Tuesday 21st November 2017 – Week 6 Term 4

Come Read with Me

Maths Investigations

This morning we continued to develop our maths concepts and skills including:

  • Reading analogue time
  • Adding two digit numbers using tens and ones blocks
  • Adding to 10 using flip tiles
  • Making patterns with beads and buttons
  • Sorting and classifying 3D shapes
  • Ordering the days of the week and documenting what we do on different days e.g. on Monday I go to swimming lessons

R/1TB Assembly Practice

Before recess R/1TB practiced their assembly. We are doing really well and can’t wait to share our learning with you.

Sport and Spanish

After recess we had sport in the hall and Spanish.

Investigative Play

We had to stay inside at lunch time because it was too hot to play outside. Many of us worked collaboratively with our friends during this time. For example, some of us built an amazing structures from blocks and some of us set up a beautiful picnic using cloths and items from the home corner. We decided to keep going with this learning to see what else we could create.

Monday 20th November 2017 – Week 6 Term 4

Come Read with Me

Investigative Play

Our provocations this week include:

  • Exploring light with torches, sunlight, glass prisms and mirrors
  • Still life drawing with oil pastels of native flowers
  • Painting the dreamtime story of
  • Drawing maps using Kaurna language
  • Days of the week using Kaurna language
  • Mini world play – Australian places and animals
  • Constructing famous buildings from around the world

Please refer to the Village blog for more information.

Investigative Play – Reflections

Georgia: In investigations me and Aurora were making a notebook and it was a days of the week notebook. I would use it for the days of the week and what we like to do on the days of the week.

Naomi: In investigations I had something sure and it had numbers (calculator) and Phuc told me what to do. He showed me that if I flip it over it will do a noise. With the numbers you can do any pluses and if you do 4+4 it is 8 and it might be different numbers to plus like 1+1=2. It was so good!

Ezekiel: In investigations I was making something with Kylen and Jayden B. We were making things like building and like a throwing star. I used string and the thing from the sticky tape. In investigations we try together.

Alexander: I made a mask that is for nuclear stuff. I made it with masking tape for the strap and a lolly thing (container) for the mask. You use it for nuc stuff.

Shared Reading – The Echidna and the Shade Tree

Anna: In the story the echidna had no spikes until the animals speared him and then the cockatoo went over to him and he asked the echidna where he wanted to get buried and he chose the rocks and the animals felt really bad.

Liam: The echidna could hold the tree

Portia: I like that story

Writer’s Workshop and Focus Learning Groups

Miss Canala worked with a group of children to develop their descriptive language and use of adjectives. They viewed a picture and wrote about it, using describing words where possible.

Mrs Tropeano worked with a  group of children to understand the ‘cl’ sound. We viewed a short film and then brainstormed some words including clown, clap, clay, class and click.

We continued writing our books in writer’s workshop. Mrs Tropeano worked with children who are developing their ability to write high frequency words such as in, and, the as well as identifying sounds in words and writing them in order e.g. c-a-t.

Writer’s Workshop Reflection

Davide: I used the alphabet to write

Alphonsa: In writer’s workshop I was writing about the field and snow. I was using describing words. I used the words cold, hot because inside the house is hot if there was a fire.

Annaliese: I do the letter c and l…. clown and class

Ashmeen: I think of the word clay. I write about clay.

R/1TB Assembly Practice

R/1TB practiced their assembly in the hall after lunch with our buddies.

Friday, 17th November, 2017 – Week 5, term 4

Assembly – R/1GC and 3/4MJ

R/1GC celebrated their assembly about love today! We have been practicing so hard and it paid off because everyone did an excellent job! Well done R/1GC!

Religion – Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake

We read the Aboriginal dreamtime story “Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake”. We noticed that it was very similar to the story of “the Rainbow Serpent”, which we read a couple of weeks ago. We compared the stories and spoke about how the stories might have changed as they were passed down orally amongst the Aboriginal peoples.

Ann: It was different to the rainbow serpent because in the rainbow serpent they opened him up, but in this story they didn’t

Indi: The snake in this story broke down the humpies

Anna: In this story the Warnayarra was hiding in the water but the rainbow serpent hid in the hills

Oliver: They made the book because they just didn’t have it but they made two books so there were differences

Manseerat: In the rainbow serpent the rainbow serpent turned the plants and animals into people but in this story there was already people

Art Investigations

Today our theme for Art Investigations was Australia, we explored a range of Australlian art including;

  • Painting the Rainbow serpent
  • Mini-World Play with Australian Animals
  • Dot painting
  • Aboriginal symbols
  • Drawing pictures of Uluru

We also read with some of our buddies from 5/6SP.

Happy Birthday Akemjot and Manseerat!

Today we celebrated Akemjot and Manseerat’s birthdays, which are both tomorrow! We hope you have a fabulous day.

Specks of Gold

Joseph: My speck of gold is performing in the assembly.

Monika: My speck of gold was practicing the assembly and I wanted to watch Thuy on the stage.

Anna: My speck of gold is performing the assembly but I was a little bit nervous too and making the Rainbow Snake

Saanvi: My speck of gold is watching R/1GC’s assembly and I really liked it.

Manseerat: My speck of gold was doing the assembly and doing art investigations

Ann: My speck of gold was watching R/1GC’s assembly and practicing my assembly

Georgia: My speck of gold is coming to school and learning.

Avleen: my speck of gold was watching R/1GC’s assembly

Akemjot: My speck of gold was doing assembly and practicing the dance

Thursday 16th November

Hello everyone.  We had  a great day today.  Miss Canalas’ class was busy with practising for their assembly tomorrow.

Hope as many parents can come and join us and see the fantastic work that has been generated between R/1GC and 3/4 MJ.

We started the day with Come Read With Me.  The children are all so interested in their books, it’s great to see the enthusiasm.


R1TB were involved in Investigations, while R/1GC went to the STEaM room to make decorations for the stage for their assembly.


We then went outside and had some fitness on the playground.


After recess R/1TB listened to a story called “My Mum’s the Best Mum” by Rosie Smith and Bruce Whatley.

We discussed the book and then wrote in our journals.  We had to write why we thought our mum was the best mum.

Annaliese:  My mum is the best because she loves me.”

My:  “My mum is the best because she helps me.”

Javieria:  “My mum is the best because she buys me lollies.”

Bella:  “My mum is the best because she gets me stuff.”

Alex”  “My mum is the best because she takes care of me.”

Oliver: “I love my mum because she helps me listen.”

Bianca: “My mum is the best because she loves me.”

Deng: “My mum is the best because she buys toys for me.”

R/1GC went to the hall with their buddies to practise their assembly.

After lunch R/1 went to music and then reflected on the things we like about school and the things we didn’t like about school, while R/1 had relaxation and then sang songs, and then they had music.

All in all, we had a nice day together with our friends.

Enjoy the evening and we’ll see you all tomorrow

God Bless!


Wednesday 15th November 2017 – Week 5 Term 4

Come Read with Me

R/1 TB Investigative Play

R/1GC Buddy Assembly Practice

R/1GC Library

At the library, R/1GC read “That Christmas Feeling” by Lili Wilkinson.

Before reading the book we made predictions about what it might be about.

Lily: I think its about Christmas and shes worrying about everything and she want’s to make this Christmas really perfect

Kenneth: I think it’s about almost Christmas and she trying to find her Christmas stuff so she can decorate the house

Indi: I think the book is about a big girl who is worried santa wont make it to her grandpas house and shes worried she wont get any presents

What are some Christmas traditions you have with your family?

Piol: My family sings carols and eats

Georgia: Mine is, my whoe entire family even my cousins and everyone all meets together at the park and we have a huge celebration

Lynn: When we have Christmas, we have a barbeque and then at new year we watch Sydney celebration of New Year

Joseph: My tradition is on Christmas we put up the Christmas tree and I get to put up the big star

Aidan: My Christmas tradition is I always have Christmas at my auntys house but this year I’m having Christmas at Melbourne.

R/1GC Numeracy Investigations 

After the library, R/1GC worked on their numeracy competencies.

Reflections – Numeracy Investigations

Ezekiel : In numeracy investigations I was building the longest line to measure everyone in the class.

Herman: I helped Ezekiel and Kenneth and Piol and Felix and Jayden and Kurt and Kylen and Mykel and Ashmeen make a big line. We made it to measure the whole class, the whole entire floor.

Anna: In Numeracy investigations I ws in the numbers, I was trying to sort them out with Alphonsa and Manseerat and Kurt and Felix. We skip counted by 5’s.

Georgia: Me, aurora and Lynn were seeing how tall each other were and Lynn was 67 unifix cubes and I’m 55 unifix cubes.

R/1TB – Focus Learning – English

Today, small groups of children worked with Mrs Tropeano learning about the ‘ed’ word family e.g. bed, red, fed and the digraph ‘wh’ as in whale, what and whistle.

While Mrs Tropeano worked with the focus groups, other children continued to write their own books in writer’s workshop.

R/1TB – Library

At the library, we began reading the books in our Christmas series. Can you believe it is that time of year already? R/1TB enjoyed reading ‘The Naughtiest Reindeer Takes a Bow’ by Nicki Greenberg.


Class Placements 2018

The school is currently in the process of organising class placements for 2018. This week the children are selecting a few children/friends that they learn best with and would like to continue to learn from in 2018.

Families, if you have any specific requests for your child’s class placement in 2018, please email or contact our principal Mr White as soon as possible. Thanks so much.






Tuesday 14th November 2017 – Week 5 Term 4

Come Read with Me

Investigative Play

This morning we continued inquiring through our investigative play provocations for the week. There was so much learning today!

Investigative Play Reflections

Lily: In investigations I was writing a song down with Georgia, Aurora and Manseerat. It was a calm song where you can sing if you need to be calm. Georgia and me at OHSC had already got some words to do so then we made the song and we put our ideas together. I was doing the words and underneath the words I was doing the music instruments for how calm you need to play it (Lily was writing different music notes).

Monika: In investigations I was playing with Thuy and Aidan and I was playing in the cooking area. I was mum and Aidan was the big brother and Thuy was the baby. I was going to shopping and I was buying some milk for the baby. I buyed the milk with money. It was 8.

Felix: In investigations I was in the blocks. I was building a tower with Kurt and Thaison. We it was medium size tower to shine up. We built it just for fun.

Javeiria: In investigations I was writing some words with Alphonsa. I write some different words about a movie. I write about the things in the movie. I write 10 billion words.”

Carols Night – Singing

We practiced singing and the actions for the songs we are performing at our Carols Night on Friday 1st December.

Reflection – Sport

Oliver: I did in sport there was this like this balloon and a tube and the balloon couldn’t touch the floor.

Naomi: My speck of gold in sport was doing splats. First we have a ball and then we need to have a stick and we had to hit it and the ball had to go to our goal.

Thaison: My speck of gold in sport is playing tennis with Phuc.

Reflection – Spanish

Alexander: We had to colour in things that were black. The word for black is negro.

Phuc: In Spanish we have to colour all of the things. I did orange.

Akemjot: In Spanish we were colouring i spiders and cats and the bottom row we had to draw something in. I know red is rojo.

R/1GC – Assembly Practice

R/1GC practiced their assembly with their buddies in the hall

R/1TB – Bucket Filling

R/1TB revisited the positive psychology strategy of bucket filling – doing good to make ourselves and others feel good.

Ann: Bucket filling is something that you do. It isn’t a bucket that you can hold in your hand, it’s a bucket in your mind. People can fill it by they do nice things.

Dion: Being nice and if someone’s hurt you can help them. If someone is being mean you say ignore them.

Deng: You don’t hit, you make nice things. If you hit people, you have to tell the teacher.

Monika: You can share things

Saanvi: Bucket filling means if someone thinks another person is doing something nice then their bucket gets filled. If someone isn’t doing a nice thing to them then they’re bucket gets empty.

R/1TB – Maths Investigations

R/1TB continued with their maths investigations from yesterday. We worked on many different skills and concepts such as sorting, capacity, tessellation and addition.


Monday 13th November 2017 – Week 5 Term 4

Come Read with Me

Investigative Play

This weeks provocations include:

  • Sketching places of significance to our artist in residence Mr Martin including Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Mt Connor
  • Making our own instruments and sound makers
  • What can you do with a jar? Upcycling glass jars
  • Three flags of Australia
  • Making ochre paints
  • Design and make your own invention

Please refer to the Village blog for photos.

Investigations, Monday Term 4 Week 5

Investigative Play – Reflection

Georgia: In Investigations I was doing the ochre making. I had to make paint with dirt, sand and water and then I mixed it. So then after that I had my piece of paper and with the stick I used it to paint on it. The Kaurna people used to paint with Ocher. And then after all that stuff that I done we were trying to make a pony that could more and we tried to make some wheels but Lily’s going to ask her Papa to do it, who’s an expert.

Alexander: I made a bow and arrow out of a rubber band and I had a stick and I put the rubber band onto the stick and I stretched it to the bottom. I used the paper clip for the end of the arrow.

Anh: I do drawing over there. I draw Uluru. I used yellow and orange, blue and green. Uluru was brown, I mixed yellow and orange.

Phuc: In Investigations I was at next door and I was playing with ice to melt it on the animals. You need hot water to melt it because if you don’t use hot water and you use cold water it starts to go ice and in the water there was glitter. When it melts it becomes waters.

Numeracy Reflection

After recess we reflected on the different ways we use maths in our everyday lives including number, measurement, maps and money. These reflections will be in our report.

R/1GC Assembly Practice

R/1GC and 3/4MJ practiced their assembly in the hall after lunch. Not long now until the big performance!

R/1TB Maths Investigations

This afternoon we explored the following provocations:

  • Using mirrors to explore symmetry
  • Adding two digit numbers using MAB blocks (tens and ones)
  • Exploring the capacity of different containers using unifix cubes
  • Tangrams

Specks of Gold

Aidan: My speck of gold is practicing our assembly.

Thuy: My speck of gold is that when I was new in the school I make friends.

Jayden B: My speck of gold it was I like doing the assembly practice. I like everything.

Bella: My speck of gold is playing with Saanvi and Joseph because they’re my friends and be nice to me.

Friday, 10th November, 2017 – Week 4, Term 4


We enjoyed an assembly by R/1MR and 5/6DE.

Religion – How the Kangaroo’s Got Their Tails

We read the Aboriginal Dreamtime story “How the Kangaroo’s got their Tails” as told by George Mung Mung Lirrmiyarri.

Lily: I think they could maybe be friends by doing some things and having some thinking and seeing if they want to but if they did not want to be friends the little Kangaroo could just ask the big Kangaroo

Saanvi: I think that if the short armed Kangaroo gave the big armed kangaroo some sugarbag they wouldnt have got into a fight

Joseph: They could have shared it.

Liam: I think the short armed kangaroo should give the long armed Kangaroohalf of the sugarbag

We reflected on how we are good friends using 100 languages.


Buddies – Cooking with Ms Hong (R/1GC)

R/1GC met up with their buddies to learn how to make cold rolls with Ms Hong. We had a go at putting the ingredients in and rolling them ourselves. Everyone had a go and some of us even tried something new! Here’s a sneak peek into what we did (if you want to see more, join us for our assembly next Friday in the hall at 9am!)

Buddies – R/1TB

Inquiry – Looking after our Environment, Planting (R/1GC)

Miss Appelbee took R/1GC to the OSHC room and taught them the importance of planting seeds and keeping plants healthy.

What are some ways we look after our environment?

Aidan: Picking up rubbish

Kenneth: Making animals not sick by not littering

Lily: By planting more plants

Kylen: Like what I did when I saw someone put their fruit box down and I picked it up and put it in the bin

Ezekiel: Don’t put rubbish in the sea

Aurora: Not chopping down trees

Anna: Taking care of plants

We then got a chance to plant our own seeds to watch them grow!

Happy Birthday Charlize and Ashmeen

We celebrated Charlize’s birthday, which was today, and Ashmeen’s birthday, which is on Sunday. We hope you both had a wonderful day and thank you for the kind treats!

Goodbye Miss Appelbee and Miss Adami – We Will Miss You!

Today we say goodbye and thank you to our student teachers Miss Appelbee and Miss Adami. We have enjoyed learning with you and watching as you grow into competent and confident teachers. We will miss you. All the best for a successful future!

Specks of Gold

Anna: My speck of gold was having Miss Adami and Miss Appelbee because they’re nice teachers and Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta because they’re nice too.

Akemjot: My speck of gold was playing with Oliver in the oval, we played a game.

Manseerat: My speck of gold is having Miss Appelbee and Miss Adami here

Naomi: My speck of gold was playing with My outside the staffroom

Jess: My speck of gold is playing with Ashmeen and Avleen

Felix: my speck of gold is planting the seeds because when the plants are big they give us air

Charlize: My speck of gold is playing with Annaliese and Bianca in the oval

Kylen: I loved having Miss Appelbee and Miss Adami here.

Have a fabulous weekend. We will see you again next week!

Thursday 9th November

Good morning everyone.  This morning we had class prayer and our focus was on being thankful and grateful.

We began by reading a story from the bible about the ten lepers.  How come ten men got healed and only one came back to say thankyou to Jesus?

In our lives, we are quick to complain about things that go wrong, but how many times do we stop and say “Thankyou” to God for all the good things that are happening in our lives?

Today, the children said “Thankyou.”  We especially thanked God for bringing Alexia into our lives, even if it was for such a short time. She radiated our classroom with lots of love and her beautiful smile won over everybodys’ hearts.

God Bless you Alexia!


Lily: Dear God, thankyou for everyone.  Everyday we see new people and make new friends.

Anna:  Thankyou God for everything you have given us, and thankyou for Alexia because she was my friend and she was really special.

Saanvi:  Thankyou G od for everything that you give us.  Thankyou for Alexia because she was a very nice person.

Naomi:  Dear God thankyou for Alexia.  Alexias’ my best friend and I really miss her.

Oliver:  Dear God, I hope Alexia has the best birthday ever

Manseerat:  Thankyou God for our families.  We would be lonely if we didn’t have friends.

Javieria: Dear God, thankyou for Alexia because we love her very much and we love everything.

Jess:  Thankyou God for birthdays and Alexia.  If we didn’t have birthdays, we couldn’t grow

Some children from R1/TB, with a few buddies, and Mrs Braiotta went into the staffroom to make blue jelly for our edible ecosystem.  When the jelly is half set, we will put mint leaves (seaweed), long straps (eels, snakes,fish), Licorice – red and black (coral, seaweed), gummy worms (worms)into the jelly (with gloves of course) to make a clean ocean.


Investigative Play

Jayden B: In investigations I was in the block corner and building a tower with Kurt. A flat tower and I made a game called “Don’t destroy the tower” and if the tower falls you are out of the game.

Bianca:  In investigations I was making two boats, first I fold paper and then I fold the parts and then the lines. I made it because I like boats and mum showed me what they look like.

Davide: I was playing with the blocks and I was making a building with Kurt and Jayden B. We made a big building. We made it for fun.

Saanvi: In investigations Akemjot made a heart shape hole for me and I made something with it and I do not have a name for it. I made jelly to eat it and we are going to put candy in the jelly when it sets, the blue jelly is the sea. We will have healthy sea animals in it. Animals would die if they get caught in an unhealthy sea and the coral will die.

Ashmeen: In investigations we made a picnic, we used things from the kitchen we used cups, water, lemon, lettuce. I did the skittles experiment and poured water on it and it went colourful.

After recess we had relaxation and then Miss Applebee read us the story “The Ugly Fluff” and the children drew or wrote a reflection.

We then had writers’ workshop. Then it was time for lunch.

After lunch R1TB had music while R1GC did numeracy investigations.  Then R1TBs’ buddies came over at 2.30 so we could all eat our beautiful healthy oceans.




Specks of Gold:

Akemjot: My speck of gold is playing with Oliver on the playground.

Kurt: My speck of gold is playing with the blocks with Felix, Aiden, Deng and Jayden B.

Bella: My speck of gold is playing with Ann, Saanvi and Joseph, we were playing with Ezekiel and Kenneth.

Aurora: My speck of gold is going to music with Georgia and seeing Miss Applebee, Miss Adami and Mrs Braiotta.

Naomi: My speck of gold is eating with jelly of the ocean.

Aiden: My speck of gold is making pizza fractions in maths investigations.

Alphonsa: My speck of gold is going to music and playing the keyboard with Anna.

Javeria: My speck of gold was eating the sea creatures in the jelly.

Avleen: My speck of gold is playing with Ashmeen and Jess and making the jelly in the staffroom.

Liam: I like the jelly part of the day and making it.


We had a wonderful day and a busy day.

Have a great night and we’ll see you tomorrow.





Wednesday, 8th November, 2017 – Week 4, Term 4

Artist in Residence – Martin Pascoe

We had our Artist in residence, Mr Martin visit us this morning. He spoke to us about Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Alice Springs. We sang some songs together, some that Mr Martin taught us and some that we taught Mr Martin! We even watched a short story about his time on “The Voice”.

Investigative Play

After we ate our Brain Food we began Investigative Play.

Go to “The Village” blog to see our learning.

Reflection – Investigative Play

Bella: In investigation I was making truth or dare spinners with Anna. We folded pieces of paper with different truth or dares on each fold.

Mykel: In investigation I made a pumpkin shadow puppet. I made it by drawing a circle and made triangle eyes and a spiky mouth. I then stuck a straw to my pumpkin. I then used a torched and tried it on the wall. It made a scary pumpkin shadow

Thuy: In investigations I was playing with Monica in the blocks. We were using out toys to make little kids. We made a big house for them to play games in. They played hide and seek in the house.

Kurt: Investigations I showed Felix how to make a paper airplane. I used paper and folded it a different way to normal to make a paper airplane. I will try at recess to see if it will work.

Avleen: In investigation I made a card for Ashmeen. It was a spooky card with a pumpkin on it.

Amber: In Investigations I did the skittles experiment, the skittles made the water all rainbow. I think because the skittles are coloured and when you put water and stuff in there, it loses its colour into the water.


Naomi: Dear God. Thank you for making all of the food. Amen

Thuy: Dear God. Thank you for my family and borhters and sisters because they always be nice and they always draw me stuff I can’t draw. Amen

Liam: Dear God. Thank you for my Uncle because he lets me play games. Amen.

Bianca: Dear God. Thank you for my big brother because he take care of me and gives me things like lollies. Amen

Avleen: Dear God. Thank you for my sister because she always play with me. Amen

Ann: Dear God. Thank you God for my family and BFF and the postman because he has to work hard day and night. Amen

Bella: Dear God. Thank you for the world and the people and the creatures. Amen


At the library we read the book “That’s not a Hippopotamus” by Juliette Maclver and Sarah Davis. Before reading the book we read the blurb and made predictions about what the book would be about.

Lily: I think about a class going on an excursion and saw a hippopotamus escape. They thought it was an elephant but it actually was not

Manseerat: I think when the kids went on an excursion and saw a sign that said “see amazing hippopotamus. But it was not a hippopotamus it was elephant.

Joseph: they found some animals and they thought that they were a hippopotamus but they weren’t. Right at the end they found it!

Lily: It was about that they couldn’t find the hippopotamus. “they kept saying they found it” when it wasn’t a hippopotamus.

Aurora: I think it was about when they were looking for the missing hippopotamus. One boy kept seeing it but they wouldn’t listen to him. When they finally listened to Liam they found him. Liam was right the whole time.

We then borrowed our books for the week and shared them with each other.

Focus group

Writer’s Workshop

We continued writing our own stories.

Buddies – R/1GC

R/1GC joined their buddies to practice for their assembly next week.

Buddies – R/1TB

R/1TB joined their buddies in the STEAM room this afternoon. Using different containers and jars, we got to work cutting, hammering, piercing, gluing and painting them to create a unique, up-cycled planter. We then filled our planters with soil and seeds . We planted a variety of vegetables including radish, carrots and spring onions. We watered them carefully and placed them in our glasshouse to sprout and grow.

Specks of Gold

Thaison: My speck of gold was finding an insect with Kurt and Joseph.

Charlize: My speck of gold is Miss Adam, Mrs Tropeano, Miss Canala and Miss Appleby

Phuc: My speck of gold is going to our buddies and trying to paint the can in the STEAM room.

Portia: My speck of gold is I love the teachers and Javeiria.

Kurt: My speck of gold was playing Firebox and Watergirl and my buddy keeps losing and he wasn’t smart enough to look to go through the portals.