The Wednesday Write Up

We started our day with Come Read With Me. The room was buzzing with enthusiastic readers. Our pre-service teachers Mr Casey and Miss F lead us during morning organisation. Today we watched an animated version of our shared text Molly and Mae.

For literacy this week we have been focusing on the blend ‘oa’. Today we got to explore this through a range of literacy provocations that enabled children to make sense of the blend using their 100 languages. Provocations today were set up by Miss F and Mr Casey. They included the following:

  • boat construction
  • set yourself a goal and send it in the mail
  • designing your perfect Winter’s coat
  • home corner full of oats, toast, roast chicken, poached eggs
  • word recognition    

After recess, children visited the library for an opportunity to borrow some new books and listen to the story Joey and Riley. 

In the afternoon children became present, centred and grounded through a peaceful mindfulness time. Later, we spent time reflecting on ways we can show forgiveness in our daily lives. The students worked in small groups to create a role play that showed acts of forgiveness. We look forward to seeing these played out through the remainder of the week.

We finished our day with prayer lead by today’s classroom assistants.


Alexa – Dear God, thank you for making all the children happy and being able to enjoy school. At school we all have friends. Also, thank you for the rain which gives us water.

Charlie – Dear God, thank you for all the food that we can eat and thank you for the houses that we live in.


Specks of gold

Alexa – I went to the playground with Harper to play Team Titans Go.

Charlee – playing with my friends in the playground.

Khyle – playing soccer with Max.


Character Strengths

Charlee – Love

Alexa – Bravery


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