Aiming to Sail Ahead

Literacy Investigations

This morning the children investigated the sound ‘ai’, through numerous literacy provocations set out around our learning environment. Provocations varied from creating mail and envelopes, mosaics of daisy’s and sail boats, becoming retail workers, waiters and getting paid for these, as well as self portraits, Adelaide Plains creations, creating their own nail designs and aiming to throw the basketball into the hoop. The children we immersed in their learning, and encouraged each other to use their character strength of perseverance to give all provocations a try. The children created some amazing pieces of work that were then pinned up on ‘Our Literacy Wall’.

Numeracy Investigations

Our numeracy investigations today were lead by Mr Casey and Miss Fulford as they explored measurement through multiple provocations. Mr Casey and Miss Fulford explained the provocations to the children and they were able to explore measurement through measuring their height with string, draw and measure their hand using unifix cubes and pop sticks. The children used their growth mindset to try each provocation and create deeper meaning through their measurement learning.


Mr Casey and Miss Fulford lead us in Library today as Mr Casey read the story of Horatio Squeak by Karen Foxlee to the children. The children then enjoyed exploring their new readers together.


Melica – Dear God, thank you for everyone. Amen.

D – Dear God, thank you God for making everyone to be friends with everyone else who doesn’t have friends and if they don’t have friends they wont have anyone to play with. Amen.

Jason – Dear God, thank you for everyone for being friends. Amen.

Speck of Gold

D – My Speck of Gold was building my house.

Jason – My Speck of Gold was the aim game.

Melica – My Speck of Gold was going down the fire pole on the playground.

Character Strength

D – Bravery, because when I went around a lot a do my m

Melica – Bravery, going down the pole.

Jason – Perseverance, trying at the aim game.

Nhial – Perseverance, by trying my best to play the aiming game.

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