Our Christmas Shared Lunch

Hi everyone,

Today we shared a beautiful shared lunch supplied by our lovely canteen staff Susan and Sue! It was the perfect way to end what has been an outstanding year! The children absolutely loved every minute of it, as they feasted on delicious food, but more importantly were able to share in discussions, pop Christmas crackers, laugh at multiple dad jokes, and just enjoy each others company for one last time 🙂 Watching the children grow over the course of the year has been a pleasure to be a part of, and Nick and I cannot be more proud of the beautiful boys and girls in R/1MS and R/1EQ!

Learning with Bricks

Hi everyone,

Today we had Ben visit us from Learning With Bricks as part of our learning in our final week together. Learning with Bricks incoperates the use of technology with Lego, where children had the opportunity to manipulate the Lego to build a snail or windmill, and then use technology to code and program what they wanted their creation to do. The learning had a STEM focus, and children loved the ability to incorporate science, technology, engineering and mathematics into their learning. Children used teamwork, resilience, creativity and problem solving skills to navigate their way through not only creating a snail or windmill, but also then extending their learning by coding their creations to either light up different colours, and for their windmill turbine to move and rotate. The children had abundance of fun! Take a look of what they had to say 🙂

Charlize – I enjoyed making the Snails because I could change it into different colours.

Eva – With the windmill and snail you were able to use your imagination to change them how you wanted too.

Khyle – I loved combining the windmill and snail together.

Hayley – I liked lighting the snail up because it was cool.

Alana – Changing the colour of the snails.

Jason – I liked changing the colour of the windmill because it was so fun to change the colours.

Mikayla – I liked building the snail because we made it light up.

Annabelle – I liked the windmill when we could change the speed.

Alexia – I ,like to build, and could do that with Lego.

Enrique – I liked building the windmill and changing it into a snail windmill.

Alexa – I like building the snail because it was very fun, and we were able to build funny stuff.

Nahom A – We were creating something where the colours were changing.

Adum – I wasd building a snail and I enojoyed using teamwork to build it all together.

Shane – I really enjoyed making stuff and using the tablet to change things.

Arjan – Felipe and I were building and changing the colours using the tablet, if we do it the thing spins.

Bibi – Working together.

Zac – We used teamwork to build a snail and a crane. We helped it by using a computer. We made a fan on it with a charger.

Nyok – Me and Zac were making a crane, and we made a motorbike, using the iPad we could control the snail with the colours.


Carols Night Information

Hi everyone,

Just a friendly reminder of a few key times during tomorrow night’s carol performances.

There will be a BBQ from 5.45pm on wards leading up to the commencement of the carol performances. The night begins at 6.30pm in the Hall.

R/1MS, R/1EQ, R/1EN and R/1MC classes will be performing around 7pm.

We please ask that you accompany your child, and bring them to the front of the OHSC room at 6.45pm, so we can organise children into their rows on stage for their performances.

You are then asked to pick up your children from the same location you have dropped them off from straight after their performance has concluded.

You’re welcome to stay and watch the rest performances throughout the evening, or if you wish to leave after your child’s performance, that is at your discretion.

We encourage children to be wearing Christmas themed clothing! 🙂

We hope you enjoy the evenings celebrations!

Our Advent Learning Adventure

Hi everyone,

Over the last week, we have been exploring the true meaning of Christmas. The children have entered in various discussions that showcased their prior knowledge, before deeper, meaningful discussion were held as we unpacked as a class the true meaning of Christmas!

The Nativity Scene

We started our learning exploring the Nativity Scene. Initially the question was asked about…

The word Christmas was then broken up to signify, that the word ‘Christ’ and ‘Mass’. Acknowledging that Christmas is a time of celebration with family and friends, but also, is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. We explored a visual representation of the Birth of Jesus.

After this we explored the characters within the Nativity Scene. Highlighting the importance of the Birth of Jesus.

As a class we then created our own Nativity Scene, exploring all the characters from Jesus in a Manger, Mary, Joseph, 3 Wise Men, Angels, Shepherds and Animals.


After our learning about Jesus’ birth, we moved on to exploring the season of Advent. The children explored their interpretations of the word, and what they thought it meant.

We then explored the true meaning of the word ‘Advent’, is “the arrival of a notable person or thing”, and from our learning around the birth of Jesus, discussed that this is the start, of the celebration of his birth. As the kids like to call it, his birthday.

As a learning community, we explored that there is a special decoration that comes during Advent season, the Christmas (Advent) Wreath. Within the wreath, there are 5 special candles.

We explored what each candle represents.

It was discussed how the white candle is seen as the most important candle, as this is the candle that represents Jesus’ birthday (Christ).

The children explored recreating the advent wreath and candles through the use of their 100 languages. Children had the choice to either paint, build with Lego, manipulate paper or draw their understanding of their learning.

Show not Tell

Today students had a big discussion about how the use of descriptive language can really help with the creativity in their writing and improve their vocabulary. We had a look at some recognisable cartoon characters and engaged in some great dialogue about how they could be described so that someone could create a picture in their mind with the information provided. The responses were fantastic.