Wednesday Wisdom cont…

After recess the children visited the library. The shared text this week was Bitsy, the tale of an adventurous bat who became friends with some unlikely daytime critters.








After the library R/1EQ visited log park for some nature play. Students worked collaboratively, creatively and showed great curiosity as they made sense of the space in a variety of ways.

In the afternoon Sir Octacool (Mr Stramare) continued exploring the theme of superheros. The children were asked to create a superhero mask, come up with a superhero name and discuss what top character strength their alter ego possess and why.

We finished the day with our classroom assistants leading us in prayer.



Alexa – Thankyou God for letting me be happy and to have friends to play outside with. Thank you for letting us have playtime.

Alex – Dear God, Thank you for letting us being superheros and to have Book Week


Character Strength

 Alexa – I used love when I was sharing my pretend food

Dhyani – I used love when I was loving people

Alex –  I used bravery when I was climbing the tree and jumping down

Max – I used zest today when I played soccer.

Mitchell – I used bravery because I am at school while my broken leg is still healing


Speck of Gold

Alexa – Playing with my friends

Dhyani – Playing with friends at the playground

Alex – Making the superhero masks

Max – Playing with Kobe

Mitchell – Playing with Kobe

Wednesday Wisdom

Hi All,

Another very busy day in R/1EQ & MS headquarters. We are all fired up and the learning is in full swing. We enjoyed commencing the day delving into a Come Read With Me session. Reading is the gateway to all facets of learning and we love to see all the children immerse themselves in their reading.

Literacy Investigations

Today our literacy investigations were lead by Miss F and Mr Casey. The children were presented with a range of provocations that centered on the blend ‘ee’. Provocations included:

  • Planting seeds
  • making a fleece for their sheep
  • word recognition
  • writing about their feelings

Have a look at us in action below.

Moon Lantern Festival

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

The Moon Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.

At Holy Family we will be celebrating the Moon Lantern Festival on:

Friday 13 September

Students are invited to wear traditional or cultural clothing.

The 3JM and 2RG assembly will take place after recess at 11.00am and it will highlight cultural aspects of Moon Lantern Festival. Activities will include a lion dance, singing and sharing of cultural information. The winners of the Lantern Making Competition will also be announced at the assembly.

After assembly, students and families are invited back to their classrooms for a shared lunch. Students are encouraged to bring a plate of food that represents their culture. 

Who is your Superhero?

Numeracy Investigations

This morning the children investigated their measuring skills as they ventured outside to use tape measures to see how long certain objects in their world are. The children started to identify that the tape measure shows ‘cm’, and this tells them how long an object is. The children also measured each other to see who was longer within the small groups. Children ventured over to log park to challenge their measuring skills to compare lengths of logs and see which one was longer than the other.

Children were given multiple items found within the classroom and around home, and needed to discuss with one another, which item was bigger than the other, ordering them from smallest to largest. The children used the teamwork and oral language to discuss the reasons why certain items were bigger than the other. Children then moved onto measuring the items with pop sticks to determine which item was longer than the other.

Children’s Quotes

Nyok – Measured a pole with pop sticks

Elnathan – Measuring tape, the numbers on it are centre metres

Kobe – We measured a log that was 217cm

Adum – The tree was 144cm

Eva – The long log that we measured was 170cm

Charlize – We had a skipping rope which was the longest

Shane – The skipping rope was 20 pop sticks long


The children explored the Superheroes this afternoon. Mr Stramare had the Avengers theme song playing and asked the question to the children, what is this music?

Nelson responded with the Avengers theme song and sparked the discussion of the next question, What is a superhero?

Children were then shown an image of the Avengers, and the children’s reaction showcased their understanding of the Avengers team.

Children were shown an image of Mr Stramare’s family, showcasing how how my family members are my heroes. The children were then encouraged to showcase a superhero in their life. The images below showcase their responses 🙂


Charlize – Dear God, thank you for my lovely friends and teachers and Mr Casey and Miss F and for this lovely day and puzzles. Amen.

Shane – Dear God, thank you for this school an everybody in the school who I love and thank you for Miss F and Mr Casey for teaching us. Amen

Specks of Gold

Emily – My speck of gold playing with my friends.

Charlize – My speck of gold playing with my cousin.

Shane – My speck of gold playing with my friends at the oval.

Character Strengths

Charlize – Perseverance. Writing my sentences.

Darina – Love.

Emily – Bravery. Playing with friends.

Shane – Bravery. Playing with my friends.

Lets move, Lets shake!

Hi everyone,

This morning the children came into the classroom, full of energy and shared their reading with one another, as well as parents that were able to stay and join 🙂 The children continue to grow and become happy readers as they use their perseverance to challenge their reading.

Literacy Investigations

This morning the children continued exploring their literacy knowledge with Mr Casey and Miss F. Mr Casey explored the sound blend ‘ee’ with the children as Miss F continued to explore the Alphabet in the children’s world. The children worked in teams to create words they knew that had the ‘ee’ within them.

Alphabet Song


The children who explored the ‘ee’ sound, worked together to create words, and played a game with Mr Casey that had blank spaces for the children to use their growth mindset to sound out the word. For example; sl_ _p which spells sleep.

Light and Sound

After recess, Mr Casey explored the provocation with the children, what is light? The children shared their thoughts…

What is light?

Nhial – Lights in the classroom

A light bulb in your house

Felipe – The sun

Zac – Fire

Elnathan – You need a light for when you are in the dark to see

Alana – A light bulb

Nyok – You need light to see

Alexia – A flash light

Children then explored the classroom in groups to see what they could find that has light and sound.

The children then discussed what they found around their learning environment.

Nahom – The light switches let light in

Nhial – The sun comes through the windows

Shane – My group said electricity is what makes the light work
Zac –  It comes from the power station from the windmills

Declan – The TV makes light

Sound in the classroom

Annabelle – The class next door

Shane – Chip packet was stepped on

Alexia – Talking

Zac – The wind

Declan – The trees moving around

Our adventure outside. The children explored the environment around them to showcase their knowledge and understanding of light and sound in the world around us!

Sounds outside

Declan – Motorbikes

Zac – The earth crunching

Oliver – The lid on the bin

Eva – Logs falling

Log Park

Whilst we were outside, the children explored their learning over at Log Park. Children used teamwork work to create some amazing pieces of work from smiley faces, to forts, and we very cautious in listening to sounds they heard around them, from logs falling, to people yelling.

Arts – Dancing

This afternoon, the children were introduced to the song by Tina Turner, Nut Bush City Limits. Our learning community love to dance and move their bodies.

The children worked on learning the steps to the song that teaches rhythm and was lead by the children as they used their growth mindset to challenge their dancing skills.


Neither of the assistants chose to pray today.

Specks of Gold

Enrique – My speck of gold was the dancing.

Jason – My speck of gold was playing with friends.

Harper – My speck of gold  was playing on the playground with my friends.

Catheren – My speck of gold was eating my apple.

Character Strength

Enrique – Bravery. Reaching for high branches.

Jason – Honesty. I was honest with my friends.

Harper – Love. By playing with friends and sharing my toys.

Catheren – Teamwork. Just because.

Book Week 2019

This Friday (23rd August) is Book Week Dress Up Day, with the theme ‘Reading is our Super Power’. We encourage all students to dress up for the day as their favourite super hero or fictional book character.

Fun Friday!!!

After starting the day with a fun school assembly that had the theme The Lion King, the students, all excited and enthusiastic, reflected upon the week’s learning after recess within play based investigations.

In literacy the focus was the blend sound ie and the students wrote letters to friends, made crazy ties, and used their vivid imaginations to create play dough pies. Provocations they had explored earlier in the week and had best connected with. Some of the revisited activities were at the student’s request, others were to further extend their learning.

In numeracy they continued with the term’s focus of measurement and, in particular, capacity. Discovering what containers hold more than others and how exactly to determine the answer to that question. Using rice and water the students made predictions and poured contents from one container into another, observing the difference to find out if they had guessed correctly.

After lunch Miss F continued developing the children’s gross motor skills, as they hula-hooped, kept balloons in the air, threw bean bags at targets and swam across the hall floor on roller boards. All as they grooved to music and brought the school week to an enjoyable end.


Shane – Dear God, thank you for the beautiful school and for sports today and for us to have things in this world to share and the beautiful trees.

Bodhi – Thank you God for the aeroplanes and sorry for stealing the country that belonged to other people.

Kobe – Thank you God for giving us this world to live in and thank you to the Kuarna people for the world and for giving us a house to live in for the families that we have.

Speck of Gold/Character strengths

Kobe – Playing soccer with my friends.

Bodhi – Forgiveness.

Shane – Playing with my friends and bravery.

St Mary MacKillop

St Mary MacKillop

This afternoon we celebrated the life of Saint Mary MacKillop, and had a yarn about some key factors about her life and why she is important to Catholics within Australia. Initially the children we shown an image of the Australian flag and questioned as to the reasons of why we have an Australian flag on the screen.

Eva – It is something special about where we live

Nyok – It is our country

The children then went off to explore what they thought Saint Mary MacKillop looked like through illustrations within their learning journals. From this, the children came back together to share what they had created, and how each others differed or were similar.

The children viewed a video on Saint Mary MacKillops life before going off and thinking of what character strengths Saint Mary MacKillop showed in her life as a teacher of God.

The children explained Saint Mary used kindness, love, perseverance, zest, she was honest and many more.