Carols Night Information

Hi everyone,

Just a friendly reminder of a few key times during tomorrow night’s carol performances.

There will be a BBQ from 5.45pm on wards leading up to the commencement of the carol performances. The night begins at 6.30pm in the Hall.

R/1MS, R/1EQ, R/1EN and R/1MC classes will be performing around 7pm.

We please ask that you accompany your child, and bring them to the front of the OHSC room at 6.45pm, so we can organise children into their rows on stage for their performances.

You are then asked to pick up your children from the same location you have dropped them off from straight after their performance has concluded.

You’re welcome to stay and watch the rest performances throughout the evening, or if you wish to leave after your child’s performance, that is at your discretion.

We encourage children to be wearing Christmas themed clothing! 🙂

We hope you enjoy the evenings celebrations!

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