Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

This afternoon as a learning community we explored our Character Strength; Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence! The children had a yarn about what they thought the term may mean, we then went out to explore the beauty around our school.

“I recognize, emotionally experience, and appreciate the beauty around me and the skill of others.”

Oliver – I saw something beautiful that is the centre because you can learn new things and hear lots go things, to be smarter and kind and learning music and Spanish.

Zac – When there’s room in the nature in the environment, and the environment gets to live and the humans get to live, and it is very rude to kill the environment. It’s Gods creation.

Mikayla – I love the flowers, and I love the Fish Farm and the oval.

Alexa – Everyone loves the earth and the world and the trees and the flowers. If there is no flowers the bees cannot help create things and you cant kill Gods creation because everyone loves it.

Dyhani – I love the plants.

Declan – I saw lots of things that were beautiful, beautiful flowers and trees with fruit on them. The fish were pretty as well.

Eva – My appreciation of beauty would be the fish tank because the people who made the fish tank must of taken a long time and its good that they were able to make the fish tank.

Alana – Playing with my friends shows appreciation of beauty to me.

Bibi – My favourite part was looking at the nice trees and flowers.

Shane – I saw fish, I wondered who made them.


Chloe – Dear God, Thank you for our friends an d thank you for school. Thank you for the shops. Amen

Character Strengths

Charlize – Perseverance. Playing with my friends.

Elnathan – Honesty. Being honest to my friends.

Felipe – Zest. Going to Grevillia Park

Chloe – Zest. Play with friends.

Alana – Love. Love for my family.

Eva – Kindness. Being nice to my friends.

Oliver – Honesty. Helping others.

Specks of Gold

Charlize – My speck of gold was playing with my friends.

Elnathan – My speck of gold was playing soccer.

Felipe – My speck of gold was playing with Khyle.

Chloe – My speck of gold was playing with Jason.




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