Blossom by Blossom the Spring Begins – Charles Swinbourne

Welcome back to another week of fun filled learning!

This morning the children entered the classroom, full of energy, engaged and raring to challenge their learning through their play based investigations. The children showcased this through the flow of their learning as discussions with each other were rich and full of learning!

We then said good morning before heading out to do our Active 10 morning fitness session which Mr Bartold has rebranded Mr Stramare’s boot camp! The aim is to get the children’s heart rate up in a quick active environment that encourages lot’s of teamwork!

Literacy Investigations

After recess children engaged in their literacy investigations, looking into the ‘oo’ sound blend! Children worked together in creating words they already knew that had the ‘oo’ blend, before working together to create sound trains for particular ‘oo’ words such as school, smoothie and book.

Grevillia Reserve Nature Play

What a beautiful Spring day it was today, and the children were able to explore this outside in Grevillia Park where they explored the world around them, the world in which God has created and used many of their character strengths and learning powers to create new and deeper meaning to their learning.

Gross Motor Skills

After lunch the children continued to develop their gross motor skills, this time in the area of throwing which was started on Friday afternoon. Making most of the beautiful sunshine we headed into the Piazza to showcase our growing skills, whilst enjoying the beautiful weather 🙂

Come Read With Me

We then swapped our Come Read With Me session to this afternoon where the children found it nice and relaxing to enjoy reading a book with their peers.


Kobe – Dear God, thank you God for giving us this world to live in and thank you for giving us a house to keep alive and giving us water to stay alive, and food and our family and friends. Amen

Mikayla – Dear God, thank you for our friends, our family and our school. Amen

Harper – Dear God, thank you for letting me play on the playground with my friends. Amen

Nahom – Dear God, thank you for the whole Kuarna and all the people and respecting teachers, to learn more, about clocks, cars and teachers and when you grow up you get to learn more. Amen

Specks of Gold

Kobe – My speck of gold wsa playing with my friends.

Mikayla – My speck of gold playing with my friends.

Harper – My speck of gold playing with Declan.

Nahom – My speck of gold was playing with Zac and footy.

Character Strengths

Kobe – Perseverance. Playing soccer against older boys.

Harper – Love. Being kind to Charlee.

Nahom – Zest. Playing at the playground.

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