bass – I like the drums because they were fast.

Kim – I like the guitar.

The children then reflected upon ‘Music is….’ How does music make you feel? Where you see/hear music? What do you like about music?

Some examples:

Francesca – Music is special to me because my family friend sang Moana and her name is Nikki Rose. Music is on the iPad. Music is singing. Music is dancing. Music is in the car. Music is on the home. Music is on the laptop. Music is on your birthday.

Noah – My favourite song is ‘shape of you’ it is cool and I like it because it had my favourite person and I like the voice . The end is good.

Cierra – I like Ariana Grande’s music because her music is calm and soft. I like Charlotte’s brother playing the drums because it was loud. I liked the girl playing the violin.

Rehat – I like the kind of music that is peace and soft. I like to hear music at malls. You can make music with your body. My favourite song is peace like the river. I like the mic because you can sing in it softly. Music is everywhere.

Blake – Music is special because the instruments make different sounds.

After lunch we listened to different types of music and drew pictures while we listened – some children reflected that….

Cierra: The starting song made me feel sad because it reminded me of when my cousin left the school last year.

Tayln: The songs reminded me of my family and made me happy and reminded me of the soft grass.

Olivia: The last one reminded me of lighting and rain because it was like rain.

Rehat: The first song made me calm because it felt like soft and peace.

Ann-marie: I like the music made me feel calm and made me feel better about coming to school and that all the children are here and be friendly.

Ruby: If made me feel like God inside it made me feel so happy, kind and happy and calm and it’s made my body not get angry.

Saara: I love the song because it makes me feel strong.

Kaiden: I like the song because it made me feel happy.

Khushi; i like the storm because it sounded like flashing light.

Ishaan: I like the music because it reminded me how much I love my sister.

Charlotte: The first song made me feel calm and second song made me feel happy.

Ruby S: The song made me feel calm and relaxed because the song was peaceful and smooth.

Angus: The music happy and not get angry everyday because it was soft.

Sukh: The music made me feel happy because I was lying on my bed and watching my iPad and I was happy.

Patrick: I feel relaxed with the music I feel happy, sleepy and a little sad because it was a little sad.

Sonnie: Once the storm started being bang bang and then I feel sad then when it was done I felt happy.

Keren: It makes me feel very happy and excited.

Kim: The sounds made me calm down.

What beautiful reflections.

Children connect with music in different ways. They connect with people, places, experiences and emotions as they listened this afternoon.

Investigations – 100 languages

One of our favourite parts of the day is investigations, because we love too….

Ishaan: We have to challenge ourselves I am going to do it by playing in the home corner to make some tea.

Rehat: Investigation is all challenging our writing and how much we can write about.

Anne-Marie: Investigation we can challenge ourselves to write and learn with pencils.

Jed: In investigations we try new things with making I am going to make a tower with blocks.

Charlotte: In investigations I am going to challenge myself to make sparky fish I am going to use paper and glitter.

Nathaniel: I am going to challenge myself to make something with blocks a shops with signs..

Josh: I am going to make something out of scrap paper and turn into something good.

Ruby: I want to see how you make shadow paper as I saw it somewhere with a torch.

Khushi:You can get an idea from your brain today I am going to make a star.

Blake: Paddington book, I watched Paddington last night and today I am going to make.

Modelling Clay

Angus: We are making bowling alley.

Josh: that’s cos we been bowling.

Josh: We are making a bowling thing, with balls and pins

Angus: We are using modelling clay, we have so many balls this one is a Nike it has a tick.

Josh: we need 11 balls so we need to make more.

Angus: we have lots of different ones

Josh and Angus: with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. 12.

Angus: the pins are what you need knock over, the pink side things are there because in a video the balls kept going in the gutter so these are to stop it.

Angus: How do you make the pins like that?

Josh: you do it like this you roll it this way and then you pu tit this way, Like this you see like this…Angus you are doing a good job.. you are doing so well. LOOK you did it.

Angus: you put the ball here and then you flick it.

Making with paper

Rehat: I am making an envelope with paper, I got my idea from home I tired to make an envelope but I didn’t get time. I made the envelope by making a triangle and sticking it to two pieces of square.

Kim: I made a pocket with scrap paper for my kitty to fit in and I made necklace I used paper, sticky tape and glitter. I got my idea from my head I close my eyes and remembering it in a movie.

Kyushu: I am using scrap paper to make love hearts for designing for a ring.

Bella: I am making an envelope I got the idea from Rehat, Rehat taught me and then I did it myself. It has shapes triangle and a rectangle, I used paper.

Khushi: envelopes look like houses.

Jed – I made a temple and God and Priest and people that want to pray are in our temple. I saw a temple online at home. It has a God sign on top of it. That point on top of it. I built a little thing if you want to pray alone. We had a little problem the cross  kept falling down. So then we put blocks all around it.

Extending the building to a house.

Noah –  There are different parts of the room.

Jed -In Ancient Egypt there is the Sphinx.

Nathaniel, Sonnie, Kaiden, Dion – We made a shop and we are selling fruit and vegetables and pokeman balls and lollies. Make a fidgit spinner shop.  X box shop. Piles of money.

Structure is a shop – cars driving in. Discussion about what to sell. There is a lot of negotiation and planning during construction.

Sukhpreet and Jaanpreet were building a swimming pool with a very high tower from blocks.



Blake – Paddington –  Made a map about London – I scrunched it up to make it look old.  London looks different to Adelaide – it is a really big city. You see Paddington and really big buildings in London.

Blake  then went outside.

This is London – This Paddington’s house. The tyres are the end of London. These are buildings and (Black reels) are electric. The brick is Paddington.

Booking – Kaisha (A pattern book), Alyssa ( A  Zoo book), Katrina (A picture book)

Slime exploration – squeezing, stretching, squashing. Creating a picture in a frame, writing names and turtles.

Play dough – writing a recipe and then experimenting with ingredients and consistency.

Laptops and transferring learning. Words, pictures and making books.

Connections and  learning. The children today brought into the room ideas, questions and wonderings from their previous experiences. Their learning was sparked through these ideas, questions and wonderings. The children shared these with their peers and then decided what materials they would use to further there learning, understandings and knowledge. On reflection I thought about the places we travelled  during investigations – to London and Egypt, the Zoo and the Bowling Alley all through the children experiences. This highlights to me the importance of starting from the children’s ideas as you never know where our learning will go. We shared our learning before recess and then when we continued after the break other children drew flags, created a book on the laptop about America & Egypt  and a pyramid was built in the block area. As educators we decided in writing time this afternoon we would travel around the world and ask the children to write about countries they know. Connecting with experiences is an important stepping stone for learning.