Now and Then

Today we read the book now and then as a provocation then we reflected on it all.

Cierra: An old rocking horse my mum had hone she was little, it was mad from wood.

Lucas: Toys are now made plastic

Tayln: There are two people different countries that were fighting along time ago, in the past.

Blake: The olden games you had to make games, now you can play on playstation, computers and from a box.

Alyssa: My Mummy use to have a necklace leave necklace that was old.

Ashvarn: Along time a go you use to have different pencils.

Suk: A long time a go there was dinosaurs

Ruby CH: now theres no dinosaur they died and there are bones

Olivia: My grandparents have an old school bell it was a little one and they had it when they had lunch and recess now we have big school bells.

Nathaniel: which is called a siren.

bass: A long time ago there was mummies

Tayln: they are Egyptian  with pyramids

Ruby: they have different cars.

Noah: the windows are different you have to wind cars

josh: you now have a button that goes it up and down.

Charlotte: In the olden days they had different fridges one use electricity, fridge now make ice.

Nevada: My mummy had a teddy that was so old it lost its eye

Kasha: In the olden days you don’t have baths you had a bucket for a baths.

Jed: Back then there was one and two cents.


Permission for slime

The students wrote their own permission notes to bring home their slime and we added the final touches

For them to bring their slime home they need to bring their permission form back signed. If you do not want your child bringing their slime home we understand and they can play with it at school.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Any question please feel free to email us.

Michelle and Elyse


Slime prodecure

We have noticed that the students are really interested in making slime.

So today we came up with the procedure on how to make slime and the students then got to make their own slime.

The students will me making their own permission note that will be sent home tomorrow. If your child is allowed to bring their slime home you will need to sign and  return this note.

Aerobics, ing and Maths investigation

Today we did aerobics with all the R1s lots of fun getting our bodies moving around.

Top 10 Reasons Kids Should Get Plenty of Exercise:

1. Kids who exercise are more likely to keep exercising as adults
2. Exercise helps kids achieve and maintain a healthy body weight
3. Regular physical activity helps build and maintain strong, healthy muscles, bones and joints
4. Exercise improves the quantity and quality of sleep
5. Research shows that exercise promotes improved school attendance and enhances academic performance
6. Exercise aids in the development of important interpersonal skills – this is  especially true for participation in team sports
7. Kids who exercise have greater self-esteem and a better self-image
8. Participating in regular physical activity prevents or delays development of
many chronic diseases (eg. Heart disease , diabetes, obesity , and hypertension)
and promotes health
9. Children who are active report fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression and a better overall mood
10. Exercise helps improve motor coordination and enhances the development of various motor performance skills

We got the provocation of a playground and to find “ing” words at the play ground.

Maths Investigations

Sonnie: I go to do easy pluses.

Nevada: Me and Cierra, got to play make 20 together I got 22 and Cierra got 19.

Bella: I was making numbers with play dough.

Blake: I did some pluses and it was really easy.

Kimaaya: I was doing the car game I saw cars

Rehat: I was playing make 20 game, I drew it in my book and we played, Olivia won she got 16 and I got 12.

Charlotte: I was playing the counting to 20 with Francesca I got 42 and Francesca got 28.

Khushi: I was doing the car game and Black the most, pink was the least.

Jakob: I did the clock and I learnt the time 1 o’clock, 2 O’clock and three o’ clock.

Anne- Marie: I did counting with numbers and filled the whole page, I did plus and equal


Rhyming words

Olivia: Mouse and house

Khushi: Cat and matt

Kaisha: dog and frog

Nevada: beard and weird

Charlotte: teacher and preacher and creature

Suk: bow and low

Alyssa: hat and bat

Lucas: Chew and blue

Angus: dog and fog

Bass: Tree and me

Nathaniel: dog and sog

Kaiden: That and hat

Ishaan: Hat and mat

Cierra: mouse and house

Joshua: Cat and mat

Ruby S: Sing and ring

Noah: log and hog

Sonnie: go and no

Kaiden: She and he loss and moss

Sara: mat and hat.

Blake: cat and bat

Ashvarn: go and toe

Rehat: cheer fear here

Jed: Rehat and hat

Patrick: Hat and pat and sat

After recess we had our class mass

What  a great job the students did on reflecting on Advent and the real true meaning of Christmas.

Today we explored light and What is light?

Ishaan – Light is made from electricity.

Olivia – Light is made to help you see things if it is a bit dark.

Nathaniel – lights made from wires.

Charlotte – Light is when you get a battery and you put it in a torch then you press the button then it would work.

Rehat – When you turn on the light, the light turns on by little wires which you can’t see that are under the road.

Sukhpreet – Light has fire in it, that is why it is so bright.

Cierra-  Light comes from the sun and from the electricity business.

Mia – Anh – Light is an ant because it is small.

Bass – Light needs power.

Kaisha – The electricity comes from tanks and windmills.

Joshua – Light comes from wires.

Khushi – Light comes from the water.

Lucas – Jesus made the light.

Sonnie – Electricity is made from the hot sun and warm things.

Kim – Light comes from electricity and it makes the house bright.

Francesca – Light comes from the electricity.

Ruby – Light comes from electricity.

Alyssa – Light comes from the sun.

Patrick – The sun is so bright because it has a ball of lava inside.

Talyn – You need light so you can see in your house.

Ashvarn – You need light for when you are driving.

Jacob – Light is for when it is dark outside.

Noah – Light is from God because made all the things.

Rhoda – You need light to see stuff or you can’t see.

Nevada – You need light to see in the dark because if you got home really late you need light so you can see.

Jaanpreet – The windmills  make electricity as it goes round and round.

Nevada – you pets need light.

Kaisha – The sun for light so we can see.

Ishaan – It helps us get light.

Dion – The sun makes plant grow



Tuesday Week 5

Today we begun our day with Go Noodle, brain food and then investigations.

Thanks to Nevada and Cierra for taking photos during this time.

After recess we enjoyed our library visit. We read the story “That Christmas Feeling”

Then we moved into Mathematics addition investigations. We played a game called Game 20 with a friend. The game was about adding and taking away blocks as you moved about the board. We started with 10 and the first player to 20 won. It was lots of fun.


When we come in from lunch we had a story “Shoes from Grandpa”

Then we talked about Grandparents -How they are special? What do we do with our Grandparents? Where do they live? What do they teach us?

Kim – Nana buys me dresses.

Jaanpreet – My Grandma stays home when Dad and Mum goes to work.

Kaisha – My Nana buys me new Pjamas

Cierra – My Grandma gives me lollies an chocolates.

Lucas – My Grandma lets me have a sleepover.

Rehat – My Grandma lets me watch the tablet.

Ruby S -My Nana teaches me how to knit.

Ruby C- My Grandma lets me watch the block.

Sukhpreet – My Grandma lets me play outside.

Saara – My Nana takes me to the shopping.

Rhoda – MY Nana is nice because she hugs me.

Charlotte – My Grandma is special because she takes me shopping after school.

Kaiden – My Nana cooks friend beef and rice for me.

Annmarie – My Nana helps me cook cookies.

Mai0Anh  – My Nana makes me fried rice.

Olivia – My Grandma picks me up from school.

Joshua – My nana lets me paint the walls.

Nevada – My Grandma is kind to me as she lets me have chocolates and ice blocks without even asking.

Johnny – Mt Nana takes me swimming.

Bella – MY Grandma takes me to school.

Noah – My Grandma cooks me pancakes when I wake up.

Sonnie – My Aunty lets me go to movies.

Blake – My Nana plays with me.

Maddox – My Nana takes me to the park.

Angus – My Nana lets me have ice blocks before I go home.

Rojun – My Nana buys me lego.

The children used their black books to record their reflections using text and pictures.

Thanks to Ruby for taking the photos this afternoon.




This morning we did our normal morning routine.

We then practised:

  • The day of the week 
  • months of the year
  • Christmas Carols.
  • Practised our reading

As a class we read and listened to the story.

The students the had writing time, the students choose to write about their weekend, and made up stories with beginning, middle and end. We continue to work on letter formation, use of sight words in our writing, capital letters and full stops and the writing of tricky words and blends.

After Recess

We had a go at new investgisation that has been put out. Bella and Kimaaya shared their video that they had made last week and the students go to work exploring different provocations.


What does hope mean to you?

Rehat: Hope means that your wish will come true.

Charlotte: Hope might mean you might get something you really want.

Josh: Hope is the wait we have for baby jesus.

What does Love mean?

Anne-Marie: love means you care for people, you be kind and love your Mum and dad.

Alyssa; Love

Angus: Love is when you care and give joy to other people and when Jesus dies for us and we care for Jesus.

Jakob: Love is about loving your parents.

What does peace mean?

Kaisha: Peace means being nice

Anne-Maria: Peace means you love.

Alyssa: peace means you might be quiet.

Nevada: Peace is when you are really kind to people and you make them something.

Maddox: People make nice things.

What does Joy mean?

Alyssa: You might be really happy

KIziah: it means you be happy

Nevada: Joy gets you excited

Kaiden: You be kind

Anne- marie; means excited.

We spoke about all the wonderful things we could do during Advent to remember the real meaning of Christmas.