Come Play With Me

R/1 EQ & MS have been joining our neighbours R/1MC & EN in the mornings recently for the aptly named Come Play With Me.  Teachers across all four classrooms have reflected that by commencing the day with play, greater levels of positivity are permeating throughout the classrooms. The students are reflecting on the experience also, where they often speak about the joy of being able to share in the learning with peers from other classrooms and the increased number of provocations that are available to them. The natural flow of students within the space is one filled with creativity, curiosity and collaboration. As the village, we are now looking into the possibility of small focus groups working with a teacher in the areas of technology and ecology and key areas of the curriculum including numeracy and literacy as to utilise the wonderful facilities on campus, including; the Kuyangani; MUDLA and the newly established Triple M Centre (Music and Multi-Media studio). Today 12 students were able to explore the green screen room as a provocation.

With the collaboration of the four R/1 classes in the morning we have restructured the time table to accomodate come read with me to other times throughout the day. This allows for greater flexibility in student engagement and also allows for vertical learning opportunities with senior students who are able to work/listen/collaborate with the students in our two classes.

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