Friday 22nd September

Good morning everyone.  Such a beautiful day is it not? Now is the time we start thinking of getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and getting some EXERCISE and shedding some of our unwanted winter kilos. ( I am referring to myself, of course)

Let’s get started with our colourful day.  The children look so different in their casual clothes.  It’s a resfreshing sight!

Off to assembly.

After our brain food we had a MITIOG lesson and we watched a small video called “Being Different is Beautiful” by LittleSikhs and we had a discussion about our body parts.

After recess we had mindful relaxation.  Some of the children drew in their journals

We then went into Investigations.

Then it was time for lunch.

After lunch we had relaxation and mindfulness.  We later went outside for some exercise.

We packed our bags and then we were ready for our class liturgy. Thankyou to all the parents and care givers who attended.  We had a lovely time and it was a very special way of ending the day.

Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you all next week, which happens to be the last week of term 3.



Thursday 14th September

Hi everyone.  Hope you are all well.  Yesterday and today we had, and have the pleasure of having Mrs Anthony, while Miss Canala is at a conference.  We hope you are learning lots Miss Canala.   We began the day with Come Read With Me

Then we had fitness at the log park.

We were very lucky that it did not rain, eventhough it might later on in the day.In our investigations the children  experimented with many different activities including sewing clothes for dolls, organising a picnic, performing a puppet show with friends, building with blocks, having fun in the kitchen, inventing something on the inventors’ table and shopping in the money corner.

Investigation Reflection

Bella:  In investigations. me, Ann and Joseph were drawing pictures from How to Train a Dragon

Anna:  In investigations I was making a cannon ball, a fishing rod and some lollipops

Alexander:  In investigations I played robbers with Dion, Jayden and Felix.  I made a taiser, and Dion made a gun. We use them on the police and people who rob our house.

Alphonsa:In investigations I was helping Aurora making dresses for the barbies. We picked the material that was blue and purple and indigo, then we made a peachy coloured skirt and kind of white.

 Javieria: In investigations I made a laptop I made a lollipop and I was having a picnic.  My laptop has my name on it.  I used paper and folded it.

Aiden: In investigations I was playing with the puppets with Monika and I was the koala and Monika was the bird.

After recess, we had quiet reflection time and most of the children were drawing and writing in their mindful drawing journals.

We then had writers’ journal and the children were very focused and immersed in their work. We had some special older children who came in to help because they were doing community service.  We had 2 adults helping us as well.  What a busy place this is. Busy, busy, busy.

We then went off to lunch and were lucky again with the weather because it did not rain.

When we returned to class we had music and  some number activities.

In Music this is what we did:

Javieria:  In music there were some instruments and we have to copy them

Saanvi:  In music I played on the keyboards and I played a guessing game with Ann and B ella

Aurora:  In music I was on the keyboard and I did different sounds

Avleen:  In music I was on the keyboard and I did Music

Ann:  In music we played a instrument and we got to do a pattern and the pattern was clap, clap, tap, tap, pick up pass

Well, that is the end of our day.  It was busy, busy, busy.I think we all need to have an early night.

Good night, Sleep tight.


Wednesday 13th September

Hi everyone, hope that things are running smoothly in your household as we start heading towards the end of the term.

We are working very hard at school, and are finding that the children are accomplishing many great things.

Let’s start the day with Come Read With Me.

Then off to the playground to get some exercise.

We then came back to class to have our brain food and then off to Investigations

Reflections of our Investigations

Georgia:  In Investigations I was in the puppet play with Manseerat and Alphonsa

Ann:  In Investigations I was in The inventors table and I was making a cannonball, and it can actually shoot.

Piol:  In investigations I was making aeroplanes with Davide and Felix.  We throwed them and it going fast

Saanvi:  In investigations I was at the inventors table and I made a cannonball.  I made it with cardboard and bits of paper and the cannonball was small.

Jess:  In investigations I was making a doll and I made a dress.  It was a jinglebell one.  It looked pretty.

Deng: In investigations I made a gun.

Portia and Javieria :  We made a cake each.

Manseerat:  In investigations I was making the puppet show.  It was raining so we had to do it inside.

After recess we had prayer time and then we had library.

Now, time for lunch and so far, it is not raining,

After lunch we had relaxation so our bodies could calm down after lunch.

Then we had mathematical investigations


Kylen:  I was doing take away and I actually got it right with Joseph

Ashmeen: I was in the shop and I was a customer.  I buyed watermelon.

Ann:  I was doing plus and minus.

Javieria:  I made a pattern with the flip blocks and I used the dice to draw the numbers.

Avleen:  I was writing some numbers.  I get up to 100

Joseph:  I was teaching Kylen how to do take away and he got it right and how to do it.

Our Specks of Gold

Bianca:  My speck of gold is Mrs Tropeano, Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta

Felix: My speck of gold was playing transformers

Aarav:  My speck of gold is playing with Akemjot and Phuc

Indi:  My speck of gold was playing with my cousin

Dion:  My speck of gold was playing with Davide on the oval.

Well, have a good night and God Bless

Thursday 7th September

Hi everybody.  Hope everyone is well and happy.

Today we started our day with come read to me and we all read quietly while Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta listened to some children read.

On to log park to get some fresh air and exercise.  We have some very strong children in our class.


It was then time for investigations.  We had many interesting activities to do.

Packing up is such a hard job.  Sometimes we wonder who came to make all the mess? Oh well, off to work we go.

What did you do during Investigations?

Annaliese: In Investigations I was playing in the kitchen with Bianca and My. My was the baby and Bianca was the mum and I was the sister. I was sleeping under the table.

Mykel: I went in the making and tried to make a mask and it fits on my head really good. It’s a Hulk one.

Thaison: In investigations I was playing in the blocks with Aidan and Alex and we was doing minecraft and I made a safety building. A safety building is for if your house is on fire.

Alphonsa: In Investigations I made one of a hand. It was like Indians, when it’s a special day they put it on their hands. it’s called mendi or henna.

After recess we relaxed our minds and bodies.  Some of us enjoyed drawing in our Mindful Drawing Journals.

Then Miss Canala read the class our class book “Beautiful Oops” and then we broke off into focus groups.

Miss Canala worked with the sounds of the alphabet while Mrs Braiotta worked with some children and we talked about writing adjectives in our writing. Others of us continued working on our Writer’s Workshop stories.

An adjective is a word that describes the noun. e.g, The big, black, hungry dog.

We wrote some very interesting short stories.

We then had a shared lunch where we had Subway, Holy Family style.  We had the choice of cheese, lettuce, carrot, beetroot and mayonnaise.

After lunch we had music and Numeracy Investigations.

We had a busy day today.  Please remember that tomorrow is casual day.  There will be a gold coin donation.

We are also going to do some Indian cooking tomorrow.  Sounds really good.

That’s all for now.

Have a nice evening.


Friday, 1st September

Hello all, well today is the first day of spring and you can feel it in the air.  Hopefully with the warmer weather we will start to feel more energised and full of life. Winter is so dreary.

Well our day started with Assembly.  We saw lots of things in Virtual Reality and we even did some aeorobics with Miss Pattet.  It was awesome!

After assembly we started making a gift for Fathers’ Day, we reflected on why our dad’s/grandpa’s/uncles/special people are speacial

Manseerat: My dad is special because he takes care of me

Portia: My dad loves me becayse he is nice to me and loves me

Anna: My dad is special because he always makes me laugh and makes me smile and I love him and he loves me back too

Charlize: My dads special because he loves me

Felix: My dads special because he takes me everywhere

Amber: I like walking to school with my dad


and then we went to the Fathers’ Day Stall to buy a gift.

Mr Coad came and helped us nearly all day.  Thankyou for that.

We were quite busy all day.

We then moved on to Art Investigations



Our Specks of Gold for Today

My:  My speck of gold is having Miss Canala, Mrs Tropeano and Mrs Braiotta

Anna: My speck of gold is seeing everyone smiling and laughing

Bella: My speck of gold was playing with Saanvi

Deng: My speck of gold was playing soccer.

Piol: My speck of gold was playing soccer

Jayden M: My speck of gold was playing with Kenneth and Ezekiel

Manseerat: My speck of gold is making the Fathers’ Day things

Also a special congratulations to Jess for winning the Father’s Day raffle for her dad!

Well we all hope you have a great celebration on Fathers’ Day and enjoy the day.  For those of us who have lost our fathers, we send them all our love and prayers, because we still think of them on Fathers’ Day.

God Bless and have a good weekend




Thursday 24th August

Hi everyone.  We can almost feel spring in the air.  It feels so lovely to be out in the sunshine and the fresh air.

Today, we have the pleasure of the company of Mrs Anthony while Miss Canala is at a conference.  Mrs Anthony has been in our class before.

This morning we started the day with Come Read with Me and today we did an activity after we read our books.  We could draw a picture of our favourite part, or draw a new cover for the book or write what the story was about.

We then went out to Log Park where we let our imaginations  be free.


We had our brain food and then on to Investigations.

Reflections about Investigations

Anna:  In investigations I was playing teachers and mermaids with Alphonsa

Saanvi:  In investigations I  drawed Geometry dash and I drawed Sliverio

Avleen:  I was making a fairy

Herman:  I was playing in the mini world.  We were playing dinosaurs

Felix:  In investigations I was playing with Kurt on the laptops

After recess we had relaxation and then Mrs Braiotta took a few children for alphabet work.  Then Mr Do, and Mrs Martin (our buddies) came in and we shared lots of reading and writing.

It was full of buzz and action.

The children loved it!

It was then time for a big clean up before lunch.

After lunch, Mrs Braiottas’ class went to music and the came back and did some maths investigations.

It was then time to pack up and get ready for home time.  However, let’s hear what went on in music today.

Aurora:  In music we were on different instruments. I was on the keyboard and I founded a beat.

Portia:  In music I was on the keyboard like Aurora and I was playing lots and lots of songs.

Jayden M.  In music I was on the maracca and copied what Aiden did with his maracca.

Naomi:  In music I was on the keyboard and I was using it for high sounds and low sounds, and then dancing with Portia.

Our Specks of Gold

Thuy:  My speck of gold is that I love Monika and Aiden

Alphonsa:  My speck of gold was having Miss Anthony here

Saanvi:  My speck of gold was playing with Annaliese and Bianca

Ann:  My speck of gold was playing in the playground with Bella and Saanvi

Deng: My speck of gold was playing soccer

Piol:  My speck of gold was playing with Dion, Nathan and Davide

Monika:  My speck of gold is that I love Mrs Braiotta more than anything in the world.

Well that is all for today. We are all excited because tomorrow we can dress up like book characters.




See you all tomorrow all dressed up.

SHHHHHHHHHH! All the teachers are dressing up as well!

Friday 18th August

Hi Everyone, what a topsy turvy day we had with our weather.  It was so nice to have the sun come out and the wind calm down.

As usual, our day was very busy.

We started with Assembly and the had brain food and some Go Noodle fitness.

We then had Mr Coad come in so we put him to good use and he took a small group of children and so did Miss Canala, and so did Mrs Braiotta while the rest of us had independent writing.


After recess Mrs Braiotta took groups of children to the OSHC centre where she had help from Dions’ mum, Connie, his grandma, Rosemary and Alexa’ mum, Aurora.

Together we made pizza sauce, pizza and put toppings on them and into the oven they went.


The rest of the class were engaged in Art Investigations and you can see what they got up to on the Village Blog.

The staff had some pizza as well and some spinach and ricotta canolli and some beef canolli.

Lots of food everywhere.

After lunch, the cooking continued with making Biscotti.

Wow, We were great cooks today.

The adults are all worn out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, we ate all our delicious cooking at the end of the day.  We also got a special treat from Miss Canala because we used up all our gems!!!! Great work everybody.

Specks of Gold for today.

Joseph: My speck of gold is today that we can fill the bucket and also making the biscotti

Ann: My speck of gold today that we filled up the bucket and that we got to make pizza

Manseerat: My speck of gold is filling up the bucket and getting the surprise

Avleen: My speck of gold is filling the bucket

Jayden B: My speck of gold would be because my mum made me a pancake for lunch

Dion: My speck of gold is making the pizzas and having my mum and nonna here

Aurora: My speck of gold is filling the bucket up and making the biscottis and making some new friends

Saanvi: My speck of gold was filling up the bucket and making biscottis

Well that was all for today!

A big big thankyou again to Connie, Rosemary and Aurora for all their great help today – it was pretty messy in the OHSC room and there is no way I could’ve done it all by myself.  The children really loved it and it was so good to see them learning life skills.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you all next week.

Don’t forget to start making your costumes for Book Week and wearing them to school on Friday.

Also, please remember to bring photo money back and return the  MITIOG notes.





Friday 11th August

Hello everyone.  Today is casual day and the children look so colourful.

Thankyou for all the donations of books, toys and DVDs for our Spring Fair.

We went to assembly and when we came back to the classroom we had our brain food.

After we had some mini lessons while the rest of us had Writers’ Workshop.  Miss Canala took a small group and they sounded out words.

Mrs Braiotta took a small group and worked on recognizing the alphabet sounds and how to write them.  We went up to “p.”

After recess and relaxation Miss Canala read us a story called Lin Yi’s Lantern.

We then made some lanterns.



Wow what a day we had today.

Reflections of our day

Joseph: In Art Investigations I made a dragon lantern. It had eyes, eye lashes, feet it has fire breath from it’s mouth

Indi: In Art Investigations I made a lucky dip and I cut little squares up and put little numbers on them and I’m selling toys at my house and whatever number you get that’s how many toys you get.

Javeria: I made a fishing rod and I used sticky tape and I used the string and the straw. I’m going to go in the real lake and put my rod in the water and the fishes are going to bit it and then I’m going to put

them in the bucket.

Georgia: I made a lantern, first it was an ice-cream and then it went missing and then so I made a torch one.

Avleen: I was making the lantern, first I used a paper and then I cut it and put some sticky tape on and then I put some purple inside and then I decorated it.

Lily: In Art Investigations I made a lantern and I made a lantern which was a lippy lips lantern.

Well have a lovely weekend and enjoy the gift of each other.

Please remind your child to bring their blue reader bag to school EVERYDAY.

Thankyou and God Bless




Friday 4th August

Hi everyone, hope all is well. Here’s to another busy, hectic learning day!

Today, Miss Canala is doing Leadership duties , therefore she is not in the classroom today.  However, we have the pleasure of having the help of Miss Roberts today, and she is also our sports teacher, so she knows us very well.  Welcome to our class today Miss Roberts!

Before I start, please remember to bring the photo envelopes with money included either to the office or the classroom.

We also need the children to bring their reader bag every day, because we try to listen to them read at every opportunity we have, and it is a bit disappointing when they say that their bag is home.

First, we started the day with Assembly.

We then had our brain food and a play on the playground.

After recess, we had Art Investigations.  Miss Moore read us a beautiful story called “The birthday Crown” and it so happens that it is Miss Moore’s birthday today.

On with fantastic making and creating.

We had so much fun today.


Thuy:  My speck of gold was playing with Monika on the playground.

Liam: Playing fireboy and water girl.

Manseerat: Playing with my old buddy from last year.

Monika:  My speck of gold is thankyou for Miss Roberts and Mrs Braiotta.

Georgia: My speck of gold is going to school because I love learning.

Please have a happy and safe weekend.


Thursday 27th July

Hello everyone.  Isn’t it good to be back at school.  There will be lots of great learning this term.

Today, Miss Canala is at her conference and we have Mrs Anthony with us again.  Thankyou Mrs Anthony for all your great help today.

Today we have a new addition to our class.  Charlize is from Cambodia and we are very happy to have her in our community. Welcome to Holy Family Charlize!

We started the day with Come Read with Me

We had lots of people in today to help. Thankyou.

After some dancing, we went off to our Investigative Play.



Let’s find out what some people did in Investigations.

Ann:  I made a book with Isabella and I was playing at the little table.  We were drawing cute stuff.

Kenneth: I was doing dinosaurs with Eziekiel and Jayden M. My favourite is a T-Rex.

Avleen: I made a bag.  We have money and we give someone the money and we play.

Dion: I was playing roadblocks on the laptop.  Piol, Davide, and Deng were watching me.

Indi: I made some paint.  Aboriginal paint.  I used water and sand. Then I made slime with it.

Portia: In investigations I made a bag.  I’m gonna put stuff in it.

Javieria: I made a love heart.

After recess, we had relaxation to rest our bones and to help us calm down.

We then read the story “How the kangaroos got their tails.”

After we had Writers’ Workshop and we worked very hard.

At lunch time, it was raining so we had to stay indoors.  We heard some very loud thunder too.

After lunch Mrs Braottas’ class went to music and Mrs Anthonys’ class did some work about Noah and his ark.

Then we swapped over.



Thuy: I was playing with the sticks, the bear song

Alex: Boom stucks and Boom sticks and Boom Sticks

Aurora: We learned the bears picnic

Liam: I played cabana sticks.

Anna:We were playing with the boom sticks.  Then we did a movement pattern.

It was Kenneths’ birthday today, so we sang Happy birthday and he gave us all a lolly bag to take home.

Well, that is the end of the day.

Enjoy the evening and we’ll see you tomorrow.