It is a happy talent to know how to play – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Literacy Investigations

This morning after come read with me, the children shared our text together ‘Will you fill my bucket?’, whilst eating some beautiful brain food. This semester in literacy we move onto blends within letters creating sounds within words. Today we focused on the ‘ai’ sound, where children viewed the videos below before discussing words they already knew that started with this sound.

The children’s responses:

The children then moved onto practicing the sound and words in their writing books. Children explored this differently as some wrote words and sentences, some illustrated, and some verbally articulated their learning to teachers.

Play Based Investigations and Grevillia Park

After recess, the children went on with their weekly play based investigations where we saw an abundance of learning through learning powers of creativity, collaboration, sense making and belonging. The children navigated their way through areas of Lego building, technology, drawing, making and pretend play in the home corner. Mr Bartold and I noticed the children were in such of flow within their learning, we decided to extend this time to allow the children to create deeper meaning towards their learning.

Prior to lunch time, we thought it would be the perfect time for our learning community to explore their learning in the beautiful environment outside of the school grounds at Grevillia Park. It was the first time this term that the children had visited the area, and boy did they love exploring their learning outdoors. The children immersed themselves in the world around them and challenged their learning through climbing, exploring for insects/bugs/animals, games involving collaboration on the playground, and just sharing their love of learning with each other.


Nahom – Dear God, thank you for the sun, and the sunshine, i like the sun, and thank you for donut day, and thank you for the teachers and teaching the new students how to be good with God. Amen.

Alexa – Dear God, thank you for everyone to be happy and making new friends so they can play and the sun so we can have lots of fun and you can play at the playground and learn about brand new things, make brand new friends, thank you for the rain so we can have more water. Amen

Adum – Dear God, thank you for the school that we have and all the teachers and we can play everywhere and make friends and everyday we can play and we can do prayer. Amen

We have added an extra dimension to our afternoon routine this semester, with the assistants not only leading prayer, but now also reflected on their Speck of Gold from the day, and also a Character Strengths that they may have used and why/how 🙂 

Specks of Gold

Nahom – My Speck of Gold was playing with my friends.

Alexa – My Speck of Gold was playing in the home corner.

Adum – My Speck of Gold was playing at the courtyard.

Character Strengths

Nahom – Bravery, playing footy.

Alexa – Bravery, playing at the playground.

Adum – Bravery, I was being brave going up high on the playground.

Reminder, please return your donut forms with correct money tomorrow, or you may do it through the QKR app. This will close at 10am 🙂 Thank you.

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