All Things Bright and Beautiful

Active 15

This morning the children participated in their daily active fitness. The children tested their stamina with running, balancing and jumping as they used their growth mindsets to build their gross motor skills and further develop their fitness stamina which will help with attentiveness within our learning community.

Literacy Investigations

Children explored the ‘oo’ blend this morning with a range of provocations that promoted collaboration, resilience, perseverance and building positive relationships. Provocations ranged from connect four, to creating a zoo on the laptop, cooking food in the home corner, to creating a moon, used their creativity to make a boot for their foot and lucky last manipulated froot loops to create ‘oo’ words.


Today in library we read the picture book, Allergic Alpaca. The picture book took us on a fantastic adventure through the alphabet where the Alpaca stumbled through the alphabet whilst trying to avoid being touched by apples as she was allergic to them. In the end Alpaca how to find her way back to letter ‘A’ which was her home, and was aided by a Whale, as he took the apple tree to the letter ‘W’ for safe keeping.

How can you change the world?

Inspired by today’s beautiful weather, this afternoon the children explored God’s Beautiful Creations and ways in which we can change the world to help create a sustainable future for everyone to be apart of.

Alexia – We can change the world and make it better, by working together, and working hard and make it better.

Mikayla – We can change it by using our Character Strengths.

Max – We can change the world by using our 100 languages.

Elnathan – We can change it by helping keep our water clean so the animals don’t die.

Oliver – We need tree’s to help us breathe and live.


Alexa – Dear God, thank you for everyone who are our friends and thank you for making them happy. Amen

Mikayla – Dear God, thank you for our friends and family and school and BFF’s and teachers. Amen

Milica – Dear God, thank you for the world. Amen

Specks of Gold

Felipe – My speck of gold is everyone in school.

Alexa – My speck of gold was playing with my friends.

Mikayla -My speck of gold was playing with my BFF’s.

Milica – My speck of gold was playing with Arjan.

Character Strengths

Felipe – Zest.

Alexa – Love.

Mikayla – Honesty.

Milica – Bravery.

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