Monday 25th September 2017 – Week 10 Term 3

Come Read with Me

Wonder of the World – Afghanistan

The wonder of the world we are exploring this week is Afghanistan. This morning we learnt how to say ‘good morning’ in Dari – ‘Salaam Alaikum’

Investigative Play

Our provocations this week include:

  • Creating our own traditional dress, inspired by Afghani culture
  • Afghani embroidery
  • Afghani pottery called Istalif
  • Investigating the landscapes of Afghanistan in non-fiction books and on the laptops
  • Saying hello in different languages
  • Sewing outfits for dolls
  • Making famous landmarks from countries around the world such as the Opera House and Louvre.

Please visit ‘The Village’ blog for photos.

Investigative Play – Monday Week 10 Term 3

Investigative Play – Reflection

Ann: “In investigations me and Bella was making a cupcake and first we fold the two edges together and then we sticky tape them and then we fold like a spring and then we sticky tape all of the edges”.

Herman: “In investigations I was looking the laptops. I was looking at the laptop with Kylen and Mykel”.

Bianca: “In investigations I was drawing and I was making a card for my mum. I write I love my mum”.

Deng: “In investigations I was on the laptop. I search Afghanistan and scrap. I see the grass for playing in Afghanistan and they kids playing soccer and running”.

Kylen: “I was in the middle on the red and I was making a video to make our planet our happy. I said I make the planet happy ’cause I pick up rubbish in the car and the beach”.

Shared Reading – The Wrong Book by Nick Bland

Our shared book this week is ‘The Wrong Book’ by Nick Bland. Today we read the story for enjoyment. We made some predictions as we read the story about what would happen next.

Writing – Writer’s Workshop

Today, we wrote a recount about our weekend. Some of us used a template where we drew 6 pictures of what happened whilst some of us wrote about our event. It has been wonderful to see our writing improve so much.

Keeping Safe in an Emergency

Why do we call 000? What is an emergency?

Phuc: It’s for an emergency

Liam: It’s someone that helps you

Lily: An emergency is when something bad happens like when someone’s hurt or there’s a fire or if someone’s naughty and is under arrest from the police

Dion: If someone breaks into your house

Jayden B: If there’s a flood in your house

Javeria: If we get in a fire

Who are the people we call in an emergency?

Deng: The police

Georgia: The ambulance

Joseph: fire fighters

When would we call the ambulance?

Lynn: we would call an ambulance if someones sick or got hurt

Anna: You have to be very sick

When would we call the police?

Monika: When someone steals something

Piol: Robs stuff

Ann: If someone steals your trailer

Indi: If someone breaks into your house

When would you call the fire service?

Charlize: If there’s a fire in your house

Aurora: They also help if there’s a car accident in case there’s a fire

Felix: If there’s a fire at school

We then put an emergency record sheet in our bag. At home, we complete our home address and phone number and our parent’s names. We then keep this somewhere we can access if there is an emergency (maybe on the fridge or near the phone).

Here are some songs we made up about emergencies!

Creative Fitness – Log Park

This afternoon we went to log park. We also took with us lots of different fabrics to use in our play and fitness. We loved using the fabric to create different play experiences in log park.

Friday 22nd September

Good morning everyone.  Such a beautiful day is it not? Now is the time we start thinking of getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and getting some EXERCISE and shedding some of our unwanted winter kilos. ( I am referring to myself, of course)

Let’s get started with our colourful day.  The children look so different in their casual clothes.  It’s a resfreshing sight!

Off to assembly.

After our brain food we had a MITIOG lesson and we watched a small video called “Being Different is Beautiful” by LittleSikhs and we had a discussion about our body parts.

After recess we had mindful relaxation.  Some of the children drew in their journals

We then went into Investigations.

Then it was time for lunch.

After lunch we had relaxation and mindfulness.  We later went outside for some exercise.

We packed our bags and then we were ready for our class liturgy. Thankyou to all the parents and care givers who attended.  We had a lovely time and it was a very special way of ending the day.

Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you all next week, which happens to be the last week of term 3.



Thursday, 21st September, 2017 – Week 9, Term 3

Outdoor Education Day

Today we enjoyed a range of activities for Outdoor Education Day. What an exciting Day!

Don’t forget about Casual Day tomorrow!

Wednesday, 20th September, 2017 – Week 9, Term 3

Miss Adami

Today we welcomed Miss Claudia Adami to our class. Miss Adami is in her second year, studying a Bachelor of Education. She will be working with us for four weeks in term 4. We enjoyed meeting Miss Adami today and hope that we will all learn lots during our time together.

Come Read with Me


We continued our learning through exploring our investigations amongst The Village. Go to “The Village” Blog to see our learning…

Investigations, Wednesday – Week 9, Term 3

Reflection – Investigations

Manseerat: In Investigations I was doing the drawing tutorials with Anna and I was making a cute elephant and I was teaching Anna how to make one. I was also playing a game with Alphonsa, Lily and Georgia.

Dion: In Investigations me and Alex were making bow and arrows. We got sticks and we put rubber bands around them and we were making arrows with pop-sticks. We used a growth mindset because it was really hard to make but we didn’t give up.

Jess: In Investigations I was making the koala and I was using lots of things on it. I did some black paper for the nose and the brown paper for the eyes and the black paper for the ears too and they grey thing for the body and then pop sticks for the arms and legs.

Oliver: In Investigative Play I was on the laptop even so I was searching up for Australia, even I found the Australia song, the National Anthem. I put it on the air play. We sing the song in the hall for assembly.

Jayden B: In Investigations I was in with the spaghetti and I experimented when it’s strong and when it’s not strong and I was doing it with Kurt and Felix. I put the block of there and the spaghetti was strong. It broke a little bit.

Liam: I was at the blocks and I was doing the spaghetti. I found out that it’s strong.


We read “Blue Sky, Yellow Kite” by Janet A Holmes and Jonathan Bently. This was a wonderful story about friendship and forgiveness.

Before reading the book we made predictions about the story.

Georgia: I think that the girl steals the yellow kite and then her friend gets sad because she doesnt know where her kite is and she keeps looking for it everywhere but it’s not there and then the kite flew away.

Kylen: Maybe the girls is someone stole her kite and maybe it stuck in a tree and maybe someone will get it

Jess: I think the story is about a girl who sstole someones kite and it stuck in the tree and nobody could get it and she found a friend and she got it and she said “thank you”

Ann: I think that girls going to take her friend’s yellow kite

Akemjot: I think she will play with the kite

Liam: I think she snatched the yellow kite

Deng: She flies the kite in the sky

What are some emotions that were present in the book?

Anna: I think Daisy felt sad and guilty because I think she feels bad for William because I think she feels bad that she stole his kite

Aurora: I think at the end Daisy and William felt happy because they made a kite and they flied it together. I think William felt sad too because she stole the kite.

Manseerat: I think Daisy felt sorry for taking the kite.

Georgia: I think William felt happy when he had the kite and then when Daisy stole the kite he felt sad. Then they were both happy together when Daisy had a kite too.

We then borrowed our books and shared them with our friends.


We said thank you prayers to God.

Ezekiel: Dear God, I am thank you for my friends and my family, Amen

Piol: Dear God, I am thank you for the school, if we didn’t have the school we wouldn’t learn, Amen

Manseerat: Dear God, Thank you for Miss Canala and thank you for my family, Amen

Anna: Dear God, Thank you for the skies and the lights and for schools and Miss Canala. If we didn’t have lights we wouldn’t be able to see and without schools we wouldn’t learn, Amen

Lily: Dear God, Thank you for all the teachers including Miss Canala and al my friends, Amen

Felix: Dear God, Thank you for the trees, Amen

Aurora: Dear God, Thank you for the trees, if we didn’t have the trees we wouldn’t have oxygen, Amen

Aidan: Dear God, Thank you for all of the people in the planet, Amen

Jayden B: Dear God, Thank you for Kurt because he’s so handsome and he’s very kind, Amen

Jess: Dear God, Thank you for I’m in level 4, Amen

Ann: Thank you for my mum and dad because they take care of me very well. Amen

Avleen: Thank you for mu mum because she is so kind to me.Amen

Naomi: Dear God Thank you for my mum and dad  because they make food for me and they make me happy. Amen

Thaison; Thank you God for the earth because so we can live on land. Amen

Bianca: Thank you for my mum because she loves me every time. Amen

Writer’s Workshop and Focus Groups

Some of us worked on our Writer’s Workshop while others worked in small focus groups focusing on different sound blends such as sh, ch and ph. Another focus group learned about word families with the _at sound such as cat, hat, flat, sat, etc.


We went to the playground for our big muscle fitness.

Liturgy Practice

When we returned to the class we had a practice of our liturgy songs and readings. Our liturgy will be on Friday at 2.30pm all parents, carers, relatives and friends are welcome to join us in our classroom at this time. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 19th September, 2017 – Week 9, Term 3

Come Read with Me

Fitness – Log Park

We started with some Big Muscle Fitness at the log park.


We continued our learning during Investigations.

Reflection – Investigations

Phuc: During Investigations I was on the laptops, I was searching about Australia. I saw the flag, it’s like outside in the courtyard, there’s blue and white and red

Kurt: during investigations, I was on the laptop searching about Australia. I went to images and saw flags, people and animals found in Australia.

My: During Investigations I was in the home corner with Bianca, I was cooking. We were cooking everything and Bianca’s the shop keeper

Lily: During Investigations I was playing with Aurora, Georgia and Manseerat and we were playing what my dream was and I was the dolphin and Aurora was the shark and she was trying to put me in jail and I was stuck in jail and I was coming to talk with the boss and I said “I love you” to the boss who was Aurora, we were acting my dream out and some things what wasn’t in my dream we included them because we’re going to make it into a show. It’s called “Lily’s Dream Show”



Have a look at our awesome gymnastic skills…

Liturgy Practice

We practiced for our liturgy which will be held this Friday at 2.30pm in the classroom. We hope to see many parents and friends there.

Being a Good Friend

We spoke about times when we need to be good friends. We spoke about how we speak to people when they make us sad. We reflected using our learning journals…

Monday 18th September – Week 9 Term 3

Come Read With Me

Welcome to Week 9! We began our day with reading.

Investigative Play

We then worked across the village, exploring different provocations. In our classrooms we investigated:

  • STEM Challenge – how strong is spaghetti?
  • Still life drawing using oil pastels of sprigs of spring blossom
  • Card writing
  • Making and hiding treasure in our classroom and then drawing a birds-eye view map for others to find it
  • Making different Australian animals using various materials
  • Researching Australian places on the laptops
  • Creating Who Am I game for different Australian animals

Please click on the following link for photos of our learning during this time.

Investigations, Monday, Week 8

Investigative Play – Reflections

Deng: “In investigations I was on the laptop. I was looking some racing cars from Australia. I went on the laptop on google and write Australia sports AFL and cars”.

Bella: “In investigations me and Ann we were over at the blocks and we were testing the spaghetti. Ann was taking out some of the spaghetti and the spaghetti was still standing”.

Kenneth: “In investigation I find millipedes with my friends outside. The are black”.

Mykel: “In investigations I looking outside and I found two spiders and I need to wear gloves to make sure they don’t bite us and it’s only nearly got webs on me. I put it in a box. It was a little one and it colour was grey. I found one next to the bin and one next to at the door”.

Shared Reading

Our shared reading book for the week is ‘A is for Australia’ by Frane Lessac. Today we learnt more about Bondi Beach, Cooper Pedy and the Daintree Rainforest.

Prayers – Our Environment and Writer’s Workshop

This Friday at 2:30pm we are celebrating our environment with a liturgy. Today we wrote some prayers to share at our liturgy. Firstly, we shared some ideas and then we wrote our own prayers. We then continued illustrating and writing our own books.

Manseerat: Thank you God for the trees because if we didn’t have trees we wouldn’t have oxygen.

Annaliese: Thank you God for the sky because I like the sun. Amen.

Grandparents Day Invitations and Mindful Drawing

Next Term on Wednesday of Week 2 we will be holding a morning where we share our learning with our grandparents and other special people in our lives. Today we decorated some invitations for this very special day. We then continued with some mindful drawing. Mindful drawing is a calming, meditative practice. This afternoon, we enjoyed having extended time to engage in this practice.


To end our day we enjoyed some fitness outside.

Specks of Gold

Liam: My speck of gold was the relaxation, the drawing one.

Ezekiel: My speck of gold is playing with Mykel and Kylen, we are playing on the laptop in the library and we shared together.

Akemjot: My speck of gold was celebration Mrs Tropeano’s birthday.

Anna: My speck of gold was having Mrs Tropeano open her present and seeing everyone today.

Manseerat: My speck of gold was when Mrs Tropeano opened the present and I liked when we all went to get her present.

Ann: My speck of gold was having Mrs Tropeano celebrate her birthday.

Lily: My speck of gold was seeing Mrs Tropeano here and Miss Canala and I was really happy because it was Mrs Tropeano’s birthday.

Thaison: My speck of gold was catching spiders with Kurt.

Herman: My speck of gold was playing with Kurt outside.

Have a lovely night. See you all tomorrow!

Friday, 15th September 2017 – Week 8, Term 3


we enjoyed an assembly about curiosity by 2MP and 3/4CM.

Fitness – Playground

We went to the playground to get moving for fitness.

We’re all Wonders

We read a book called “We’re all Wonders” by R.J Palacio.

Why are you a wonder?

Bianca: I’m a wonder because I’m nice to people

Jayden M: I’m a wonder because I play with people

Avleen: I’m a wonder because I’m kind to everyone

Indi: I’m a wonder because I’m nice

Annaleise: I’m a wonder because I’m nice to my friends

Jayden B: I’m a wonder because I’m super happy

We then reflected on why we are special using our 100 languages.

Sharing – El Salvador (Bianca)

Bianca’s parents kindly came to share some food from El Salvador.

Investigative Play

We spent our afternoon doing Investigative Play. Have a look at our awesome learning.

Have a fabulous weekend. See you next week!

Thursday 14th September

Hi everyone.  Hope you are all well.  Yesterday and today we had, and have the pleasure of having Mrs Anthony, while Miss Canala is at a conference.  We hope you are learning lots Miss Canala.   We began the day with Come Read With Me

Then we had fitness at the log park.

We were very lucky that it did not rain, eventhough it might later on in the day.In our investigations the children  experimented with many different activities including sewing clothes for dolls, organising a picnic, performing a puppet show with friends, building with blocks, having fun in the kitchen, inventing something on the inventors’ table and shopping in the money corner.

Investigation Reflection

Bella:  In investigations. me, Ann and Joseph were drawing pictures from How to Train a Dragon

Anna:  In investigations I was making a cannon ball, a fishing rod and some lollipops

Alexander:  In investigations I played robbers with Dion, Jayden and Felix.  I made a taiser, and Dion made a gun. We use them on the police and people who rob our house.

Alphonsa:In investigations I was helping Aurora making dresses for the barbies. We picked the material that was blue and purple and indigo, then we made a peachy coloured skirt and kind of white.

 Javieria: In investigations I made a laptop I made a lollipop and I was having a picnic.  My laptop has my name on it.  I used paper and folded it.

Aiden: In investigations I was playing with the puppets with Monika and I was the koala and Monika was the bird.

After recess, we had quiet reflection time and most of the children were drawing and writing in their mindful drawing journals.

We then had writers’ journal and the children were very focused and immersed in their work. We had some special older children who came in to help because they were doing community service.  We had 2 adults helping us as well.  What a busy place this is. Busy, busy, busy.

We then went off to lunch and were lucky again with the weather because it did not rain.

When we returned to class we had music and  some number activities.

In Music this is what we did:

Javieria:  In music there were some instruments and we have to copy them

Saanvi:  In music I played on the keyboards and I played a guessing game with Ann and B ella

Aurora:  In music I was on the keyboard and I did different sounds

Avleen:  In music I was on the keyboard and I did Music

Ann:  In music we played a instrument and we got to do a pattern and the pattern was clap, clap, tap, tap, pick up pass

Well, that is the end of our day.  It was busy, busy, busy.I think we all need to have an early night.

Good night, Sleep tight.


Wednesday 13th September

Hi everyone, hope that things are running smoothly in your household as we start heading towards the end of the term.

We are working very hard at school, and are finding that the children are accomplishing many great things.

Let’s start the day with Come Read With Me.

Then off to the playground to get some exercise.

We then came back to class to have our brain food and then off to Investigations

Reflections of our Investigations

Georgia:  In Investigations I was in the puppet play with Manseerat and Alphonsa

Ann:  In Investigations I was in The inventors table and I was making a cannonball, and it can actually shoot.

Piol:  In investigations I was making aeroplanes with Davide and Felix.  We throwed them and it going fast

Saanvi:  In investigations I was at the inventors table and I made a cannonball.  I made it with cardboard and bits of paper and the cannonball was small.

Jess:  In investigations I was making a doll and I made a dress.  It was a jinglebell one.  It looked pretty.

Deng: In investigations I made a gun.

Portia and Javieria :  We made a cake each.

Manseerat:  In investigations I was making the puppet show.  It was raining so we had to do it inside.

After recess we had prayer time and then we had library.

Now, time for lunch and so far, it is not raining,

After lunch we had relaxation so our bodies could calm down after lunch.

Then we had mathematical investigations


Kylen:  I was doing take away and I actually got it right with Joseph

Ashmeen: I was in the shop and I was a customer.  I buyed watermelon.

Ann:  I was doing plus and minus.

Javieria:  I made a pattern with the flip blocks and I used the dice to draw the numbers.

Avleen:  I was writing some numbers.  I get up to 100

Joseph:  I was teaching Kylen how to do take away and he got it right and how to do it.

Our Specks of Gold

Bianca:  My speck of gold is Mrs Tropeano, Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta

Felix: My speck of gold was playing transformers

Aarav:  My speck of gold is playing with Akemjot and Phuc

Indi:  My speck of gold was playing with my cousin

Dion:  My speck of gold was playing with Davide on the oval.

Well, have a good night and God Bless

Tuesday, 12th September, 2017 – Week 8, Term 3

Come Read with Me

Fitness – Log Park

We went to the Log Park to get our bodies moving with fitness.

Shared Writing – I keep our planet happy by…

We watched a short video about climate change. We then reflected on how we can keep our planet happy.

Saanvi: Clean up, picking up rubbish and putting it all in the bin

Georgia: Be kind people to make everyone oin the world happy

Ann: We could remind people to not eat too much meat so we don’t hurt too many animals

Indi: Don’t leave rubbish everywhere

Manseerat: Stop cutting down so many trees

Bianca: Maybe we could plant more trees

Anna: When you leave the room don’t leave the lights on, turn them off when you leave the room

Akemjot: Don’t use too much electricity

Aurora: Turn the light off when you leave the room



Numeracy Investigations

Today for Numeracy Investigations we explored so many things!

  • Days of the week and what we do on that day
  • Adding and subtracting one and two digit numbers
  • Ordering from menus using the correct money
  • Place value
  • Number lines
  • Adding numbers to make 10

Sharing – Bianca (El Salvador)

Bianca shared some things from her families country El Salvador.