Saint Vincent de Paul Assembly – Visit from Ronald McDonald House

Today we had a visit from Ronald McDonald House Charities to talk to our St Vincent de Paul house about the work this charity does for families with children all around the world. As a collective house, we have been given the provocation of ways in which we can further help raise funds, be involved and give in the way in which Saint Vincent de Paul gave.

Numeracy Reflection

Mr Casey lead us through our numeracy investigations today, refocusing the children’s attention to the start of our measurement topic this week. Children helped Mr Casey by discussing different ways we can measure length and becoming aware that there are different forms of measurement that can help us measure the same object. Mr Casey created a human timeline, where students had to discuss and help him categories the children up the front from the shortest to tallest. Mr Casey posed various questions to the children, which encouraged them to think about their decisions, and question why. Children then moved onto their provocations where each group had a different way to measure their heights. Children used different forms of measurement from dice, connector pens, pop sticks, blocks and coloured paper to share, compare and analyse their results.

Declan – Our group used connector pens, Nhial was 15 connector pens and Mr Casey was 17 connector pens

Alexia – We measured with dices,

Eva – We were measuring with pop sticks and we had to lie on the floor, and we had to measure them with the pop sticks and we wrote our names and next to that we wrote how many pop sticks we were. We saw how many pop sticks we were and had a look to see who was the biggest.

Kobe – We measured with the cubes, we had 65, 72, 56, 32 and 45. I was the tallest with 72. The shortest was Harper.

Elnathan – Adum was the tallest, and then it was me, Melica and that’s how we found out all of us are different sizes.

Max – I was 7 blocks tall.

Enrique – The dice group were standing up to measure them

Play Based Investigations

Gross Motor Skills

After lunch, Miss Fulford lead our Gross Motor Skills session where children continued to develop skills of throwing and catching, balancing, agility, jumping and crawling 🙂 Children used their growth mindsets to navigate through each activity.


Dhyani – Thank you for all the people of the world and being kind to everyone. Amen.

Alana – Dear God, thank you for giving the beads. Amen

Annabelle – Dear God, Thank you for all of the people and for people and everything and the houses, for letting people to live in their house. Amen

Specks of Gold

Annabelle – My Speck of Gold was playing chasy with my friends.

Character Strengths

Dhyani – Kindness, being kind to everyone.

Get to know our pre-service teachers Mr Casey and Miss Fulford…

Miss Fulford

Hi, I’m Carly Fulford and I’m doing a placement with Mr Stramare. I will be in the classroom, helping out and doing some teaching up until the end of week 5. I am studying a masters of primary teaching at UniSA. My previous degree was human movement, so my knowledge base is in the sport and health science areas. I have worked as a gymnastics coach for 6 years now, and it is where I found my passion for working with children. It has been so much fun getting to know your children over the past week and I am looking forward to working with them more in the coming weeks.

Mr Casey

Hello, my name is Aaron Casey.

I am originally from the small town of Crystal Brook in the mid-north of South Australia. My hobbies and interests include playing basketball and football, as well as having an avid interest in reading. I am currently studying a Master of Teaching (Primary) at the University of South Australia. I am a motivated and hard-working pre-service teacher, with a creative mind and a strong attention to detail.

I have previously completed a Bachelor of Media Arts and am also a fiction writer.

I believe that as a teacher, I will employ my creative strengths to craft learning environments and lessons that engage, empower and challenge the young people I am fortunate to be working alongside.

Thank you for having me in your class.

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