Tuesday 14th November 2017 – Week 5 Term 4

Come Read with Me

Investigative Play

This morning we continued inquiring through our investigative play provocations for the week. There was so much learning today!

Investigative Play Reflections

Lily: In investigations I was writing a song down with Georgia, Aurora and Manseerat. It was a calm song where you can sing if you need to be calm. Georgia and me at OHSC had already got some words to do so then we made the song and we put our ideas together. I was doing the words and underneath the words I was doing the music instruments for how calm you need to play it (Lily was writing different music notes).

Monika: In investigations I was playing with Thuy and Aidan and I was playing in the cooking area. I was mum and Aidan was the big brother and Thuy was the baby. I was going to shopping and I was buying some milk for the baby. I buyed the milk with money. It was 8.

Felix: In investigations I was in the blocks. I was building a tower with Kurt and Thaison. We it was medium size tower to shine up. We built it just for fun.

Javeiria: In investigations I was writing some words with Alphonsa. I write some different words about a movie. I write about the things in the movie. I write 10 billion words.”

Carols Night – Singing

We practiced singing and the actions for the songs we are performing at our Carols Night on Friday 1st December.

Reflection – Sport

Oliver: I did in sport there was this like this balloon and a tube and the balloon couldn’t touch the floor.

Naomi: My speck of gold in sport was doing splats. First we have a ball and then we need to have a stick and we had to hit it and the ball had to go to our goal.

Thaison: My speck of gold in sport is playing tennis with Phuc.

Reflection – Spanish

Alexander: We had to colour in things that were black. The word for black is negro.

Phuc: In Spanish we have to colour all of the things. I did orange.

Akemjot: In Spanish we were colouring i spiders and cats and the bottom row we had to draw something in. I know red is rojo.

R/1GC – Assembly Practice

R/1GC practiced their assembly with their buddies in the hall

R/1TB – Bucket Filling

R/1TB revisited the positive psychology strategy of bucket filling – doing good to make ourselves and others feel good.

Ann: Bucket filling is something that you do. It isn’t a bucket that you can hold in your hand, it’s a bucket in your mind. People can fill it by they do nice things.

Dion: Being nice and if someone’s hurt you can help them. If someone is being mean you say ignore them.

Deng: You don’t hit, you make nice things. If you hit people, you have to tell the teacher.

Monika: You can share things

Saanvi: Bucket filling means if someone thinks another person is doing something nice then their bucket gets filled. If someone isn’t doing a nice thing to them then they’re bucket gets empty.

R/1TB – Maths Investigations

R/1TB continued with their maths investigations from yesterday. We worked on many different skills and concepts such as sorting, capacity, tessellation and addition.


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