Catholic Identity Day

Our Day at a Glance

We started our day with a blessing in the hall with Father Shibu. We focussed on thinking about how we are all different and bring our own talents to Holy Family Catholic School.

Ecology Investigations
We started our Catholic Identity Day investigations by splitting into our mobs to tidy the school yard. Children found as much rubbish as they could and sorted it into the correct bins.

Religion Investigations
After recess, the children explored different ideas we have explored throughout the year. Children were able to use their 100 languages to engage with a range of provocations.

Some provocations we gave to the children were:

  • Ali’s Story
  • Ecology and caring for our environment
    • Smart CARA
    • Caring for our gardens
    • Exploring living things
  • Exploring scripture
    • Palm Sunday
    • Jesus Feeds 5,000
  • Symbols in the Catholic Church
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Creating prayers
  • Creating churches through 100 languages

With the children’s growing interest in iMovie’s, we supported them to draw pictures on laptops, screen shot them and move them into their iMovie, and then voice record their own information about their topic of choice.

Alexa – I created God with Nhial and Declan and we gave him long legs, a hat, and we made him from blocks.

Nahom – I was playing inside, with the blocks, and I was making a Church, and I was getting some people to come in.

Eva – I was playing with Annabelle and Charlize and Dhyani, and we were playing in the home corner, playing a game how Jesus feed the 5 000, Annabelle and me were giving the bread, we starting giving some to the kids in the class.

Alexia – I was playing with my friends, and wanted to be nice to her, because that’s what friends do.

Khyle – Me, Felipe and Kobe made a Jesus chair, we used blocks to make the chair.

Oliver – Me and Max was making an iMovie together, Max taught me how to and Miss Quigley. My iMovie was about Jesus.

Catholic Identity Day Reflection’s
This afternoon the children reflected on their faith journey from the day 🙂 Children shared this through illustrations and/or writing.


Class Prayer
Dear God, thank you for giving us families and friends and our grandma and grandpa. Amen – Charlize

Thank you for giving us the playground and the classroom and for the new teachers and new year. Thank you for making us and thank you for the whole school. Amen – Declan
Dear God, thank you for our houses and our teachers and our friends and our family and giving us power to help people and be good and kind to each other and be friends and make friends. Amen – Alexander
Thank you, God for our family we have. Amen – Emily

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!” – Dr Seuss

Our Day at a Glance

Numeracy Investigations
This morning we continued exploring patterns using blocks, dominoes, pencils and crayons. A popular choice was using matchsticks to create colour patterns, before sticking them together to take home. 

Play-based Learning
After recess, R/1GC & 4MR joined us for play-based learning. Children used their 100 languages to choose activities and share with their friends. Some children continued to explore patterns, ‘x’ and living things. Others were content with imaginative play or ball games. We love having others join our investigations, as we are able to share in their knowledge and ideas, as well as sharing our learning space with them.

Today, Khyle made his own accuracy throw games, inviting friends to have a turn. Charlee worked with Harper to create a ballet course, which was very popular amongst many children. iMovie’s were also very common inside, as the children continue to collaborate and support one another to make their own. Whilst outside ‘D’ discovered that if he spoke into the pipe, Irin could hear him, so the children took turns listening through it.



Class Prayer
Thank you, God for everyone to be happy and make brand new friends every day and for giving us energy and for making it rain and be sunny and also for everyone to have fun and do fun stuff and for everyone to also make stuff and make iMovie’s and for everyone to be happy at school and some schools we don’t know what to do but a friend can help you know what to do. Amen – Alexa
Thank you God for making the days so your mum or your dad or your cousin get to play with you so you get to have fun with your family together. Amen – Eva
Dear God, thank you for letting us have this beautiful world. Thank you for letting us have this world, so then we can live. Thank you God for giving us people so then we can have a nice house and thank you God for giving us houses and people and thank you God for my sister. Amen – Charlee

End of Term Shared Lunch

On Thursday 4thJuly (week 10), R/1EQ and R/1MS will be having a shared lunch to celebrate the end of semester and Ms Quigley’s last week. We invite you to bring a plate of food to share with the class. Lunch will take place in our classroom from 12:15pm. You are welcome to join us for lunch if you would like.

To keep in line with the strong ecology focus of our school, we ask that children bring their own labelled plate and fork/spoon to eat with on the day. This will help to eliminate waste on the day.

Play is not a kitchen set, play is a mindset! – Stuart Hall

Glance of the Day

Numeracy Investigations

This morning the children continued to develop their pattern knowledge and understanding through our morning numeracy investigations time. Children explored their learning through technology, manipulating dominos, drawing, making, painting, some students even created books, for all of their pattern creations.  Children used their learning power of curiosity during this time as they challenged how they approached their individual learning. Have a look at the creativity that was on show.

Play Based Investigations

Whilst each class visited Spanish this morning/early afternoon, each class engaged in their weekly play based investigation time. Children continued to extend their learning from our morning numeracy play time, whilst others ventured out using their growth mindset and creativity to challenge their learning by manipulating materials from the world around them. I was very proud to see the sharing and collaboration the children showed to each other as they discussed ideas, and incorporated one another into their play.

Science Investigations – The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

This afternoon children explored the life cycle of a butterfly. This was lead by the students as we have had a visitor in our classroom the last couple of weeks, we had a caterpillar attach itself to one of our pin boards, and form into a cocoon. We have excitedly been waiting for the cocoon to hatch, but unfortunately missed this process and realized today it was go, with no evidence of the cocoon in sight. So, the children lead the investigations into the life cycle of a butterfly and watched a time lapse of how this occurs before using the illustration skills, whilst incorporating writing and oral language to recreate the cycle of a butterfly.



Dear God, thank you that we had a fun day today and learned lots and we learnt about the caterpillar. We did lots of learning and we like everyone in our classroom and we need to care about them. If we don’t care about them, they will get hurt and they won’t have any friends, so that’s why you need to love people and you need to care about people, every time if they hurt themselves. Every time you need to like them and you need to share about them and you need friends to be nice to and you can be friends with them and you can play games with them, lots of fun games with them. You can learn lots of things about them and what they have done on their own and loving lots of people is good, because lots of people love each other. Amen – Elnathan

Dear God, thanks for everything you have and thanks for us to give us presents for Christmas at December. Thank you God for making people get older to be smarter and to be famous. Amen – Oliver

Thank you, God for making our friends. when we play to our new schools, sometimes you might not know what to do. But thank you for all the teachers and all the families we have and you can go somewhere else when we want to, with our families. When we are with our families, we will not, but when you like your families, you get to know them and they can just grow. Amen – Alexia

“Think and wonder, wonder and think” – Dr Seuss

Our Day at a Glance

Literacy Investigations
This morning we introduced our last letter-sound for the term, ‘x’. Next term, the children will begin to learn about blends. We started with some songs about ‘x’, starting with Jolly Phonics to understand the sound and then The Letter X Song by Bounce Patrol Kids, which helped the children with finding ‘x’ words. ‘X’ is tricky, because there’s not a lot of words that start with ‘x’.

After fitness, the children brainstormed some ‘x’ words. After recess play time, the children worked hard to record their words and letters in their writing books.

Play-based Investigations
After recess, the children engaged with play-based investigations. Children continued to explore ‘safe spaces’ from Ali’s Story, building homes with yards and space for many different people. iMovie’s also continue to be popular, as children collaborate with, and teach one another how to search for images and drag them into their projects. This has also meant we have had a lot of music in our class, as the children share their movies with others. Paper crafts were popular, with the children adding string and paper ‘stamps’ to their creations. Outside was also popular, as the children foraged and cooked in the home corner and worked on their ball skills with soccer and basketball.


Writing Time
Before we started our writing today, we looked back at all the Jolly Phonics songs we have done this year. We then shared the alphabet chart with the children, explaining how we can use the sound chart to support us with our writing, particularly with sounding out words. The children were then able to complete their own free choice writing. Some children asked for support from the teachers to write their sentences, before copying them into their books. Other children used their growth mindset and sense making to have a go at writing independently.

We also shared the depiction of Ali’s Story that the children made on Friday. This helped children to think of something to write about in their writing time.


Class Prayer
Dear God, thank you for all the teachers and Miss Matthews and Mrs Nicosia and Mr Stramare and Ms Quigley. Thank you for all of the things and thank you God for the assistants . Amen – Nahom
Thank you, God for the assistants and our mum’s and dad’s. Amen – Charlize

We are building a sustainable future!

Sustainable Development Day

The goal in R/1EQ and R/1MS for today is to gather all the waste with bring and use within our learning community in one day, to then sort through our waste, and see how we can make our learning community more sustainable.

We created our bins with coloured rings and bags to collect our waste for the day, in order to see our results. We also place our food scraps in the Smart Cara!

Play-Based Investigations

This morning, the children were given provocations centered around our goals of our sustainable development goal which is how we use properly dispose, and less our waste consumption. The second provocation was for the theme of Refugee Week, and revisiting Ali’s story, and how we can make a safe space for everyone to belong.

Children started to implement their knowledge and understanding of country into their investigations by showcasing how Australia is a safe space for Ali to be able to live, and opening their homes for Ali to come and visit.

Children in the home corner started to collaborate and sort through our food in the home corner, organizing it into healthy and non healthy foods, and how we can dispose of each once we are finished eating it. Charlize started to create a lunch box, that was going to include all nude food, meaning in the food in her lunch box would come to school without any form of plastic or wrappers.

It was amazing to see how a simple provocation, had lead to amazing ideas from our children,  by using their learning power of sense making, they were able to greater their knowledge and understanding.

Mr Coad put together a short video, showcasing the amazing stories our children created in regards to Refugee Week.

Sustainable Goals Inquiry

We explored our waste from our day, and were very happy with our results, but spoke about how we can work together to continue to limit our waste.

We worked on ways we can can re-use the paper that we have placed in our paper bin for scrap paper and our assistants sorted through this to see what we could salvage.

Kimzar’s lunchbox showed that his lunch box was a nude food lunch box. All his left over food can be used for compost.

We then headed outside to explore keeping our school environment clean by picking up rubbish and then sorting the rubbish into the correct bins.


St Vincent de Paul house come together towards the end of the day to share our learning, showcased in small video put together by Mr Bartold. Students and teachers then shared their specks of gold from the day 🙂


We pray for the waters of the world, that they may be restored to health and filled with bountiful life.

Response: God of Creation,  let us love and protect the Earth.

We pray for Earth’s soil, that its richness be protected to assure abundant harvests for all.

Response: God of Creation, let us love and protect the Earth.

We pray for all creatures who share Earth with us, that their beauty and diversity will be preserved.

Response: God of Creation, let us love and protect the Earth.

We pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who have been and will be directly impacted by the effects of climate change.

Response: God of Creation, let us love and protect the Earth.

We pray for future generations, may they learn from our environmental irresponsibility, and be good stewards living simply and in harmony with all your creation.

Response: God of Creation, let us love and protect the Earth.

We pray for all human beings, that we will be filled with a spirit of concern for the future of our environment; bring an end to the exploitation of the earth’s scarce resources; and live as responsible stewards protecting and respecting this gift of creation God has placed in our hands.

Response: God of Creation, let us love and protect the Earth.

We pray for wisdom for decision makers in Australia and around the world, that wealthy nations may make amendments for the harm they have done to the environment and find creative and just solutions to protect all of creation and ensure climate justice.

Response: God of Creation, let us love and protect the Earth.

For all of the intentions we hold silently in our hearts.

Response: God of Creation, let us love and protect the Earth.

‘Share a Meal, Share a Story’ – Refugee Week 2019

Our Day at a Glance

Refugee Week
This morning, we continued to explore Ali’s Story. We watched the clip again and the children were able to draw their own reflection of Ali’s Story. Children then shared their understanding with teachers.

Mass – St Aloysius
After recess, we celebrated our mass in The Centre. The children participated so well throughout, using a growth mindset to read their parts and do the actions to each song. Thank you to the families and friends that were able to join us today.

This afternoon, we had mixed literacy investigations. Children were able to engage with word and sound games, complete writer’s workshop, or read with teachers or friends. During this time, a lot of children continued to work on their iMovie’s.

Class Prayer
Dear God, thank you for all the people and thank you for Kobe giving us basketball lesson and thank you God for giving us Max to teach us basketball lessons. Thank you, God for giving us all the towns and the teachers and the houses. Thank you God for the mass that we had. Some children didn’t know how to do it and some children did. Amen – Nahom
Dear God, thank you for the beautiful music and Ms Quigley moving away, I know we will miss her very much, but we will have new teachers. Amen – Shane
Thank you, God for  keeping us safest night and families and sisters and brothers. Amen – Emily

New Beginnings

Transition Play Based Investigations

This morning we were very lucky to have our brand new receptions starting next term join us for our play based investigations. The new receptions were extending their stay with us today before joining our learning community next term.

Once again it was amazing to see how our learning community embraced our new members, sharing their learning space with them, and supporting each other through getting to know their new surroundings. Miss Quigley and I saw many students using the character strengths of teamwork, creativity, love, zest, kindness and more importantly bravery, became familiar with their soon to be learning community.

Mass Practice

This afternoon we ventured over to the Centre with Mr Urdanoff to practice R/1EQ’s and R/1MS’s mass which we will have tomorrow after recess. Our Mass begins in the Centre at 11.20am, everyone is welcome to join us 🙂


Bodhi – Jesus thank you making toys and family and where we get to have pets and thank you for the stuff that we all need even plants and even vegetables, rubbish bins and thank you for working people that make good stuff. Amen

Dyhani – Dear God, thank you for having us some toys and some colours and for the pictures and for the schools. Amen

Eva – Thank you God, for making everyone so we can have our families and our cousins to play with when we are lonely. Amen


Class News

The following letter was sent home to children in R/1EQ today:

Dear Families,

This is to let you know that Ms Emily Quigley will be leaving Holy Family School at the end of the term. Mrs Emma Finos and Mr Nicholas Bartold will take the class from Monday 22nd July 2019 for the remainder of the year.

Both teachers are extremely competent and well known to the students of Holy Family School. I do not anticipate this causing any problems however, should you have any concerns about his change, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With best wishes,

Kerry White
19 June 2019

Mrs Finos

Mr Bartold

I am going to miss the children in R/1EQ & R/1MS so much when I leave, but know they will be in good hands with Mr Stramare, Mrs Finos and Mr Bartold. I am looking forward to spending the next two weeks continuing to support the children’s learning and development. Leaving is bittersweet as I chase my passion of working in an Early Learning Centre environment, but I will miss the beautiful children I have been so lucky to get to know this year.

Thank you all for your amazing support of both Matthew and myself this year. We are so lucky to have so many amazing children in our double this year and I have loved getting to know all the personalities and sharing in their strengths and interests. I know they will continue to flourish as they grow and learn.

Refugee Week

Following on from our discussion about refugees yesterday, Mr Coad shared the following video with R/1EQ before lunch:

We discussed what happened in the video:

I saw his mum and dad, they went to the helicopter and after they went to a cage. They talk on the phone. The little boy was playing soccer with his friends and that made him happy – Nahom

The mum and the dad saw all the buildings knocking down and they were going in a helicopter and they were going to a different place so they can get safe – Adum

The parents went on the aeroplane and then the boy went happy and they all came back as a family – Charlee

When the boy was holding his mum’s hand and he stopped holding and he saw the tents and people and the houses getting in danger and the soldiers are killing them. So the family moved out to another house and the boy was holding his grandma’s hand and then a person stopped the parents – Oliver

The little boy was holding on to his mum’s hand and his mum and dad got the man said stop, and only the little boy and the grandma went. They went on an aeroplane to find a new home to live in – Elnathan

The little boy made it to safety. The mum made it half to safety – Shane

R/1EQ & R/1MS will continue to explore this theme tomorrow.