Tuesday Rundown

Hello all,

Another busy day at R1EQ&MS headquarters. We started our day with a fabulous Come Read With Me session, it is great to see the children embracing their reading. After our daily organisation we enjoyed some brain food while listening to our Shared Text – Will You Fill My Bucket?


In exciting news Mr Casey, pre-service teacher, ran a numeracy provocation with the students. The focus was on all the different forms of measurement – specific focus on length, width and height. We watched an ABC kids educational clip before heading out to the famous Log Park to explore the natural surrounds while focusing on the task of discovering measurement out there. A great success as the children were able to connect and make meaning of the provocation.


How did you know/show one long was longer than the other?


Declan – With the logs we saw which one was longer, we lined them up.

Nyok – We measured which one was longer.

Charlee – When I found a log, one was different and one was longer, one was short.

Nahom – We made a house out of long things and short things.

Bodhi – A broccoli is small and the trees are bigger and wider.

Elnathan – I’m making a house out of long and short logs.

Harper – I found two logs, one was big and one was small.

Irin – This one is longer than the other ones I found.


How did we know when one log was heavier than another?


Declan – We picked it up, and we picked them up at the same time, that’s how we know it was heavier.
























When we returned to class we had some time to share our experiences.


Between recess and lunch children spent time working with some literacy provocations before R1EQ went Spanish. Upon returning some investigative play was in order.






















After lunch we were able to unwind and relax our bodies through a guided meditation using the Smiling Mind application. Today the focus was on belly breathing.


Following this we participated in a big classroom discussion about what it looks like, feels like and sounds like to be a good friend. So many great responses that Mr Stramare wrote down onto a massive Y-Chart







We finished the day with some play before closing with prayer, specks of gold and character strength identification.



 Bodhi – Dear God, thank you Jesus for the whole entire country so we can help people at schools and other countries. Amen.


Specks of Gold

 Charlize – My speck of gold is my friends and my BFF’s.

Emily – Playing with my friends at the playground.

Bodhi – My friends and I did a try not to laugh challenge.

Felipe – Thank you for my birthday.


Character Strength

Felipe – Bravery, at the playground.

Bodhi – Bravery, playing my game.

Charlize – Zest, playing with my friends.

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