In Memory of Alexia

It was with great sadness that we received the news that Alexia in R/1TB passed away on Sunday 16th July  after bravely fighting her illness, DIPG, since the age of 2. Today, we remembered Alexia as a kind and loving friend and honoured her memory by writing prayers for her and attending a prayer service led by Fr Shibou from the Salisbury Parish. Many thanks to the parents and teachers who attended.

Mrs Tropeano wrote a reflection about Alexia which she read at the prayer service. We would like to share it with all of you too.

“Alexia always wore a big, big smile! She was full of light and was joyous. Alexia loved to draw and paint rainbows, flowers, her home and her family. She was an exquisite drawer. Alexia loved to sing and dance, to write letters and numbers. She loved the movie ‘Frozen’ and playing with her friends. She had a great sense of fun, a beautiful laugh and a cheeky sense of humour. Alexia always made others smile and still does. Like when I was looking through her learning journal the other day and saw her reflection about a time she felt surprised. She had written ‘I was surprised when my my brother Anton came out of my mummy’. Alexia always spoke of her family with enormous love and affection. She often talked about her cousin and her love for her mum. I remember her telling me how she hoped her mum would marry Hayden and wear a red dress. Alexia would often draw pictures of her mum too and described one as ‘this is my mum and her hair is blowing in the wind’. She was full of love, kindness and compassion. Alexia would be the first to help her friends and teachers and would comfort her friends in need. Like on her first day of school. Aidan fell over in the playground at lunch time and Alexia offered to take him to the office and kept asking if he was ok. I remember her face being so concerned for him yet reassuring and kind. She would often write letters and make presents for her friends, teachers and family like this photo frame she made for me which I will always treasure. Alexia was brave, strong and courageous and taught us so much about how to live life with happiness and positivity. She touched the lives of all whom she met. Alexia will always be loved and missed by her friends and teachers in R/1TB and R/1 GC. Rest in peace beautiful Alexia.”

Our hearts go out to Alexia’s family and friends, especially her parents Hayley, Mark, Hayden and Kym and her little brother Anton. We will continue to remember them in our prayers.

We thank God for Alexia and for having the privilege to share in her life. She will always be loved and very missed by us all x

Friday, 7th July, 2017 – Week 10, Term 2

Wow! Welcome to the final day of term 2! Can’t believe we’re already half way though the year!

Art Investigations

We spent the day doing Art Investigations amongst “The Village”. We spent this time exploring our artisty and creativity. To see our learning please go to The Village Blog.

Friday, 7th July, 2017 – Week 10, Term 2

Specks of Gold – Term 2

Piol: My Speck of Gold this term was when I was going at the zoo

Joseph: My speck of gold is having Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta and Mrs Tropeano being my teacher for this term

Deng: Playing with Piol

Dion: My speck of gold is when we went the zoo

Kylen: My speck of gold was playing in the outside with my teacher Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta and Mrs Tropeano and Miss Vivian.

Jess: My speck of gold was assembly and our Kaurna song and another Kaurna song

Anna: My speck of gold is that I feel grateful to have met Addison before she moved schools

Addison: My speck of gold is all of the people in my class and in R/1TB

Saanvi: My speck of gold is having everyone here and having a nice term

Manseerat: My speck of gold is having Addison and making a new friend with Addison

Kenneth: My speck of gold is having Miss Canala here

Herman: my speck of gold is playing on the playgorund with Kurt

We hope you all have a fabulous holidays! See you next term!

Thursday, 6th July, 2017 – Week 10, Term 2

Come Read with Me

We began the morning with Come Read with Me. We shared books with our friends, teachers and parents. We practiced our reading strategies during this time.


For fitness we danced along to GoNoodles, “Popsiko”.

Investigative Play

During Investigative Play we enjoyed exploring a range of topics with the use of our Hundred Languages. Have a look at our learning on “The Village” Blog.

Reflection – Investigative Play

Addison: During Investigations I was working in the shop over there and I was working with Bella and Ann. We were sorting out money and stuff. So one person came and they had the chips in the basket and we were looking for teh chips all around the shop but she just had the chips in the basket. It was Bianca.

My: I was in the home corner. I was playing with Bianca.
Bianca: We made jelly.
My: We ate strawberry jelly.

Ashmeen: In Investigative Play I made a bag. We put paper on it with white paper and yellow paper. We cutting with scissors.

Monika: I played with the blocks with Thuy. I was playing with a vampire and Thuy was being a person and the house was a robot and I keep on breaking it and Thuy keeps on fixing it.

Georgia: In Investigations I was playing teachers with Lily.  We went on the blog and on the blog we writed my name, Addison’s, Manseerat’s and Alphonsa’s and we got on videos and we pressed on it and we watched in on the blog.


After recess we joined our buddies in 3/4JM and 3/4TD. Our buddies had organised to teach us a skills. We made play dough, learnt to tie laces, coloured, played handball, and many other things.


After lunch we calmed our bodies down with mindfulness drawing.

Writer’s Workshop

We then worked on our Writer’s Workshop. Our Buddies had made us alphabet sheets so we used these to help our sounding out. Thank you buddies!


We ended the day with Music with Mr Norris.

Kurt: In Music we was doing 5 little ducks and we did a pattern.

Mykel: We need to make a circle and we had to tap our knee and clap the stick and then pass it.

Saanvi: In music I was doing a beat and you had to tap you knee and your hands and the floor then pass.

Wednesday, 5th July, 2017 – Week 10, Term 2

Come Read with Me

We began this morning with Come Read with Me.

Investigative Play

Today was a little bit different because we continued our Investigative Play learning all day! This gave us an opportunity to develop more authentic and in-depth learning in our chosen areas. Our teachers have been investigating ways we can engage in more deep and sustained inquiry incorporating the general capabilities of literacy, numeracy, critical and creative thinking and personal and social capability.  Some of our learning is on “The Village” Blog and some is displayed below.

Wednesday, 5th July, 2017 – Week 10, Term 2

Focus Groups

While we were doing Investigations, Mrs Tropeano and Miss Canala worked with small groups to practice some of our reading strategies. This was an excellent opportunity for our teachers to work with us to explicitly teach important skills.


At the Library we read the book “I Want To Be In a Book” by Narelle Oliver.

Before reading the book we read the blurb and made predictions of what it might be about using our inferential understandings.

Joseph: I think that it’s about a lizard waiting on a desk to be in a book

Anna: I think it’s about a dragon wanting to be ijn a book

Addison: I think it’s about a dragon that wants to be in a book

Aurora: I think it’s about a lizard wanting to be in a book and if he doesn’t be ina  book he’ll find his way to be in a book

Manseerat: I think the books about a crocodile wanting to be in a book and in the end he gets to be in a book

After we read the book we answered the question;

If you had one wish, what would it be?

Joseph: I wish to draw good

Manseerat: I wish that I could be a popular singer and sing loud

Addison: my wish is to be aunicorn and to have another dog

Georgia: My wish is to have magic

Lily: my wish is to read every single boo in the world

Kurt: I wish to be rich

Aidan: I wish to have a hundred and thousand bucks

Jayden M: My wish is for my dad to come home at the night time

Anna: My wish is to have a pet dog

Mykel: I wish I would have a pet sleepy lizard

Herman: I wish I could fly

Piol: I wish I can have a pet lizard

Ezekiel: I wish I can fly

We then had time to borrow our books and read with our friends.


Avleen chose the theme of our prayer today which was ‘sorry’.

Thuy Dear God. I’m sorry for that when people don’t be good. Amen

Aarav Dear God I have sorry to make a mess. Amen.

Deng Dear God I am sorry of

Ann Dear God Sorry for all of the people that are mean to animals.

Bella Dear God. I am sorry for all of the people that are making bad choices. Amen

Saanvi Dear God. I am sorry for my Dad’s Dad because he died. Amen

Bianca Dear God I am sorry because some people don’t listen very much. Amen

Avleen Dear God Sorry for breaking the glass. Amen.

Oliver Dear God sorry for not letting my dad go to work. Amen

Lily chose R/1GC’s theme of thank you prayers to God;

Lily: Dear God, Thank you for everybody in the world, everybody in the school and thank you for making all the plants and all the things happen

Aurora: Dear God thank you for our friends and family

Piol: Dear God, Thank you for Miss Canala

Jess: Dear God, I love Miss Canala

Manseerat: Dear God, Thank you for our parents because if we didn’t have parents we wouldn’t know where to live, Amen

Kenneth: Dear God, Thank you for my best friends

Jayden M: Dear God, Thank you for Miss Vivian

Kylen: Dear God, I like my friends and my family and Miss Canala

Anna: Dear God, Thank you for our voices because without our voices we couldn’t speak to our friends

Addison: Dear God, Thank you for Lily and Georgia and all of my friends

Georgia: Dear God, Thank you for all the trees and all the plants coz if we didn’t have that we couldn’t live

Ezekiel: Dear God, Thank you for playing all my friends

Joseph: Dear God, Thank you for our hearts because if we didn’t have hearts we wouldn’t be alive


We went outside to the playground to get our big muscles moving.

Specks of Gold

Saanvi: My speck of gold is playing in the sandpit with my friends

Kenneth: My speck of gold is playing with Ezekiel and Jayden M and Felix

Joseph: My speck of gold is making the house with Dion, Davide, Deng, Kurt, Thaison and Alex and Felix and watching Thaison rocket going up into the air.

Deng: My speck of gold is playing with Dion, Davide and Piol.

Tuesday 4th July 2017 – Week 10 Term 2

Music Assembly

This morning we were very lucky to attend a special music assembly where we watched performances by children who learn an instrument at our school. We loved watching the guitar, piano, drum, violin and singing performances. We have many talented musicians at Holy Family.

Shared Reading

We read our Shared Reading book “Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox. We had just finished reading the book when we had a practice fire drill. We practiced walking calmly in an evacuation.

Writer’s Workshop

Once we were back in class, we continued writing our books. Mrs Tropeano and Miss Canala conferenced with us.



Maths Investigations

After lunch we practiced our Numeracy skills. We explored the following things;

  • adding 1 and 2 digit numbers
  • exploring place value
  • exploring and making 3D shapes
  • exploring money
  • looking at numbers

Maths Investigations – Reflection

Akemjot: “I made 2D shapes and 3D shapes out of play dough. I made a triangle and a pyramid. The pointy top sticks together”.

Mykel: “On the play dough table I did try to do the triangle and I tried to think about that”.

Dion: “I was writing numbers. Mrs Tropeano asked me numbers and I write them. I then made a cube out of squares. It’s 3D”.

Aidan: “In maths investigations I was doing the pluses and equals. I was doing the two digit numbers. I put the two number on top and I put a plus on the bottom and I put another two number and then a line and then I added pluses on the left and the right”.

Monday, 3rd July, 2017 – Week 10, Term 2

Special Visitor

This week we welcome a special visitor, Miss Vivian. Miss Vivian is a year 10 at Endeavor College. She is doing her work experience in our classroom this week. We can’t wait to learn more about Miss Vivian.

Come Read with Me

We began the morning with Come Read with Me. We read with Miss Canala, Mrs Tropeano and Miss Vivian. Some of us read with our families and friends.

Investigative Play

This week for Investigative play with has a number of provocations to explore.

  • Making play dough
  • Taking pictures and recording our observations
  • Recording our voices speaking in different langauges
  • Visiting and exploring the fish farm
  • Class restaurant

Have a look at “The Village” blog to see our learning and exploration.

Monday 3rd July 2017 – Week 10 Term 2

Here is some video of us in our restaurant. Our chefs are exploring different foods to cook and eat.

IMG_3576-tix4gc IMG_3575-1cudq76

Reflection – Investigative Play

Aarav: When I went in the home corner I was making so many food. I maded it and then I eat it. I made sausage.

Jess: I was taking a photo of a yellow flower growing and then I walken back to the class and then I painted it. First I used some green and then I used some yellow and then some more yellow. The stem in the photo was tiny and mine was big. I’m gonna do a little stem.

Liam: I was playing in the restaurant. I was with Alex, we had the money.
Alexander: I was the cashier

Lily: In Investigations I was playing teachers. I was the teacher, Addison was the teacher and Manseerat was the teacher. We were talking about what we look like and also we were pretending it was Georgia’s birthday. Bianca and My was playing with us.

Thaison: In Investigations I made a road with Joseph and Kurt. The road was going up and down on the table. It fell down on the other table but that one worked better because the table was square and the legs of the square table weren’t as slippery as the other one. We did a long road and a short road.

Mindfulness Relaxation

After recess we had time to calm our minds and bodies during mindfulness relaxation.

Shared Reading

This week, our Shared Reading book is “Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox.

Today during Shared Reading, Miss Canala read the story while we listened.

Anna: The book sounds like a prayer and looks like a prayer

Saanvi: The story tells you everything that’s different and everything that’s not different about you

Addison: I think the book’s about feelings because it has feelings like crying’s the same and what’s not the same too

Manseerat: I think the book is like what makes teh same to you and what’s not the same to you like the things that’s not the same and some stuff that is the same as you.

Writer’s Workshop

 While the year 1’s wrote a special reflection on our Shared Reading book for Mr Coad the rest of us worked on our Writer’s Workshop books.


We went to the playground to get our bodies active and moving. Some of us even spent this time making the area clean and tidy by picking up rubbish!


During Inquiry today we used our 100 languages to show where our families come from. We also reflected on the different food we eat, clothes we wear, languages we speak, and what our countries and flags look like.

 Specks of Gold

Piol: “My speck of gold is playing soccer with Dion and Davide”.

Aarav: “My speck of gold is playing with Akemjot doing something”.

Kenneth: “My speck of gold is playing with Jayden M”.

Akemjot: “My speck of gold is playing with Aarav. We were playing lava skaters”.

Ezekiel: “My speck of gold is playing with Kurt and Kenneth and Felix and Mikel. We were playing chase”.

Naomi: “My speck of gold is playing in the playground with my friends”.

Lily: “My speck of gold is playing with Addison, Georgia, Anna and Manseerat and Aurora and Alphonsa. We were playing chasey at lunch in the hall for fun”.

Ann: “My speck of gold is playing with Joseph and Aidan and we were chasing Riya on the playground at lunch and recess”.

Friday 30th June

Hi everyone.

Well guess what?  It is tax time?????? Where has all the money gone???????

This morning when I woke up I went outside and saw the most beautiful view of all the sky grey with fog and the street lights with their halo glow.  It was absolutely gorgeous, almost a scene from a movie.

Isn’t it nice to just appreciate this beautiful world of ours.

We had a beautiful assembly this morning all about our 100 Languages.  The prayer was a beautiful song about indigenous people and their love of the land.

After our brainfood, we had fitness on the oval.

How Do You Show Peace?????

Manseerat:  I show peace by giving people hugs.

Oliver:  By being calm and happy.

Alphonsa:  When I help someone.

Dion :  When I am nice and calm.

Jayden B. :  Being kind to each other.

Liam: Being nice to each other.

Using our 100 languages we reflected on how we show peace.

After recess we had art investigations with the village.  There were so many things we could choose from.

Have a look at the village blog to see the awesome activities.

After lunch we had relaxation on the oval with the village.  We were so still that we could hear the birds and all sorts of things.

We then went back to the classroom to finish our art investigations.

We were true artists today.

See our learning on “The Village” Blog.

Art Investigations – Friday, Week 9, Term 2


Addison:  Having Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta here.

Dion: Playing soccer at lunch

Lilly:  Doing relaxation after lunch on the grass

Thuy: I love playing with Monika over there and I was making a cat

Manseerat:  I liked Art investigations and making a book with Alphonsa

Portia:  I loved investigations ansd I loved what I did.

Well have a lovely weekend one and all and we will see you next week.

We can’t believe that it is the last week of school.  When we return, it will be Term Three.




Thursday, 29th June, 2017 – Week 9, Term 2

Welcome to Thursday of week 9! We have been learning a lot about the Kaurna language because Miss Canala has been learning about it every Wednesday. We are enjoying learning a new language in class. We are learning about the days of the week. Today is Yarapurlintu (Thursday).

Come Read with Me

We calmly sat for Come Read with Me. It was a nice way to start the day. Some of us read with Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta while others of us read by ourselves.

Fitness – Aerobics

For fitness Mrs Braiotta led us in Aerobics.

Investigative Play

Have a look at our learning on “The Village” blog today.

Week 9, Thursday, Investigations

Reflection – Investigative Play

Kurt: In Investigations I made the play-dough and Miss Canala helped me and I used flour, oil, food colouring and I mixed it and then I used my hands and Miss Canala helped me to mix with her hands.

Ann: In Investigations, me, Bella and Joseph was drawing on the drawing table and we was drawing cute dogs and Shopkins

Ashmeen: In Investigations time I maked play-dough and then I mix it and then I can put on oil.

Aarav: In Investigations I and Saanvi and Akemjot made a track of a racing track from blocks. I made it for a long long time.

Aidan: In Invesrtigations I made play-dough and it was blue and I used one scoop of flour nad oil and salt and Miss Canala helped me roll it to put in the plastic bag.

Bianca: In investigations I was on the table with making play dough, I put some flour, I put some oil, I put blue colour and that’s it.

Shared Reading

We read our Shared Reading book “I’m Australian Too” by Mem Fox. Today we were mega investigators and counted how many times we could find the word “come” in the book. Then we considered what the book was about.

Aurora: It’s about all different countries

Anna: The book is about people from different countries coming to Australia

Writer’s Workshop

During Writer’s Workshop, we continued writing our Narrative texts. We focused on our writing skills.

Kaurna Song – Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

We began learning another Kaurna song that we are going to record for the NAIDOC assembly next term .

Numeracy Investigations

For Numeracy Investigations we explored the following things;

  • adding 1 and 2 digit numbers
  • measuring with 1m rulers
  • practicing number formation
  • finding patterns in numbers
  • making maps and writing directions for the map


We ended the day with Music with Mr Norris. Here’s what we enjoyed…

Kenneth: I did in Music is the read the duck book

Amber: I loved the ducky song

Georgia: We read a book and we watched a video of the little ducks and then we leasrnt the song

Special Visit – Alexia

R/1TB were very lucky to get a visit by Alexia while R/1GC was at Music. We have missed her so much while she has been away.

Portia: I love her

Akemjot: I felt happy when she came in

Saanvi: I was so happy when she came in

Aarav: I going to be Alexia’s friend

Deng: I’m her friend

Monika: I loved that Alexia was here

Aurora: I miss Alexia

Wednesday 28th June 2017 – Week 9 Term 2

Miss Canala was working in the ‘Think Tank’ today so we welcomed Miss Wood to our classroom. Welcome Miss Wood!

Come Read with Me

During ‘Come Read with Me’, Mrs Tropeano did a running record with some of us. Some of us read to our friends and some of us read to Miss Wood. Some of us also read independently. Running records are one way that teachers assess our reading ability and development. When completing a running record, teachers record how accurately we read words, the strategies we use and our comprehension skills (that is, how well we understood what we read).


Please refer to the Village blog for further photos and information about the ways we used our critical and creative thinking during this time.

Week 9, Wednesday, Investigations

Investigative Play Reflection

Naomi: “In investigations me and Phuc was playing and then I was playing on the laptop. I was researching about elephants. The movie comes about the elephant comes from India and they eat grass and fruits and branches. I had  growth mindset by learning by others with Phuc”.

Jayden M: “In investigations I made a mail box for Miss Wood. I did two letters. I had a go to make the top bit and wrapping the letters up”.

Deng: “I was racing the cars with Oliver. The car crashed”.

Anna: “In investigations I was making play dough but I didn’t remember how to make it so I gave it a go. It turned out like slime.”


Annaliese chose our theme for prayer today of ‘thanks’.

Liam: “Thank you God for everything.Amen”.

Bianca: “Dear God. Thank you for the family. Amen”.

Annaliese: “Thank you for God for all the friends in our classroom. Amen”

Avleen: “Thank you God for Mrs Tropeano, Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta. Amen.

Akemjot: “Dear God. Thank you God for the school. Amen”

Dion: “Dear God. Thank you God for everything that we do. Amen”

Thaison: “Thank you God for the earth. Amen”

Javeiria: “Thank you for the school. Amen”

Saanvi: “Dear God. Thank you for everything in the whole wide world and thank you for all of the kids and everyone in this class”.

Ann: “Dear God. Thank you for the world and all of the planets. Amen”.

Bella: “Dear God. Thank you God for all my friends”. Amen

Portia:”Dear God. Thank you for all the rainbows and headbands. Amen”.

Naomi:“Dear God. Thank you for our school community and we work in our school. Amen”.

Thuy: “Dear God. Thank you for all the class be good and the teachers are learning about the childrens. Amen”.

Monika: “Thank you for the children in the world. Amen”.

Oliver: “Thank you for the school even all the teachers and we have a good family and I hope you have a good day. Amen”.

Maths Investigations

We continued to investigate concepts of number of measurement. Today we were challenged to record our thinking and problem solving.


Our shared text for today was ‘The Snow Wombat’ by Susannah Chambers.

Tell me about the story.

Annaliese: “I liked the story when it was on it’s tummy”.

Thuy: “I liked the story about the wombat is sleeping in the bed because it’s cute”.

Has anyone here ever been to the snow?

Ann: “I saw snow in Melbourne. When I visit Melbourne and someone live there that I know. I don’t go there anymore because mum said it is too snowy for me”.

Deng: “In America”.

We then voted on our favourite picture books for this year’s book week.

Our favourite was Chip followed by The Snow Wombat and then Gary. We then borrowed our books to read at home and read them independently or with a friend or to Mrs Tropeano.

Writer’s Workshop

Mrs Tropeano had to do some work outside of the classroom. During this time Mrs Newman helped us with our writing.


We enjoyed fitness on the playground.

Sharing – Growth

Today Liam shared a photo of him when he was 1, at his birthday party.

How have you grown and changed?

Liam: “I am 6 years old. I’m taller

Specks of Gold

Aarav: “My speck of gold is playing with Akemjot”.

Addison: “My speck of gold is Miss Wood being here”.

Thuy: “My speck of gold is love the teachers and everybody in this class”.

Lily: “My speck of gold is Mrs Tropeano and Miss Woods today”/

Deng: “My speck of gold is playing on the oval with Alex and Davide”.

Kurt: “My speck of gold is having very much new teachers”.

Saanvi: “My speck of gold is having Miss Wood here and doing lots of hard work for us and I hope she has a good rest”.

Thanks for a wonderful day. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday 27th June 2017 – Week 9 Term 2

Hello everyone. Today Miss Canala was helping in the ‘Think Tank’ so we were joined by Miss Borello. Welcome Miss Borello!

Investigative Play

For investigative play today, we did something a little different. Using our languages of play dough, reading, writing ICT, drawing, painting, loose parts, box construction, home corner, etc we explored the different places our families come from and different ways we celebrate our culture. Here are some of our conversations with Mrs Tropeano.

Aarav: “My family is from India. I went to India in the plane and then I played with my brother and sister. They live in India. In India they have cows. I speak Hindi. I do a handshake with my brother and sister”.

Akemjot: “My family is from India. I know about India there is real snakes. At India they speak Punjabi and Hindi. I speak Punjabi. I eat vege food.I don’t eat meat but I was born in Australia”.

Alex: “My mum is from the Phillipines and my Dad is from Scotland. We celebrate birthdays. I have a cake”.

Ann: “My family was born in Vietnam. There is like a little fair at night and when we go on motorbikes there are no cars because our road is really, really squishy. At the fair there’s like clothes, a ball pit with pretend fish and we have to try to catch it. My Grandpa, my Grandma and my friend live there. I play with her when I go back”.

Bella: “My mum and dad are from Phillipines. They have shops there. It had sand on the floor where people were walking. It is a little bit hot there. I would like to know what do the kids play there?”

Dion: “This is me when I was a page boy and ring security. I had to walk up the aisle and then we sat down and me and my cousin. He did it with me. We had a brief case and we had to pretend when we walked up we were ring security. My cousins got married and I went to two weddings. Weddings are important in our family because you get to know each other”.

My: “I am reading about Vietnam  because I live there. For dinner we eat rice. My Grandpa lives there”.

Naomi: “My family is from Ethiopia. I haven’t been there before. When my mum and dad was little children my Grandma and Grandpa they was here (Ethiopia) when they were born. Mum and Dad tell me about what Ethiopia looks like. It’s got mountains and trees. Mum makes soft bread that we eat. We eat the stuff we eat with the bread. It’s like meat”.

Oliver: “I celebrate birthdays. I like coming at birthdays and sometimes my friends come. We go out to the shops and buy some stuff like toys and lego because to celebrate my birthday. I open presents and I make stuff. I like to make stuff I see on the instructions. We go out for dinner to the sushi shop. I have a cake after sushi. I have chocolate cake, even mud cake, even a sponge cake”.

Phuc: My mum and Dad are in Australia. They live in Vietnam too. It has lots of trees. My friend live there. I have been there. I was playing with my friends. They have toys. They have different toys – cars and photos. I just eat sandwiches”.

Investigative Play – Reflection

Saanvi: “In investigations I was playing with the play dough and I made my country’s flag, India. The Indian flag gots 3 different colours and a blue spot in the middle”.

Deng: “Australia”.

Piol: “I was doing over there and I saw Africa and I found it where my dad was born. It’s far”.

Anna: “In investigations I was on the drawing table and I made my country flag, Vietnam. It has a star in the middle and it is 5 points and all around it is red”.

Ann: “In investigations I was drawing my flag in my country and I was looking at books of my country. My family is from Vietnam. In the store there they have books and we don’t have cars because the road is really squishy so there is not enough room”.

Jayden B: “My family is from the Phillipines.They speak Phillipines words”.

Sport and Spanish

Maths Investigations

Our maths investigations today focused on developing our number and measurement skills. The intention was for us to explore:

  • Place value – ones, tens and hundreds and how these are represented in numbers e.g. 134 = 1 x 100, 3 x 10 and 4 x 1
  • Ordering numbers to 100
  • Adding and subtracting numbers on dice and writing these as number sentences i.e. 5 + 6 = 11 or 6 – 5 = 1
  • Measuring using centimetres – how to measure accurately and how using centimetres gives us an accurate and trustworthy measurement
  • Measuring time using analogue clocks – making times to o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.

For some of us, we explored further depending on our current skills and understandings. For example, some of us are learning about reading time such as 25 minutes to the hour. Others of us wanted to create patterns with the blocks.

Ann: “At maths investigations today I was playing those games and I got up to 1000”.

Manseerat: “In maths investigations I was doing some math with Kurt, Alphonsa and Aurora and we were making a number line and we got up to 27”.

Thuy: “In investigations I was playing with the clocks with Bianca. I made 8 o’clock”.

Addison: “In investigation I was with Ashmeen and Jeskeerat and I was making a pattern out of yellow and reds to make a flower”.

Shared Reading – I am Australian Too

We ended the day by reading our shared reading text for the week ‘I am Australian Too’ by Mem Fox. We discussed our favourite part in the story.

Anna: “I enjoy the Vietnam part because I am from Vietnam”.

Joseph: “I liked the Italy part because my whole entire family comes from Italy”.

Saanvi: “My favourite part of my story was that the refugees were looking for a new place to live so they can explore a new country”.

Addison: “I liked because is in Vietnam and my friend (Anna) is from Vietnam”.

Manseerat: “My favourite part of the book was listening to all the different types of places”.