Jesus is…

We reflected on who Jesus is…

Thursday, 22nd June, 2017 – Week 8, Term 2

Come Read with Me

We began the day with Come Read with Me. When we read with Miss Canala, Mrs Braiotta and our friends we practiced our reading strategies and sounding out words.


We went to the oval to get our bodies moving for fitness.

Investigative Play

Check out our awesome learning during Investigative Play today on “The Village” blog…

Week 8, Thursday, Investigations

Reflection – What did you learn during Investigative Play

Alphonsa: In Investigations I was making the McDonalds magic show and I learnt how to write Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta’s names.

Thaison: In Investigations I made a flag, it was an Aboriginal flag. I learnt what colours to use.

Jess: I learnt how to make a fidget spinners and I made some shapes that I cutted out and then I made a fidget spinner.

Aarav: I learn about I make a box for shopping with sticky-tape and string.

Kenneth: I did the ice-cream shop. I was learning about money. Joseph went to the ice-cream shop and his ice-cream cost $2.

Portia: I was practicing colouring in and I coloured in my piece of paper, I tried to see how good I was at colouring.


We were lucky enough to be special guests at R/1RV and R/1JM’s Mass. They had a beautiful mass about being just. Thank you R/1RV and R/1JM for sharing with us.

Writer’s Workshop

After lunch we had some time for working on our Writer’s Workshop books.


We enjoyed Music with Mr Norris this afternoon.

Specks of Gold

Kurt: My speck of gold was playing with Jayden B and Aidan and all of my friends playing police

Monika: My speck of gold is thank you for Mrs Braiotta here and thank you for Miss Canala here

Manseerat: My speck of gold is going to music and having Miss Canala back.

Naomi: My speck of gold is Mrs Braiotta and Miss Canala and everybody and I love them.

Georgia: I liked doing the marching around song in music

Deng: Being in the chair in the game

Wednesday 21st June 2017 – Week 8 Term 2


Come Read with Me

Investigative Play

Our investigative play this morning was wonderful. We were engaged in many different learning opportunities that fostered our creativity and ability to work collaboratively with others.

Investigative Play Reflection

Annaliese: “I made a cake with play dough. It had sprinkles and a cherry on top”.

Aurora: “In investigations I was doing a show and I was the clown and I used my sticker from singing lessons for my nose and it was a McDonalds show”.

Monika: “I was drawing the flower. It was a Sunflower and a water flower”.

Manseerat: “In investigations I was doing the McDonald’s magic show and we were putting the food over there and Aurora was the clown, Jess was the magician and we were making envelopes so people know which time they going to come”.


Dion chose the theme of our prayer today – specks of gold.

Annaliese led us into prayer with the sign of the cross.

Deng: Dear God, my speck of gold is playing football with Dion. Amen.

Dion: Dear God, my speck of gold is playing soccer at recess. Amen.

Naomi: Dear God, my speck of gold is Alexia feels better and come back to us. Amen.

Ann: Dear God, my speck of gold is playing a party game with Joseph. Amen.

Saanvi: Dear God, my speck of gold is having Alexia coming back to school with her being ok. Amen.

Akemjot: Dear God, my speck of gold is playing at the hall with Aarav. Amen.

Javeiria: Dear God, my speck of gold is making a present for my mum. Amen.

Avleen led us in closing prayer with the sign of the cross.

Maths Investigations – Number

Today we explored different concepts of number through games and activities including:

  • Place value (hundreds, tens and ones)
  • Counting to 100 and beyond
  • Ordering numbers
  • Addition and subtraction


Today we read the book ‘Chip’ by Kylie Howarth.

We read the blurb and then thought about what might happen in the story.

Deng: Eat the chips

Ann: I think he’s going to pretend the chips are something else so no one will notice they’re chips

Akemjot: Her might sneak into the fridge and get the chips

Saanvi: I think he’ll just get some fish and chips and sneak to get them so no-one will notice and he will keep it a secret that he eated fish and chips.

After reading the book, we shared our favourite part of the story.

Naomi: My favourite part was Chip landed on the chip shop and then he get fishes

My: the fish and chips

Monika: My favourite part was when he was doing tricks.

Mindfulness and Fitness

Mindfulness today was amazing. It was very still and calm in our room as some of us drew in our mindful books and some of us lay down and relaxed.

After mindfulness, we packed our bags and then moved our big and little muscles on the playground.

Writer’s Workshop

Today we wrote a page for our animal information book about their diet. Mrs Tropeano helped us to research information on the internet.

We Are Grateful

We ended the day with thanks.

Maseerat: I am thankful for houses because if we didn’t have houses we couldn’t live.

Monika: Thank you for my presents.

Joseph: I am thankful for my friends and family and all the people who I love.

Jayden M: I am thankful for the school for learning.

Kurt: I am thankful Jesus who makes the whole world and planets.

Amber: I am thankful for Kurt because I love Kurt. I love everybody in the whole wide world.

Kylen: I am thankful for I make a gorilla and I make food for it.

Anna: I am thankful for schools because we loves schools and without schools we couldn’t learn.

Deng: I am thankful for playing football.

Ann: I am grateful for all my friends.

Saanvi: I am thankful for my friends because we always solve any problem.


Tuesday 20th June 2017 – Week 8 Term 2

Miss Canala

Miss Canala is attending a Cognitive Coaching course today and tomorrow. We welcomed Mrs Anthony today.

Come Read with Me

We began the day with reading. Mrs Tropeano and Mrs Anthony listened to some of us read our books we borrowed from the library last week.

Investigative Play

This morning we enjoyed a wonderful investigative play session. Mrs Tropeano talked to us about the importance of this as a learning time and to use our growth mindset strategies of learning from others, learning through feedback, having a go, never giving up and keep on trying.

We were challenged during this time to:

  • Try something new
  • Change or add to something we have been working on

Investigative Play Reflection

Jayden: I was working at the making table and I was helping Anna and Alphonsa and Manseerat to do McDonalds and I made a toy with paper. I made chips and bun and a dip.

Davide: I learn how to make a book on the laptops. I used (Active Inspire). I made a book of fidget spinner and I did drawings. I did it with the pencils on the laptop.

Amber: I watched on the laptop how to make slime. You have to use water and burning hot water and you have to use some colour paint and some slime that’s already been made and then you mix it all together and that’s how you make actual slime.

Phuc: I was playing outside and playing with sand with Naomi. We were playing with animals when they rain. When they rain comes down then the giraffe run away.

Fitness – GoNoodle

Thaison chose to do a freestyle dance today to the song ‘I love it’. Check out our moves!

Shared Reading – Animal Encylopedia

Today we read the page ‘Birds’ from our animal encyclopaedia. We focused on the information about diet.

Addison: Diet is like not having sugar or anything like that

Joseph: It’s about what food they like

We learnt that some birds such as eagles and vultures are meat eaters while other birds are plant eaters.

Sport and Spanish

Mindfulness and Fitness

We stilled our mind and bodies with mindful drawing and relaxation. We then moved our bodies on the playground.

Mathematical Investigations

This afternoon we investigated the following mathematical concepts:

  • Time – o’clock, half past, past and to
  • Addition and subtraction with dice and counters
  • Tessellation with shapes
  • Measuring length with tape measures and rulers
  • Counting with dominoes

Specks of Gold

Anna: “My speck of gold is when we did maths investigations. I was sorting the numbers with Alphonsa and Manseerat”.

Dang: “Playing football with Piol”.

Mikel: “My speck of gold I did the measuring the table”.

Kurt: “My speck of gold is playing with Jayden B, Daksh and Aidan in the playground”.

Thuy: “My speck of gold is that I was playing with Monika and we were doing the clocks”.

Have a wonderful evening!

Monday, 19th June, 2017 – Week 8, Term 2

Come Read with Me

We began the day reading with our teachers as well as Corinne, a volunteer who listens to children read across the school on Mondays. Thank you for your help.

Investigative Play

We engaged in investigative play across the village. Please refer to ‘The Village’ blog for photos and information about our learning.

Reflection – Investigative Play

Oliver: “I didn’t do anything but I was trying to catch a cockroach and a spider because I wanted it to be my pet”.

Kylen: “I found a grasshopper outside and we just catch it and we put it in a box. It is green and it looks like grass”.

Akemjot: “I made something in making. I made a box that could catch anything like I put a string on it to try to catch something. I made it so I could catch something like a spider outside”.

Addison: “During investigations I was making a spider photo frame with Anna and I used string and a pencil and lead pencil to make webs”.


For fitness we danced and sang to GoNoodle’s “Cheerleader”.

Shared Reading – Information Texts

Today we read about monkeys and apes in our Animal Encyclopaedia. We focused on the information about their habitat.

What is a habitat?

Bella: “It’s their home”

What does this information tell you?

Manseerat: Monkeys live in forests, deserts and grasslands and apes only live in Africa and Asia.

We then wrote about the habitat of our chosen animal for our own information texts. Some of us looked up information on the laptops to help us. Mr Coad also worked with some year 1’s.

Mathematics – Investigations

We explored different mathematical concepts this afternoon, including:

  • Time – o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to
  • Measuring length with cm and m and rulers and tape measures
  • Counting with dominoes
  • Adding and skip counting with dice
  • Tessellation with shapes

We sang a song about time and reflected on it.

Anna: I noticed when it was o’clock the long hand was pointing at the 12

Saanvi: I noticed the the hands were moving and they were telling the time and there was another rectangle shaped clock telling the time in a different way

Manseerat: The big hand was point to the six when it was something 30.

 Happy Birthday Addison

Addison celebrated her 6th birthday yesterday. She brought in treats for everyone to celebrate. Thank you Addison and we hope you had a wonderful day.

Friday 16th June

Hello everyone.  Winter is approaching.  Out come the raincoats, umbrellas, and boots.

This morning we went to  R/I AM and MS Assembly and we saw some very interesting things about the ocean and fish.

We also saw lots of fish farm learning.

After our brain food, we moved around to a Go Noodle song so we could get all our sillies out.

Then we watched a small video about some childrens’ understanding of Jesus.


Monika: Jesus is love and kindness

Manseerat: Jesus is our friend and our mums and dads

Saanvi: Jesus is kind to everyone and he is a great Jesus for me

Kylen: Jesus is kind to everybody and loves people with all his heart

Lily: Jesus is kind to everybody and he loves everybody

Liam: Jesus is the nicest ever

Joseph: Jesus is good to everybody and kind to everybody and being nice to everybody and makes everybody love

The children then had to reflect on this.




After recess and our relaxation, the children drew and then collaged ocean creatures.  We are going to laminate them and take them over to the fish farm.

We wanted to do a really good job of these, and we had to draw, cut, and paste.

Oops!, It’s lunch time.

After lunch we went on with our beautiful fish.

Time to clean up and go home.

Let’s stop and think about our day at school.  What was your speck of gold?

Anna: My speck of gold is when we did the the fish and when we had lunch.

Jayden B: My speck of gold is the assembly

Felix: My speck of gold is cleaning up because we know who the best cleaners were

Monika: Playing with Thuy and Saanvi.

Deng: playing soccer with Dion

Saanvi: My speck of gold was playing with Monika and Thuy in the sand pit and the play ground.

Aurora: My speck of gold is when we drawed something from under the sea and coloured it in with all the paper.

Portia: My speck of gold was playing with Alphonsa and Anna. I love them.

Well that is another week.  Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you next week.

Thursday, 15th June, 2017 – Week 7, Term 2

Come Read with Me

Investigative Play

Have a look at our learning on “The Village” Blog.

Investigations – Thursday, Week 7

Reflection – Investigative Play

Georgia: I asked Miss Canala if I could look up how the sun and the moon comes up and I looked it up and then the world moves around in a circle and one side is light what has the sun on it and the dark side has the moon on it and when the world reaches the dark side it’s night and when it reaches the light side its day time.

Annaleise: In Investigations I was in the home corner and I was the dog and Bianca was the sister and My was the Mum. I was holding a pretend bone, it was really a banana though.

Kylen: I did Investigations I did play in the other class and I did play drawing. I draw a fidget spinner and I play with my friends.

Liam: I was playing on the laptop. I was playing fire boy and water girl.

Felix: We were making a timer. We got some sand from the sand pit.
Kurt: We put it inside a bottle.
Felix: We went back to class. We put on top another bottle and put some sticky tape.
Kurt: Miss Canala timed the timer on her iPad.
Felix: The timer went for almost 4 minutes.

Deng: In Investigations I was playing with cars. We made a road. We made a tunnel. We were crashing cars.

Shared Reading

Today for Shared Reading we read an information text about the appearance of African Elephants. We spoke about what appearance meant and we described the appearance of a few different animals.

Writer’s Workshop

During Writer’s Workshop we had another go at writing about the appearance of our chosen animals.

Peace Inquiry

We read a book called “The Book of Peace” by Todd Parr.

How do you give Peace?

Manseerat: By giving someone a warm hug.

Anna: I give peace when I’m singing.

Kylen: When you be kind to someone and make sure you share some toys and let them play with you.

Piol: I give peace by helping my friends with writing.

Aidan: I give peace when I keep on trying and trying and trying.

Georgia: I give peace when I sing and dance.

Aurora: I give peace when I’m making new friends and I be nice to them.

Jayden B: Sharing money to the poor people.

Joseph: I give peace when I love somebody.

Amber: I show peace by listening.

Ezekiel: I show peace by loving my family and all the things.

Kenneth: I give peace because I love my family.

Jess: When I go to different places.

Mykel: I give peace when I’m with my friends and my sister and Kylen and family.

Kurt: I give peace when I love my friends

Lily: I give peace when I see someone lonely and I go play with them.


Wednesday 14th June 2017 – Week 7 Term 2

Come Read with Me

We began the day with reading. We read to our teachers, parents and each other. Some of us also read independently.

Investigative Play

Please refer to the Village blog for photos and information about our investigative play this morning.

Investigations Week 7: Wednesday!

Investigative Play Reflection

Joseph came up with our reflection question today ‘How did you use your creativity today during investigative play?”

Amber: ” I played with Georgia and I was watching her make her festival. I got to join in. I was being a clown. I thinked about how to make shapes in the tyre with my body”.

Oliver: “In investigations I did puppets. I did make a finger puppet. I did like knitting stuff (sewing) in and out. I put it on my hand and it looked like a real life finger puppet. I did a finger puppet show”.

Jess: “In investigations I made a wand and I used paper and I drawed over it and I got some sticks to put on and then it was a wand and then I gave it to Miss Canala”.

Thuy: “In investigations I was in the mini world play and I was playing teachers of the class and Monika was helping me play the teachers.”


Today, Ann chose the theme of our prayer and set up our prayer space. She chose to pray for Alexia. Alexia is returning home to Adelaide very soon after her treatment in Mexico. Alexia is planning to visit us at school soon. We cannot wait to see her!

Ann: Dear Alexia, I hope you feel well. I hope you like to visit our school tomorrow. Amen.

Bella: Dear Alexia. I hope you feel better. Amen

Naomi: Dear Alexia. I like you and you come back to school and we help you. Amen

Oliver: I hope you have a good day and I really like you and I hope you feel better. Amen

Akemjot: Dear God, I hope Alexia feels better so I can be her friend. Amen

Thuy: Dear God. Thank you for Alexia for coming our school so we can pray for her all day long.

Monika: Dear God. Thank you for Alexia coming here because she is pretty.

Avleen: Dear Gold. Alexia come back really quickly and I can play with her all day long.

Saanvi: Dear Alexia. I hope you feel well. I miss you and when you come back to school I would like to play with you. Amen

Bianca: Dear God. Thank you for being nice to her and kind. Amen

Annaliese: Dear God. Thank you for Alexia because she will be my friend. Amen

Portia: Thank you God for Alexia because she is beautiful and I love her very much. Amen

Dion: Dear God. I hope you feel better. Amen.

Thaison: Dear God. I hope Alexia has fun coming here. Amen

Liam: Dear Alexia, I hope you feel better. Amen

Georgia: Alexia, I hope you’re having a lovely time

Alphonsa: Dear Alexia, I hope you do well.

Manseerat: Dear Alexia, I hope you feel better soon and I hope you come back and be our friend.

Amber: Dear Alexia, I hope you feel better.

Addison: Dear Alexia, I hope you come back one day soon.

Aidan: Dear Alexia, I hope you come back to Australia and I hope you feel better and happier.

Jess: I hope you have a lovely day Alexia.

Kylen: Dear Alexia, maybe you can come here and do our payer too when you feel better.

Jayden B: I hope Alexia is gonna go back here soon so Alexia can enjoy our activities at school.

Joseph: Dear Alexia. I hope you come back to Australia soon so every body can see you.

Ezekiel: Dear Alexia, I would like you to come back because I want you back at school.

Lily: Dear Alexia, I hope you come back soon and I hope you can always join our prayer and always do things with us.

Aurora: Dear Alexia, I hope you feel better soon. Please come back because I really want to see you.

Writer’s Workshop – Information Texts

Today we focused on an aspect of an information text – the contents page.

Ann: It tells you what information on the animal is in the book

Avleen then chose to look at ‘Danger Alert’ on page 22. There we read about the Eyelash Viper and learnt that it likes to eat lizards.

R/1GC read a page chosen by Joesph called “Shark Attack” on page 52. We read about Sharks being one of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean. There are many different types of sharks.

Fitness – Playground and GoNoodle Dance


In the library today we read the book “Go Home Cheeky Animals” by Johanna Bell and Dion Beasley.


Before reading the book we made some predictions.

Amber: I think it’s about animals that be silly. They might be silly to the person.

Addison: I think it’s about the animals being really naughty to the person because they don’t like the place that they are.

Jayden B: I think that the animals are noise because they’re screaming and yelling and talking very loud and being very noisy and stamping their feet and punching the wall – it’s the noisy!

Kylen: He is going to the shops because maybe he wants to have the shops at his home.

While we were reading we identified the word “go” in the book.

We then had some time for borrowing and reading our books.

Writer’s Workshop

After lunch, we began illustrating and writing a page for our own information books about our chosen animal. Our page today was about our animal’s appearance. We used the elephant as an example. We discussed that it has a trunk and large ears, is big in size, has four legs and a tail, is grey/blue in colour and it’s skin is rough and hairy. Then, we thought about the appearance of our chosen animal and drew it.

Specks of Gold

Thuy: My speck of gold is that I love my friend name Monika and Aidan

Maseerat: My speck of gold is Miss Canala and Mrs Tropeano being here

Deng: Playing with Piol in investigations

Aidan: My speck of gold is making a cat origami in investigations

Bianca: My speck of gold is Miss Canala and Mrs Tropeano

Dion: My speck of gold is playing soccer with my sister

Mykel: My speck of gold was making a lizard with boxes

Monika: My speck of gold is the teachers are kind.

Lily: My speck of gold is playing with my friends and playing with them and being with Miss Canala on yard duty.

Tuesday, 13th June, 2017 – Week 7, Term 2

Come Read with me

Investigative Play

This week for Investigative Play we are exploring a number of new and reoccurring things.

  • How we have grown
  • Researching our inquiry questions about animals
  • Art tutorial – caterpillar
  • Art tutorial – origami
  • Puppet theatre – making puppets
  • Other usual favourites – home corner, mini world play, making, etc

Have a look at some of our learning…

Reflection – Investigative Play

How did you use a growth mindset during Investigative Play?

Monika: I was in the home corner and I was cooking pear. I gave cooking a go. I was playing with Thuy and Mykel.

Jayden M: I made a dog with paper. i had a Growth Mindset because I had a go. I learned to make it by watching a video.

Phuc: I’m playing with the ice cream. I play with Naomi. i was giving the money to people to buy the ice cream. i had a growth mindset because if someone wants to buy ice cream I have a go and help them.

Aidan: During investigations I was making a dog and a dolphin with the paper and I was working it out with the laptop. I was having a go.



Shared Reading

For Shared Reading this week we are looking at information books. We talked about the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. We are focusing on a different page each day. Today we looked at a page with information all about elephants.

We spoke about what an information text might contain. We identified that information texts were true, or, “non-fiction”. We also looked at some features such as the pictures, titles and sub-headings.

Writer’s Workshop

During Writer’s Workshop we had a go at writing our own information books about an animal we saw at the zoo. Today we worked on the front cover, making sure it had:

  • a title
  • a detailed illustration
  • the name of the author and illustrator

We were encouraged to have a growth mindset when creating our front cover and to use the strategies we have been learning about to write words (e.g. sounding out, etc). Here are photos of us with our front covers.

Specks of Gold

Dear God,

Thank you for our specks of gold which make us feel so special and which fill our buckets.


Maseerat: Dear God, thank you for our special day and playing with our friends. Amen

Bianca: Dear God, thank you for our family and the school. Amen

Piol: Dear God, thank you for Miss Canala. Amen

Deng: Dear God. My speck of gold is playing football. Amen

Kylen: I love my family and Miss Canala and Mrs Tropeano and Mrs Braiotta. Amen.

Portia: Thank you for Miss Canala and Mrs Tropeano and Mrs Braiotta and my family and friends. Amen

Jayden B: My speck of gold is my mum and dad and Miss Canala and Mrs Tropeano.

Thuy: My speck of gold is thank you  for the school. Amen

Friday 9th June

Hello beautiful people.  Well what can we say???

Your children were awesome at the assembly this morning.

Thankyou to Miss Canala, Mrs Braiotta and Mrs Tropeano for all the hard work and preparation.  These ladies are AMAZING!

Here are some photos of our assembly.


Well, you can see that we have done a lot of learning and guess what?  It has been FUN!

After our brainfood we let off some steam at the playground.

After recess we had relaxation.  The music was so nice that Mrs Braiotta wanted to go to sleep.

Now that our bodies and minds are relaxed we can do some work.  Firstly, we reflected on what it means to be literate.

Why is it so important that we know how to read, write, listen and speak?

You will find our reflections in our reports.

This took us a very long time, and before we knew it, it was lunch time.

After lunch we had a great time with investigations.  We had a huge circus outside and Lily was announcing for everyone to come to the circus.  Even Miss Canala did a disappearing act.

We couldn’t take a photo because we couldn’t see her!


Well that was our day in a big nutshell.  Remember that Monday is a public holiday so please do not send your children to school.  Have a wonderful long weekend and some sleep ins.  We all had so much fun today, but we’re glad to be going home sweet home.

Thank you children for a fantastic assembly today.  We got so many people congratulating your efforts up on stage.

Also thank you to your wonderful teachers.

Now for some Rest and Relaxation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!