Wednesday 13th September

Hi everyone, hope that things are running smoothly in your household as we start heading towards the end of the term.

We are working very hard at school, and are finding that the children are accomplishing many great things.

Let’s start the day with Come Read With Me.

Then off to the playground to get some exercise.

We then came back to class to have our brain food and then off to Investigations

Reflections of our Investigations

Georgia:  In Investigations I was in the puppet play with Manseerat and Alphonsa

Ann:  In Investigations I was in The inventors table and I was making a cannonball, and it can actually shoot.

Piol:  In investigations I was making aeroplanes with Davide and Felix.  We throwed them and it going fast

Saanvi:  In investigations I was at the inventors table and I made a cannonball.  I made it with cardboard and bits of paper and the cannonball was small.

Jess:  In investigations I was making a doll and I made a dress.  It was a jinglebell one.  It looked pretty.

Deng: In investigations I made a gun.

Portia and Javieria :  We made a cake each.

Manseerat:  In investigations I was making the puppet show.  It was raining so we had to do it inside.

After recess we had prayer time and then we had library.

Now, time for lunch and so far, it is not raining,

After lunch we had relaxation so our bodies could calm down after lunch.

Then we had mathematical investigations


Kylen:  I was doing take away and I actually got it right with Joseph

Ashmeen: I was in the shop and I was a customer.  I buyed watermelon.

Ann:  I was doing plus and minus.

Javieria:  I made a pattern with the flip blocks and I used the dice to draw the numbers.

Avleen:  I was writing some numbers.  I get up to 100

Joseph:  I was teaching Kylen how to do take away and he got it right and how to do it.

Our Specks of Gold

Bianca:  My speck of gold is Mrs Tropeano, Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta

Felix: My speck of gold was playing transformers

Aarav:  My speck of gold is playing with Akemjot and Phuc

Indi:  My speck of gold was playing with my cousin

Dion:  My speck of gold was playing with Davide on the oval.

Well, have a good night and God Bless

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