Speck of Gold – Can Drive

Hi everyone,

Today we were able to put together a mini master piece with the amazing donations you have all warmly donated to this amazing cause. The children had an abundance of fun putting together an image of sorts and created a beautiful flower.

It was amazing to see the teamwork, resilience, perseverance, creativity and love of learning that was demonstrated by all children as they challenged their critical and creative thinking to build a masterpiece out of the donated cans.

Nhial – It was fun because I got to use teamwork.

Alana – I really enjoyed making the formation.

Mitchell – The best part was making the circle for the flower.

Max – We are donating the cans to Ronald McDonald house because they are sick and need the food to stay alive.

Khyle – I loved putting the cans together because I love making flowers.

Once again, thank you for all your very generous donations 🙂

God Bless


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