Hello Tuesday

Hi everyone,

This morning after come read with me, we organised ourselves by acknowledging country and going through our day as we do each morning! Before brain food we headed into the courtyard to do some aerobic fitness building with activities such as sprinting on the spot, star jumps, push ups, planks, squats, all to increase our heart rates in order to extend our stamina within our fitness, and also within our learning 🙂

Numeracy Investigations

This morning the children continued their clock learning as we shared the book,

The book goes through a chickens day in a farm, and mentions specific times when the chickens to particular jobs for the farm. Highlighting each key part and time of the day! The children really engaged with the story and highlighted and recalled at key times what the chickens were getting up too. After this as a class we sat in our welcome circle and created a large clock together with dice and paper. Today we focused on 0’clock time. Noting the importance of the big and little hands. The little hand representing the hour, whilst the big hand represents the minutes.

New Music Suite

After recess the children visited the new learning space within our school, the new music and technology suite. The area houses new music suites for private lessons and a professional green screen room with noise cancelling padding throughout the building. Enquire with the lovely ladies in the front office on how you can enrol your child 🙂

Play Based Investigations

Children continued to challenge their learning through their play by manipulating materials of their choosing and working collaboratively in this process.

Moon Lantern Festival

The children continued to create our class moon lantern creations this afternoon and revisited the story of Lin Yi’s Lantern. The children recognised during the story the character strengths of bravery, kindness, honesty and love as Lin Yi ventured in search to help the family make their moon lantern festival a success.


Mitchell – Dear God, thank you for making us and all the teachers and people, that help us. Amen

Zac -Dear God, thank you for the world, even the people that help us to learn our discoveries that we are learning all about and we know what other people do in the world to survive. Amen

Speck of Gold

Khyle – My speck of gold was playing with Max at lunch.

Mitchell – playing on the oval.

Zac -looking around the school, looking at other creatures that survive in the world.

Harper – playing with Catherene on the playground.

Character Strength

Khyle – Zest. Trying to get the ball off of Max.

Mitchell – Zest. Kicking the ball.

Zac – Honesty. By looking at creatures and doing good things.

Harper – Love. Being kind to Catherene.


Note: Tomorrow’s Come Read With Me session will be at 2.45pm rather than our normal time in the morning! Thank you.

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