Thursday 14th September

Hi everyone.  Hope you are all well.  Yesterday and today we had, and have the pleasure of having Mrs Anthony, while Miss Canala is at a conference.  We hope you are learning lots Miss Canala.   We began the day with Come Read With Me

Then we had fitness at the log park.

We were very lucky that it did not rain, eventhough it might later on in the day.In our investigations the children  experimented with many different activities including sewing clothes for dolls, organising a picnic, performing a puppet show with friends, building with blocks, having fun in the kitchen, inventing something on the inventors’ table and shopping in the money corner.

Investigation Reflection

Bella:  In investigations. me, Ann and Joseph were drawing pictures from How to Train a Dragon

Anna:  In investigations I was making a cannon ball, a fishing rod and some lollipops

Alexander:  In investigations I played robbers with Dion, Jayden and Felix.  I made a taiser, and Dion made a gun. We use them on the police and people who rob our house.

Alphonsa:In investigations I was helping Aurora making dresses for the barbies. We picked the material that was blue and purple and indigo, then we made a peachy coloured skirt and kind of white.

 Javieria: In investigations I made a laptop I made a lollipop and I was having a picnic.  My laptop has my name on it.  I used paper and folded it.

Aiden: In investigations I was playing with the puppets with Monika and I was the koala and Monika was the bird.

After recess, we had quiet reflection time and most of the children were drawing and writing in their mindful drawing journals.

We then had writers’ journal and the children were very focused and immersed in their work. We had some special older children who came in to help because they were doing community service.  We had 2 adults helping us as well.  What a busy place this is. Busy, busy, busy.

We then went off to lunch and were lucky again with the weather because it did not rain.

When we returned to class we had music and  some number activities.

In Music this is what we did:

Javieria:  In music there were some instruments and we have to copy them

Saanvi:  In music I played on the keyboards and I played a guessing game with Ann and B ella

Aurora:  In music I was on the keyboard and I did different sounds

Avleen:  In music I was on the keyboard and I did Music

Ann:  In music we played a instrument and we got to do a pattern and the pattern was clap, clap, tap, tap, pick up pass

Well, that is the end of our day.  It was busy, busy, busy.I think we all need to have an early night.

Good night, Sleep tight.


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