Tuesday Week 5

Today we begun our day with Go Noodle, brain food and then investigations.

Thanks to Nevada and Cierra for taking photos during this time.

After recess we enjoyed our library visit. We read the story “That Christmas Feeling”

Then we moved into Mathematics addition investigations. We played a game called Game 20 with a friend. The game was about adding and taking away blocks as you moved about the board. We started with 10 and the first player to 20 won. It was lots of fun.


When we come in from lunch we had a story “Shoes from Grandpa”

Then we talked about Grandparents -How they are special? What do we do with our Grandparents? Where do they live? What do they teach us?

Kim – Nana buys me dresses.

Jaanpreet – My Grandma stays home when Dad and Mum goes to work.

Kaisha – My Nana buys me new Pjamas

Cierra – My Grandma gives me lollies an chocolates.

Lucas – My Grandma lets me have a sleepover.

Rehat – My Grandma lets me watch the tablet.

Ruby S -My Nana teaches me how to knit.

Ruby C- My Grandma lets me watch the block.

Sukhpreet – My Grandma lets me play outside.

Saara – My Nana takes me to the shopping.

Rhoda – MY Nana is nice because she hugs me.

Charlotte – My Grandma is special because she takes me shopping after school.

Kaiden – My Nana cooks friend beef and rice for me.

Annmarie – My Nana helps me cook cookies.

Mai0Anh  – My Nana makes me fried rice.

Olivia – My Grandma picks me up from school.

Joshua – My nana lets me paint the walls.

Nevada – My Grandma is kind to me as she lets me have chocolates and ice blocks without even asking.

Johnny – Mt Nana takes me swimming.

Bella – MY Grandma takes me to school.

Noah – My Grandma cooks me pancakes when I wake up.

Sonnie – My Aunty lets me go to movies.

Blake – My Nana plays with me.

Maddox – My Nana takes me to the park.

Angus – My Nana lets me have ice blocks before I go home.

Rojun – My Nana buys me lego.

The children used their black books to record their reflections using text and pictures.

Thanks to Ruby for taking the photos this afternoon.



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