Friday Frivolity

Hi all,

Today we were treated to a super assembly with a theme of happiness. This provided us with the provocation of what makes us happy. Below are some of our fabulous responses.

Elnathan – playing soccer with my friends

Alexia – being with my family

Nhial – playing soccer

Nyok – playing with my friends

Charlize – my family

Alana – playing with my friends

Zac – everything in the world

Nahom A – going to the toilet when I need to

Shane – the world

Kobe – my friends that play soccer with me

Bodhi – going to the city to see my family

Dhyani – playing with my sister

Declan – going to the Adelaide Show and playing games

Bibi – picking up rubbish in the yard

Max – playing with Khyle

Khyle – playing with Max

Adum – playing at the playground with all my friends

Jayson – playing with my friends

Mitchell – playing with friends

Nelson – playing with my friends

Harper – seeing my cousins

Mikayla – being with my family

Emily – my family


After recess the village was in full swing and boy was it good to see. The learning taking place was phenomenal. Students engaged in provocations that sparked curiosity, creativity and collaboration. We were treated to a puppet show, a ballet concert and iMovie premieres! students created a seating plan for the audience and devised a ticketing system that was welcoming of all. Students used laptops to find guided drawing tutorials where many great character were created. Some students used perseverance to solve some difficult puzzles and as always the home corner was a hit for many as another Village cafe was formed. Others used the time to refine their letter formations as they chose to write about the CLARA learning powers and character strengths. The block corner, Lego and play dough were also very popular areas of exploration throughout investigations.


After lunch we headed to the Centre to participate in our weekly Gross Motor Skills circuit. Today our focus was on throwing and catching. Students displayed a growth mindset as they were challenged with various activities using our Adelaide Strikers balls.


The day was concluded with prayer, where today’s assistants shared the following reflections:


Nahom A – Dear God, thank you for the whole world and thank you for superheroes and all the children and the teachers who help us to learn.

Charlee – Dear God, thank you for giving us this world.

Specks of Gold

Charlee – playing Marco Polo at the playground

Khyle – Max and I played with the hula hoop

Nahom A – playing with my cousins in Mrs Gianakakkis’ class

Character Strengths

Nahom – zest when I watched the fish today

Khyle – zest by doing the hoops

Charlee – Bravery

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