Aiming to Sail Ahead

Literacy Investigations

This morning the children investigated the sound ‘ai’, through numerous literacy provocations set out around our learning environment. Provocations varied from creating mail and envelopes, mosaics of daisy’s and sail boats, becoming retail workers, waiters and getting paid for these, as well as self portraits, Adelaide Plains creations, creating their own nail designs and aiming to throw the basketball into the hoop. The children we immersed in their learning, and encouraged each other to use their character strength of perseverance to give all provocations a try. The children created some amazing pieces of work that were then pinned up on ‘Our Literacy Wall’.

Numeracy Investigations

Our numeracy investigations today were lead by Mr Casey and Miss Fulford as they explored measurement through multiple provocations. Mr Casey and Miss Fulford explained the provocations to the children and they were able to explore measurement through measuring their height with string, draw and measure their hand using unifix cubes and pop sticks. The children used their growth mindset to try each provocation and create deeper meaning through their measurement learning.


Mr Casey and Miss Fulford lead us in Library today as Mr Casey read the story of Horatio Squeak by Karen Foxlee to the children. The children then enjoyed exploring their new readers together.


Melica – Dear God, thank you for everyone. Amen.

D – Dear God, thank you God for making everyone to be friends with everyone else who doesn’t have friends and if they don’t have friends they wont have anyone to play with. Amen.

Jason – Dear God, thank you for everyone for being friends. Amen.

Speck of Gold

D – My Speck of Gold was building my house.

Jason – My Speck of Gold was the aim game.

Melica – My Speck of Gold was going down the fire pole on the playground.

Character Strength

D – Bravery, because when I went around a lot a do my m

Melica – Bravery, going down the pole.

Jason – Perseverance, trying at the aim game.

Nhial – Perseverance, by trying my best to play the aiming game.

Tuesday Rundown

Hello all,

Another busy day at R1EQ&MS headquarters. We started our day with a fabulous Come Read With Me session, it is great to see the children embracing their reading. After our daily organisation we enjoyed some brain food while listening to our Shared Text – Will You Fill My Bucket?


In exciting news Mr Casey, pre-service teacher, ran a numeracy provocation with the students. The focus was on all the different forms of measurement – specific focus on length, width and height. We watched an ABC kids educational clip before heading out to the famous Log Park to explore the natural surrounds while focusing on the task of discovering measurement out there. A great success as the children were able to connect and make meaning of the provocation.


How did you know/show one long was longer than the other?


Declan – With the logs we saw which one was longer, we lined them up.

Nyok – We measured which one was longer.

Charlee – When I found a log, one was different and one was longer, one was short.

Nahom – We made a house out of long things and short things.

Bodhi – A broccoli is small and the trees are bigger and wider.

Elnathan – I’m making a house out of long and short logs.

Harper – I found two logs, one was big and one was small.

Irin – This one is longer than the other ones I found.


How did we know when one log was heavier than another?


Declan – We picked it up, and we picked them up at the same time, that’s how we know it was heavier.
























When we returned to class we had some time to share our experiences.


Between recess and lunch children spent time working with some literacy provocations before R1EQ went Spanish. Upon returning some investigative play was in order.






















After lunch we were able to unwind and relax our bodies through a guided meditation using the Smiling Mind application. Today the focus was on belly breathing.


Following this we participated in a big classroom discussion about what it looks like, feels like and sounds like to be a good friend. So many great responses that Mr Stramare wrote down onto a massive Y-Chart







We finished the day with some play before closing with prayer, specks of gold and character strength identification.



 Bodhi – Dear God, thank you Jesus for the whole entire country so we can help people at schools and other countries. Amen.


Specks of Gold

 Charlize – My speck of gold is my friends and my BFF’s.

Emily – Playing with my friends at the playground.

Bodhi – My friends and I did a try not to laugh challenge.

Felipe – Thank you for my birthday.


Character Strength

Felipe – Bravery, at the playground.

Bodhi – Bravery, playing my game.

Charlize – Zest, playing with my friends.

It is a happy talent to know how to play – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Literacy Investigations

This morning after come read with me, the children shared our text together ‘Will you fill my bucket?’, whilst eating some beautiful brain food. This semester in literacy we move onto blends within letters creating sounds within words. Today we focused on the ‘ai’ sound, where children viewed the videos below before discussing words they already knew that started with this sound.

The children’s responses:

The children then moved onto practicing the sound and words in their writing books. Children explored this differently as some wrote words and sentences, some illustrated, and some verbally articulated their learning to teachers.

Play Based Investigations and Grevillia Park

After recess, the children went on with their weekly play based investigations where we saw an abundance of learning through learning powers of creativity, collaboration, sense making and belonging. The children navigated their way through areas of Lego building, technology, drawing, making and pretend play in the home corner. Mr Bartold and I noticed the children were in such of flow within their learning, we decided to extend this time to allow the children to create deeper meaning towards their learning.

Prior to lunch time, we thought it would be the perfect time for our learning community to explore their learning in the beautiful environment outside of the school grounds at Grevillia Park. It was the first time this term that the children had visited the area, and boy did they love exploring their learning outdoors. The children immersed themselves in the world around them and challenged their learning through climbing, exploring for insects/bugs/animals, games involving collaboration on the playground, and just sharing their love of learning with each other.


Nahom – Dear God, thank you for the sun, and the sunshine, i like the sun, and thank you for donut day, and thank you for the teachers and teaching the new students how to be good with God. Amen.

Alexa – Dear God, thank you for everyone to be happy and making new friends so they can play and the sun so we can have lots of fun and you can play at the playground and learn about brand new things, make brand new friends, thank you for the rain so we can have more water. Amen

Adum – Dear God, thank you for the school that we have and all the teachers and we can play everywhere and make friends and everyday we can play and we can do prayer. Amen

We have added an extra dimension to our afternoon routine this semester, with the assistants not only leading prayer, but now also reflected on their Speck of Gold from the day, and also a Character Strengths that they may have used and why/how 🙂 

Specks of Gold

Nahom – My Speck of Gold was playing with my friends.

Alexa – My Speck of Gold was playing in the home corner.

Adum – My Speck of Gold was playing at the courtyard.

Character Strengths

Nahom – Bravery, playing footy.

Alexa – Bravery, playing at the playground.

Adum – Bravery, I was being brave going up high on the playground.

Reminder, please return your donut forms with correct money tomorrow, or you may do it through the QKR app. This will close at 10am 🙂 Thank you.

Fitness Friday

Literacy and Numeracy Investigations

Between recess and lunch today, the children investigated provocations they have been challenging their learning through this week. Children adapted activities to explore areas of interest. The children were flourishing during this time creating a shop which incoperated their literacy in writing down the items on their menu, and numeracy through making prices for their delicious food, which showcased their creativity, curiosity and love of learning as the children used their team work to create a thriving cafe for all to share in.

Gross Motor Skills

This afternoon, our learning community ventured over to the hall, to challenge our learning in undertaking sporting activities that help develop our gross motor skills. R/1MS and R/1EQ will start to use our Friday afternoons to work on challenging these skills and enhancing our learning in this area 🙂 Skills focused on included agility, hand and eye coordination, balancing and jumping.

Character Strengths

Mr Bartold put forward the provocation of how did the children use their chracter strengths throughout our day. Their responses are below 🙂

Elnathan – I used zest in playing with Nhial, football.

Irin – Fairness, I used it when me and Emily were playing in the Centre.

Nahom – Bravery, I used bravery when I was playing with my cousins, and pretending to be animals.

Declan – Bravery, I used it when I was playing with Milica, hide n seek.

Eva – I used bravery when we were doing our big sport thing.

Zac – Zest, When I was having fun going at recess, I liked to play around and have some fun.

Nyok – Honesty, I used it when I played with my friends.

Charlee – I used zest when I was playing with my friends.

Bodhi – I used honesty so many times.


Dhyani – Dear God, thank you for making nice toys and for being nice to everyone. Amen

Helping One Another

Hi everyone,

Our day below 🙂

Literacy Investigations

This morning the children explored their literacy skills through our literacy investigations. Children revisited learning that is known to them as they challenged their skills and extended their knowledge in these areas.


Refer to Mr Bartold’s previous post 🙂


The children were able to borrow new reading books today both classes ventured over to the Library for a shared text and borrowing time!

Helping One Another

Continuing on from our Bucket Filling provocations yesterday, today the children were introduced to the Scripture, Helping One Another. The children viewed the Scripture below…

After the children viewed the video, they were set the provocation of, What did you see happen in the story?

Eva – They were caring for one another and believing and caring and being kind

Nahom – They were sharing with one another, and praying to God to get more people to the Church. The people were sharing their food, houses.

Zac – God, used some red light, so they can love one another, so they can share the money and the food, so they can live, eat and drink and do some chores and give the money for the chores so others earn money.

Alexia – When God needed some money, people gave them, then God gave some presents and people made friends.

Oliver – God gave Jesus money so Jesus could share money to people, Jesus got people to share houses so they could live and have a break so they can’t be poor and make them happy, all people will come to Jesus to pray and to drink some water and eat food to be happy and nice and won’t get hurt.

Milica – I saw God in the story, he was gathering people around. He was gathering people around to go to church.

Dyhani – God made friends

The children then had the opportunity to view the Scripture again, but this time were set the provocation of, What Character Strengths were used/did you notice in the Scripture?

Harper – They were caring, by helping each other by when they need something.

Eva – Kindness, because they were caring and believing in God.

Nyok – Love, because they were all friends and they were caring and sharing.

Enrique – Bravery, they were helping people and sharing money.

Oliver – I saw God using the Holy Spirit, and praying for the believers, people don’t to know Jesus and God and Mary.

Charlize – Zest, by sharing and having lots of fun and love people and love people when they are sick.

Alexia – Fairness, because everyone was caring, because they were giving money and giving money to God and everyone was getting money to get good and toys, but food is more important otherwise you’ll die.

Nahom – Honesty, by God telling everyone to come to God and pray for everything and going to Church to pray for God, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Alexa – Kindness, by people being kind to other people and sharing in food and being friends and sharing food with other people so they can be happy and survive.

Children then had the opportunity to recreate the Scripture through the use of their 100 languages. The children created food, which was shared by the believers, recorded a recount, illustrated characters from the story, created a church from the block corner. The children were immersed in their learning, and shared ideas with peers, as they worked.


Alexia – Thank you god for all the friends and all the schools for parents for people to have kids and get married and they can get some kids more and sometimes it doesn’t mean you win or lose it is about having fun. Amen

Charlee – Dear God, thank you for letting us have the beautiful weather so we can live. Amen

Thursday reminder…

R/1MS and R/1EQ have Sport tomorrow, meaning they are allowed to wear their sports uniform for the duration of the day.

R/1EQ will also have Music, and R/1MS will have Music as well as Spanish.

Thank you

Gross Motor Skills

Today we were very fortunate to have some year 10 students from Thomas More College come to school where, with the help of Mr Pearce, a fitness circuit was set up in the hall. Activities that students participated in included:

  • Agility course
  • ball striking (tee-ball)
  • catching
  • kicking (soccer shootout)

Students in R1EQ and R1MS really enjoyed the activities and getting their heart rates up as they worked their way through all the stations.


Will you fill my bucket?

Come Read With Me

We started off our morning with our first come read with me time for Term 3 🙂 We will continue to start our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings with ‘Come Read With Me’. We invite all who are able to attend, to join us from 8.50-9.10am to explore the importance of reading with children in the our learning community.

Shared Reading

After ‘Come Read With Me’, students enjoyed eating their brain food, whilst listening to Mr Stramare read our shared reading text for the day, ‘Will you fill my bucket’. The book takes us on an adventure on how we can fill each others buckets. Filling someones bucket is a metaphor for allowing us to make decisions and act upon helping brighten up another persons day. We further explored the text later in the day.

Numeracy Investigations

This morning the children explored their numeracy investigations, revisiting the areas of number, shape and pattern. The children showcased their growing knowledge in these areas and it was clear to see that the ways in which they were manipulating materials in order to extend their learning. Provocations ranged from using laptops to explore creating patterns, number formation, adding numbers by rolling dice, shape sorting activities and creating shapes from nets. Children flourished during their numeracy time, collaborating with peers, having fun, and sharing in the love of learning.

Play Based Investigations

The children continued to carry over their numeracy learning into their play based investigations as well as incorporating areas of interest such as the home corner, block area and outdoor play.

R/1MS Literacy Mini

Whilst R/1EQ ventured over to Spanish, R/1MS worked together in a yarning circle to work through a sorting activity that incorporated letters, words and sentences. Children had the opportunity to pick from a basket a laminated card that would either have a letter, word or sentence on it, and explain their reasoning for where they believed it fit. The children used their bravery and resilience to work together to try their best in articulating reasoning for the answer. I was very proud of their bravery, showing their love of learning with each other.

Bucket Filling

After lunch, the children continued their learning around the book, ‘Will you fill my bucket’ by creating their own images and sentences explaining how they can fill another persons bucket. The children expressed ideas such as being helpful, kind, listening and doing the right thing. A display of the children’s work will be displayed in our learning community soon 🙂


Shane – Dear God, Thank you for all of the rain because we haven’t had rain for a very long time and thank you for all out friends. AmenEva

Eva – Thank you God for making the flowers and plants because sometimes its fun to watch them grow and sometimes its fun to look at them and thank you for the trees because they help us to breath. Amen

Oliver – Dear God, thank you for everything, for kids and adults too, to make more friends so they can grow up and make more friends, to make more teachers to learn everyday, to be smart and know math and numbers and letters so they know how to spell and sound out the words and know how to spell everything. Thank you God for loving us. Amen

Reminder for the children to please bring back their library books tomorrow to borrow new ones. Thank you 🙂

Welcome back to Term 3!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to the start of Term 3 🙂

We are hoping everyone had a lovely break and that each moment was as magical as the term ahead 🙂

As you are all aware, Miss Quigley has moved to Loreto’s College ELC, and a slight change has been made within our learning community, with Mr Bartold teaching full time now in Emily’s position. Previously Mr Bartold was going to take the class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but will now be in R/1EQ from Monday-Friday! 🙂 This is super exciting as it offers consistency and continuity for the children in our learning community.

Play Based Investigations

The children engaged in their play based investigations, as they explored their learning whilst collaborating with peers.  Children were immersed in their investigations and used their interaction with peers to discuss activities they got up to during their holidays. Our play based investigation time was full of fun, energy and an abundance of self directed learning.


After lunch the children engaged in an extended mindfulness, incorporating activities such as drawing, reading, yoga and quiet sitting. Each child used our mindfulness time to relax their body and mind, whilst still engaging in conversation with peers and teachers.


Zac – Dear God, thank you for the day and we are so lucky that we had the holidays from school and we are lucky we have about 5 teachers, so we can like be healthy from the teachers who are teaching us and learn from the words to learn some stuff. Amen

Nyok – Dear God, thank you for the homes and families and school and to have teachers and new teachers and more friends. Amen

Tomorrow Tuesday 23rd of July

Tomorrow morning we will start our morning with ‘Come Read With Me’ 🙂

The Last Supper

Hi everyone,

Today as a learning community we have been able to celebrate the amazing time we have been able to spend with Miss Quigley over the year! As sad as we all are to see her leave, we wish her all the best for her next adventure as she moves into an ELC at Loreto College, pursuing her passion for working with the early years.

I think we can all agree that Miss Quigley will leave a lasting impression on all of us. Some over a few years, and some only a small space of time, but her passion, love, commitment and drive to help each child succeed is why she is such a highly regarded teacher within our school community. Emily’s boast characteristics of being approachable, loving, kind, generous, strong, and the perfect role model for young children and it is evident within the strong, positive relationships she has developed with all the children in our learning community! 🙂

There is so much more that could be said, but I am sure from the children, you as parents and myself, those words will be given to Emily tomorrow as we congratulate and celebrate her new adventure, and cherish the memories we have all made in R/1EQ and R/1MS 🙂

Shared Lunch

Thank you to all of you for your amazing generosity in helping us celebrate Emily’s farewell with shared lunch. The children, teachers and parents used the language of food to laugh, eat and share in good memories, as we indulged in many beautiful cuisines.


Nyok – Dear God, thank you for giving us some food and for giving us gifts and the gifts of food to eat. Amen

Charlize – Dear God, thank you for people and our mums and dads and making new friends, and thank you for our lovely friends to be kind to one another. Amen


Shared Lunch Reminder

A quick reminder that tomorrow we will be having a shared lunch.

You are welcome to join us in class from 12:15pm for our shared lunch. Children are invited to bring a plate of sweet or savoury food to share.

In keeping with the school’s strong ecology focus, we ask that children bring their own plate and fork to minimise waste on the day.