The students have been really interested in money the last couple of weeks. So today we decided to give the student the provocation of “MONEY”

Where do you see money?

What is money?

What do I know about money?

Where do we see money?

The idea was to give the students time to reflect and explore their own thinking and then at the end we will share our learning and ideas.

Rhoda: Money is a dollar, you can buy stuff with dollars. i see money in the shops and use it to buy stuff, I get money from the bank,

Angus: I have my own bank account I have money in it. It makes me save my money.

Johnny: money is what you get from the bank and you can buy stuff from the shops you but what food you want.

Tino: I get money at the bank and then I went shopping we can buy something at the shop.

Nathaniel: You can see many in Coles and then you can buy it but you need to give manager some cash and after that you can get change.

Dion: I see money at the shops and you spend it at the shops and they give you some money back.

Josh: Money comes in lots on shapes and they have numbers on it, the numbers tell you how much money it is.

Ashvarn: Money comes from cash and you put your card in and then do your pin and you get cash.

Sonnie: Money is for using, it is not for throwing in the bin you use it to buy stuff.

Ishaan: Money is from the shops you can buy things a little money is gold and big amount is a note.

Kevin: Money is $2 I buy ice block.

Tayln: Money you have to make, you have to make it on a conveyor belt. It starts as paper and then turns into money and coins and stuff.

Kimaaya: Money comes from the shop and you can buy stuff. Money is like $1 and $2, $2 is more.

Mai-Anh: You get money from a job you can buy something.

Kim: You get money from supermarket you can buy food with it.

Alyssa: Money you can buy something it looks like circles with numbers on it.

Jaiden: Money is from a bank, money is coins and dollars.

Blake: Money comes from money they make it with some silver and then the money comes through, then lots of coins comes.

Jed: money is all this money 5c 10c 20c 50c  $1 $2 $100 $50 $20 $10 $5. You need money to buy grocery.

Anne-Maire: Money is like what you use to buy things, I draw $1 and $2 and 50c and 20c.

Keren: money can come from people because they do hard work. There are coins and notes

Chris: the guard looks after they money and the person wanted $100. $100 is a lot of money.

Olivia: money there are $100 note of money thats the biggest the smallest 5c.

Bella: Money is what you use to buy from the shop.

Kaisha: Money has numbers money yellow money is silver too.

Rehat: Money is popular you buy stuff wiht it, You save your money in banks, there’s golden money and silver.

Jannpreet: this money things where you save the money, there are lasers everywhere so no-one can steal the money

Patrick: Money comes from the bank, you can buy stuff with money.

Ruby S: On the coins you can see the queens, $1, $2, 5c and 20c and 50c are all coins all the other money are notes, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes.

Francesca: Money can be used in the shops and can be found in purses, $1 is less than $2.

Kiziah: money comes from the shops, 5c $1, $2, 50c, 20C and 10c are all the coins.

Cierra: I can see money in a cash register and in a purse and a piggy bank. I use money for apples and bananas and lasagne.

Noah: Money is where you buy stuff I know about money $5 notes and $1 make $6.

Rojun – Money is were you buy stuff and you can find money at the shops.

Jeian- Money can buy somethings for children, when they want toys. Money is $1 and $2 and $3.

Bassim – When you parents  come and get a toy and they buy and it for you. When come and buy it for you and the shops gives you change.

Saara -Money is about -if you tell your parents to come in the toy shop and i want to have this beautiful barbie toy. You give money to the shop if you buy something.

Maddox: This machine makes money for people buy things.

Nevada: Theres are cents and dollars, dollars are with more.

Charlotte: Money is in purse and 50c coin is a shape.

Ruby C: Money comes from Hollyplaza.

Spanish, Music, Literacy investigations and assembly practise.

This morning we had Spanish and music.

In Spanish I did some writing numbers- Saara.

In Spanish I did numbers scouting in spanish- Kaisha.

I did playing games in music – Rehat.

We played singing song to find who had the funny voice- Olivia.

Literacy Investigations are  where children are able to explore ideas, solve problems, make connections and engage with others through play based literacy inquires. We as teachers put out different provocations to spark the students interest and get them exploring through the general capabilities. We set them up so the students can explore through a hands on learning experience. Play-based learning plays a crucial role in the development of literacy and numeracy. Both literacy and numeracy are forms of communication; ways in which we represent and share information with others about our world. Because literacy and numeracy are essential life skills, children need opportunities to use them (and to see them being used) in real life situations. Worksheets and other ‘formal’ teaching strategies tend to make learning abstract and dry however the learning during this time is so rich- the photos tell it all.


Students thoughts on:

What is literacy investigation?

Angus: we play games.

Rehat: Making letters.

Rhoda: jack in the bean stalk story.

Kaisha: Making what pictures are on the cards.

Olivia: make letters with the play dough.

Kaiden: you can draw and make story.

Sara: Paint about jack and the bean stalk.

This afternoon we practised for our assembly.


Living things- What do we need?

Kasha: We need a house to live.

Johnny: You need brain.

Angus: We need water to live and bananas.

Rehat: We need to God to live.

Patrick: You need to eat live

Charlotte: we need water, food and our families to live.

Franscesa: we use water to drink.

Sierra: water helps be healthy.

Sonnie: we need food because we need to turn health and for energy.

Ashavrn: we need water bath ourselves.

Lucas: We drink water if we are dehydrated.

Tayln: We need Tv in the lounge room.

Rehat: if you are bored you can watch Tv and it makes it more.

Olivia: If you don’t know the weather you can watch it on TV.

Angus: You can watch the news tells us whats happening in the sky and world.

Jed: we need to sleep and we need a bed.

Cierra: you need a living room to sit down if you are so tired to rest.

Alyssa: A letter box to have a mail.

Khushi: Water comes from the rain.

Bella: water comes from the beach.

Ishaan: water comes from the pipe.

Sara: water comes from the water fall.

Jean: water comes from sewers.

Ruby S: water comes from the tap.

Ruby C: water comes from the dirt.

Why do we need a kitchen?

Noah: to cook.

what other rooms?

Angus: toilet so we can to the toilet.

Charlotte: We need a bedroom to sleep.

Ruby: we need a bathroom to shower.

Chris: We need a cardboard to put a shoes.

Nevada: w need wardrobes to put our clothes in.

Kim: Eating room.

Jakob: we need a pantry so we can eat.

Rehat: We need garage can put our cars and old carbords.

Kaiden:  A bathroom

Dion: we need a table to eat on.

Tayln: we hungry or thirsty we eat or drink.

The students were then given the provocation to design their own houses thinking about what they needed. They then designed their own houses taking into account everything they needed to live- take a look at there wonderful work!





Children follow their ideas with vigour and passion during investigations. This is one of the times during the day we observe persistence, enthusiasm and focus.

The children take and an idea, a thought, a wonder or a questions and explore it using 100 languages, a 100 possibilities. Collaborating with their peers extends their thinking and understandings. Communication skills are built upon as questions are asked, negotiation of space and resources occurs, rich discussions about roles and directions of play are heard.

Mrs Dench collected some children’s voice during investigations.

Jed, Lucas, Jaiden: We making a wild life park and dinosaurs park. (With loose parts)

Bella, Bass Rojan: Shopping for kinder surprise. (On the laptop.)

Sonnie, Maddox, Dion,Ashvarn, Ishaan: Making a big Mac Donald shopping. (Block play)

Tino: I am making a book because I like to.

Kaisha: The caterpillar is heavy because its tummy has food in it and the mouse has no cheese so its light and the other ones heavy.

Kim: I am drawing happy mothers day because she loves me.

Mia- Ann: drawing apple trees and blue berries because Kims mum likes it.

Cierra: I have Hungry Jacks only when I have healthy food in my lunch box. (Playing a building a shop)

Angus,Olivia: Making mud water pie. (Outside)

Saara: You put flour and salt little food colouring and you mix it up and make playdough.

Blake: I made a bendy mask I got the idea from the game.

Jed: I am drawing a first dragon named Ivy and  another forest dragon named Twig and another named Pone, then there is water dragons. I got the idea from the video I play at home.

Kimaaya:  I made 3 love hearts because I have a new baby sister.

Khushi: I made a heart card for my mum because my mum is having a baby.

Kaiden: Love hearts for my mum because I love her.

Our class assembly is on Friday the 30th of June

Family and friends are welcome to watch please join us all in the hall at 9am.

Students will need to arrive to school on time (by the first bell 8.45) in their full school uniform. They need to drop their schools bags off at the classroom and then go straight to the hall.

After the assembly we invite you all to join us in a shared morning tea. We ask that the students please bring a plate of food to share. So we can celebrate our assembly and end of term. Please make sure there are no nuts.

Girls to bring savory

Boys to bring sweet

Jack and the Bean Stalk


Beginning of the story.

Sara: The mum threw beans away and a beanstalk.

Khushi: Jacks mum said to sell the cow and to come back with something.

Kasha: Jack was selling the cow.

Middle os the story

Mai-anh: Jack climbed out the the beanstalk.

Ruby: The gaint yelled fi, five of thumb.

At the end

Angus: He came down and the golden egg fell down.

Ashvarn: He ran and got the harp.

We then went over how stories have a beginning, middle and end to help promote students to write their own stories with a beginning, middle and end.



Which container holds more or less?

The provocation given to us today from Mrs Dench was to compare

What holds the most? What holds the least? Which holds about the same?

Through different provocations our aim here is to provide the students with Hands-on activities encouraging them to have a lifelong love of learning and connect abstract concepts to the real world — while achieving desired educational outcomes.

Maybe tonight at home the students could show you how they compared different.

The bin holds more less than the cup- Rehat.

A house holds more than a cup – Jaiden

The small love heart holds less than the the big lover heart- Rhoda.

The little cups hold more than the big cup- Francesca.

The measuring cup holds more than the little cup- Jeain.

The measuring cups holds more than the small one is less. Jakob

The fit inside the cup – Joshua.

The big cup held more than the little one- Alyssa.

Two big wood fits inside the bag- Keren.

The bag holds 12 pieces of wood which is less than the bigger bag- Kiziah.

11 blocks fit inside this bag, the bigger bag holds more. Chris.

The big love heart holds more than the little one, Bass.

The big one holds more, the small one only holds small thing- Mai-anne.

The bigger cup holds more than the little cup. Tayln.

the Bigger bag holds more than the little bag, Maddox.

The little love heart holds 17 and the bigger love heart holds 18, Anne-Marie.

The bag holds 4 pieces of wood, Kevin.

The small love heart holds 26 cubes. Dion.

The bigger cup holds more than the small cups. Ruby S

The big cup has more water than the less cup. Charlotte

The big cups holds more than the little cups, Cierra.

The bigger bag holds more than the small one. Kim.

The bigger love heart is going to hold more and the little one will hold less, Noah.

The little cup holds more than the glue stick lid, Johnny.

The bigger bag will hold more than the little, because it more bigger and more things can fit in it. Nevada.

The little cup holds more than the glue stick lid, Jaiden.

The bigger cup holds more than the little cup, because it is bigger, Khushi.

The big cup holds more than the little one because more pasta fits in the big one. Bella.

The bigger or higher  container holds more than the little ones. Kimaaya.

The big one holds more than the little on, Kaisha.

Ishaan: I did more and less, I used rice to see which one holds more.

I used the buckets to see which one holds more, Jed.

The little container held less water than the big water. Patrick.

The Big container hold more than the little one, Olivia.






“In our play we reveal what kind of people we are.”

– Ovid Roman Poet 427-347 BC

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them.


Who is Jesus?

This morning Mr White gave us the provocation on:

Who is Jesus?  What does he mean to us? Where do we see him?

Here were some of our reflections what great think we have on these questions.

Cierra: Jesus is someone who cares for us and is within us.

Francesca: Jesus is in my heart.

Ruby Stam: Someone that made everything special for us.

Mai-anh: Jesus is God.

Anne-maire: Jesus is with everyone and Jesus is with us.

Tayln: Jesus is God, Jesus helps us to be ourselves.

Jaiden: I see Jesus in the sky, Jesus walks by us.

Bass: Jesus helps us he makes us beautiful in everybody.

Noah: Jesus made everyone.

Maddox; Jesus loves people.

Patrick: Jesus helps other people do there things.

Johnny: someone who helps people.

Jed: Jesus loves everyone, so Jesus is me and everyone.

Olivia: He is the man who takes care of us, so he is all of us.

Ishaan: Jesus helps us make people, fish and the whole school.

Charlotte: I see him in the sky, because he made us we are Jesus.

Rhoda: I pray to Jesus, I see him in the sky and I pray with him.

Kiasha: Jesus is nice.

Blake: Jesus is in heaven.

Rehat: He’s our God we see him the church at school all around us.

Nevada: When someone being kind and nice I see Jesus.

Khushi: You see Jesus everywhere because he created us.

Josh: Jesus is in the earth, at home, at school and at church.

Dion: I see him in school because there’s fun stuff to do.

Keren: I see him the sky he looks over us and helps us.

Kiziah: I see God in heaven, he helps us be good.

Chris: Jesus is our god, He made us.

Jakob: We Jesus in the class because he died for us.