Friday Frivolity

Hi all,

Today we were treated to a super assembly with a theme of happiness. This provided us with the provocation of what makes us happy. Below are some of our fabulous responses.

Elnathan – playing soccer with my friends

Alexia – being with my family

Nhial – playing soccer

Nyok – playing with my friends

Charlize – my family

Alana – playing with my friends

Zac – everything in the world

Nahom A – going to the toilet when I need to

Shane – the world

Kobe – my friends that play soccer with me

Bodhi – going to the city to see my family

Dhyani – playing with my sister

Declan – going to the Adelaide Show and playing games

Bibi – picking up rubbish in the yard

Max – playing with Khyle

Khyle – playing with Max

Adum – playing at the playground with all my friends

Jayson – playing with my friends

Mitchell – playing with friends

Nelson – playing with my friends

Harper – seeing my cousins

Mikayla – being with my family

Emily – my family


After recess the village was in full swing and boy was it good to see. The learning taking place was phenomenal. Students engaged in provocations that sparked curiosity, creativity and collaboration. We were treated to a puppet show, a ballet concert and iMovie premieres! students created a seating plan for the audience and devised a ticketing system that was welcoming of all. Students used laptops to find guided drawing tutorials where many great character were created. Some students used perseverance to solve some difficult puzzles and as always the home corner was a hit for many as another Village cafe was formed. Others used the time to refine their letter formations as they chose to write about the CLARA learning powers and character strengths. The block corner, Lego and play dough were also very popular areas of exploration throughout investigations.


After lunch we headed to the Centre to participate in our weekly Gross Motor Skills circuit. Today our focus was on throwing and catching. Students displayed a growth mindset as they were challenged with various activities using our Adelaide Strikers balls.


The day was concluded with prayer, where today’s assistants shared the following reflections:


Nahom A – Dear God, thank you for the whole world and thank you for superheroes and all the children and the teachers who help us to learn.

Charlee – Dear God, thank you for giving us this world.

Specks of Gold

Charlee – playing Marco Polo at the playground

Khyle – Max and I played with the hula hoop

Nahom A – playing with my cousins in Mrs Gianakakkis’ class

Character Strengths

Nahom – zest when I watched the fish today

Khyle – zest by doing the hoops

Charlee – Bravery

Thursday Thrills

Hi everyone,


Another exciting day of learning at R/1EQ & MS headquarters.

We got active from the start of the day with the students participating in a cricket clinic hosted by accredited coaches from SACA (South Australian Cricket Association). Students practiced a range of skills while having lots of fun, who knows…maybe the next Travis Head or Ellyse Perry has just been unearthed. There has been a really big emphasis on student engagement in physical activity and sports this year (today’s clinic at school, coincided with 56 students from years 3-6 representing the school at a touch football carnival!) We are very appreciative of our wonderful P.E teachers Mrs Cooymans and Mr Pearce who work hard behind the scenes to make all of these wonderful clinics and carnivals available to students at Holy Family. Stay tuned for our next sporting clinic hosted by Little Athletics in coming weeks.

After recess students participated in their literacy investigations. the village was open for business and we were joined by our friends at R/1GC. An extremely engaged cohort of students busily worked throughout the session before it was time to stop for lunch.



Greetings All,

Today we flipped our regular schedule on it head. Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday, that was certainly the case today as lots of fun, engagement and learning took place.

Play investigations kick started our day and the village was in full swing. Hooray!

Before Recess we had a special visitor greet us in the school hall. Deb came to speak to us about how to care for and interact with pets. She even brought her pal Lola along for a pat at the end of the presentation.

After recess we visited the library to borrow some new books and listen to this weeks shared text. Ella and the Ocean.

In the afternoon we participated in a guided meditation for mindfulness where students went on a journey to the Wish Tree.

Then class prayer took place where today our assistants shared the following:


Declan – thank you god for all the playgrounds and thank you for letting me play with friends everyday.
Catharen – dear god I pray for all my friends
Chloe – dear god thank you for giving us friends to play with.

Speck of gold

Declan – I played whisper whisper with Shane and others.

Character strengths

Jayson – Honesty
Declan – Kindness
Catharen – Kindness
Chloe – Kindness

We reflected on our learning today during investigations, using our learning journals to document what we did throughout the day.

..and to finish off our flipped day we participated in Come Read With Me.

Timely Tuesday

Positive and Healthy for Life

This morning the children started the day by spending 5 minutes in the playground. This enabled students to be active, get the blood pumping and to develop social skills such as teamwork, collaboration and encouragement.

Where do you see time?

Zac – Being on time for school

Nyok – on a watch

Alexia – on my iPad

Elnathan – I see time at my house, at school, almost everywhere

Charlize – On my mum’s phone

Oliver – on a timer

Declan – On my Batman Clock

Nahom A – At home and in cars

Irin – Alarm clock

Mikeyla – I see it on laptops

Eva – sometimes you can see time on the phone

Students had an opportunity to explore clocks before joining in a big class game of what’s the time Mr Wolf? in the Piazza.

What did you see on the clocks?

Eva – I saw numbers on the clock. I also saw the little hand and the big hand

Irin – I saw the arrows pointing to the numbers which helps to see the time.

Nahom A – I saw the big hand pointing to 9 and the small one pointing to 6. So it is 9 o’clock

Alexia – I saw the hands pointing at the numbers to see what time it is.

Adum – On the clock I saw numbers

Zac – The little hand was on 3, the big hand points up. Its 3 o’clock.

Kobe – The big clock had the sun and moon on it.

Balancing Act

To reactivate our brains after recess we worked on balancing on one leg while tapping our head with our own hand. We like it when the left and right side of our brain’s work in tandem. Mr Stramare asked the whole class to do the hit dance move the floss. This move is a great way of getting our left and right sides to work in tandem.

Play Investigations/Spanish

While R/1EQ was at Spanish the class was joined by our friends from R/1GC where we spent time learning through our own interests.


Alexia – Dear God, Thank you for the new friends we can make each day.

Speck of Gold

Alexia – playing with my friends Alexa, Nelson and Catharen.
Mitchell – playing with my friends.
Elnathan – playing soccer with the reception and year 1.3.4 at lunch.
Adum – playing in the centre with Bibi and Mitchell.

Character Strengths

Alexia – bravery when I saw an ant. I’m scared of ants.
Mitchell – bravery when I walked on my broken leg.
Elnathan – bravery when I didn’t get hurt when playing soccer against 3/4s.
Adum – zest when I had fun in the Centre.





Wednesday Wisdom cont…

After recess the children visited the library. The shared text this week was Bitsy, the tale of an adventurous bat who became friends with some unlikely daytime critters.








After the library R/1EQ visited log park for some nature play. Students worked collaboratively, creatively and showed great curiosity as they made sense of the space in a variety of ways.

In the afternoon Sir Octacool (Mr Stramare) continued exploring the theme of superheros. The children were asked to create a superhero mask, come up with a superhero name and discuss what top character strength their alter ego possess and why.

We finished the day with our classroom assistants leading us in prayer.



Alexa – Thankyou God for letting me be happy and to have friends to play outside with. Thank you for letting us have playtime.

Alex – Dear God, Thank you for letting us being superheros and to have Book Week


Character Strength

 Alexa – I used love when I was sharing my pretend food

Dhyani – I used love when I was loving people

Alex –  I used bravery when I was climbing the tree and jumping down

Max – I used zest today when I played soccer.

Mitchell – I used bravery because I am at school while my broken leg is still healing


Speck of Gold

Alexa – Playing with my friends

Dhyani – Playing with friends at the playground

Alex – Making the superhero masks

Max – Playing with Kobe

Mitchell – Playing with Kobe

Wednesday Wisdom

Hi All,

Another very busy day in R/1EQ & MS headquarters. We are all fired up and the learning is in full swing. We enjoyed commencing the day delving into a Come Read With Me session. Reading is the gateway to all facets of learning and we love to see all the children immerse themselves in their reading.

Literacy Investigations

Today our literacy investigations were lead by Miss F and Mr Casey. The children were presented with a range of provocations that centered on the blend ‘ee’. Provocations included:

  • Planting seeds
  • making a fleece for their sheep
  • word recognition
  • writing about their feelings

Have a look at us in action below.