This morning we did our normal morning routine.

We then practised:

  • The day of the week 
  • months of the year
  • Christmas Carols.
  • Practised our reading

As a class we read and listened to the story.

The students the had writing time, the students choose to write about their weekend, and made up stories with beginning, middle and end. We continue to work on letter formation, use of sight words in our writing, capital letters and full stops and the writing of tricky words and blends.

After Recess

We had a go at new investgisation that has been put out. Bella and Kimaaya shared their video that they had made last week and the students go to work exploring different provocations.


What does hope mean to you?

Rehat: Hope means that your wish will come true.

Charlotte: Hope might mean you might get something you really want.

Josh: Hope is the wait we have for baby jesus.

What does Love mean?

Anne-Marie: love means you care for people, you be kind and love your Mum and dad.

Alyssa; Love

Angus: Love is when you care and give joy to other people and when Jesus dies for us and we care for Jesus.

Jakob: Love is about loving your parents.

What does peace mean?

Kaisha: Peace means being nice

Anne-Maria: Peace means you love.

Alyssa: peace means you might be quiet.

Nevada: Peace is when you are really kind to people and you make them something.

Maddox: People make nice things.

What does Joy mean?

Alyssa: You might be really happy

KIziah: it means you be happy

Nevada: Joy gets you excited

Kaiden: You be kind

Anne- marie; means excited.

We spoke about all the wonderful things we could do during Advent to remember the real meaning of Christmas.

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