Monday 13th November 2017 – Week 5 Term 4

Come Read with Me

Investigative Play

This weeks provocations include:

  • Sketching places of significance to our artist in residence Mr Martin including Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Mt Connor
  • Making our own instruments and sound makers
  • What can you do with a jar? Upcycling glass jars
  • Three flags of Australia
  • Making ochre paints
  • Design and make your own invention

Please refer to the Village blog for photos.

Investigations, Monday Term 4 Week 5

Investigative Play – Reflection

Georgia: In Investigations I was doing the ochre making. I had to make paint with dirt, sand and water and then I mixed it. So then after that I had my piece of paper and with the stick I used it to paint on it. The Kaurna people used to paint with Ocher. And then after all that stuff that I done we were trying to make a pony that could more and we tried to make some wheels but Lily’s going to ask her Papa to do it, who’s an expert.

Alexander: I made a bow and arrow out of a rubber band and I had a stick and I put the rubber band onto the stick and I stretched it to the bottom. I used the paper clip for the end of the arrow.

Anh: I do drawing over there. I draw Uluru. I used yellow and orange, blue and green. Uluru was brown, I mixed yellow and orange.

Phuc: In Investigations I was at next door and I was playing with ice to melt it on the animals. You need hot water to melt it because if you don’t use hot water and you use cold water it starts to go ice and in the water there was glitter. When it melts it becomes waters.

Numeracy Reflection

After recess we reflected on the different ways we use maths in our everyday lives including number, measurement, maps and money. These reflections will be in our report.

R/1GC Assembly Practice

R/1GC and 3/4MJ practiced their assembly in the hall after lunch. Not long now until the big performance!

R/1TB Maths Investigations

This afternoon we explored the following provocations:

  • Using mirrors to explore symmetry
  • Adding two digit numbers using MAB blocks (tens and ones)
  • Exploring the capacity of different containers using unifix cubes
  • Tangrams

Specks of Gold

Aidan: My speck of gold is practicing our assembly.

Thuy: My speck of gold is that when I was new in the school I make friends.

Jayden B: My speck of gold it was I like doing the assembly practice. I like everything.

Bella: My speck of gold is playing with Saanvi and Joseph because they’re my friends and be nice to me.

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