Wednesday 15th November 2017 – Week 5 Term 4

Come Read with Me

R/1 TB Investigative Play

R/1GC Buddy Assembly Practice

R/1GC Library

At the library, R/1GC read “That Christmas Feeling” by Lili Wilkinson.

Before reading the book we made predictions about what it might be about.

Lily: I think its about Christmas and shes worrying about everything and she want’s to make this Christmas really perfect

Kenneth: I think it’s about almost Christmas and she trying to find her Christmas stuff so she can decorate the house

Indi: I think the book is about a big girl who is worried santa wont make it to her grandpas house and shes worried she wont get any presents

What are some Christmas traditions you have with your family?

Piol: My family sings carols and eats

Georgia: Mine is, my whoe entire family even my cousins and everyone all meets together at the park and we have a huge celebration

Lynn: When we have Christmas, we have a barbeque and then at new year we watch Sydney celebration of New Year

Joseph: My tradition is on Christmas we put up the Christmas tree and I get to put up the big star

Aidan: My Christmas tradition is I always have Christmas at my auntys house but this year I’m having Christmas at Melbourne.

R/1GC Numeracy Investigations 

After the library, R/1GC worked on their numeracy competencies.

Reflections – Numeracy Investigations

Ezekiel : In numeracy investigations I was building the longest line to measure everyone in the class.

Herman: I helped Ezekiel and Kenneth and Piol and Felix and Jayden and Kurt and Kylen and Mykel and Ashmeen make a big line. We made it to measure the whole class, the whole entire floor.

Anna: In Numeracy investigations I ws in the numbers, I was trying to sort them out with Alphonsa and Manseerat and Kurt and Felix. We skip counted by 5’s.

Georgia: Me, aurora and Lynn were seeing how tall each other were and Lynn was 67 unifix cubes and I’m 55 unifix cubes.

R/1TB – Focus Learning – English

Today, small groups of children worked with Mrs Tropeano learning about the ‘ed’ word family e.g. bed, red, fed and the digraph ‘wh’ as in whale, what and whistle.

While Mrs Tropeano worked with the focus groups, other children continued to write their own books in writer’s workshop.

R/1TB – Library

At the library, we began reading the books in our Christmas series. Can you believe it is that time of year already? R/1TB enjoyed reading ‘The Naughtiest Reindeer Takes a Bow’ by Nicki Greenberg.


Class Placements 2018

The school is currently in the process of organising class placements for 2018. This week the children are selecting a few children/friends that they learn best with and would like to continue to learn from in 2018.

Families, if you have any specific requests for your child’s class placement in 2018, please email or contact our principal Mr White as soon as possible. Thanks so much.






Tuesday 14th November 2017 – Week 5 Term 4

Come Read with Me

Investigative Play

This morning we continued inquiring through our investigative play provocations for the week. There was so much learning today!

Investigative Play Reflections

Lily: In investigations I was writing a song down with Georgia, Aurora and Manseerat. It was a calm song where you can sing if you need to be calm. Georgia and me at OHSC had already got some words to do so then we made the song and we put our ideas together. I was doing the words and underneath the words I was doing the music instruments for how calm you need to play it (Lily was writing different music notes).

Monika: In investigations I was playing with Thuy and Aidan and I was playing in the cooking area. I was mum and Aidan was the big brother and Thuy was the baby. I was going to shopping and I was buying some milk for the baby. I buyed the milk with money. It was 8.

Felix: In investigations I was in the blocks. I was building a tower with Kurt and Thaison. We it was medium size tower to shine up. We built it just for fun.

Javeiria: In investigations I was writing some words with Alphonsa. I write some different words about a movie. I write about the things in the movie. I write 10 billion words.”

Carols Night – Singing

We practiced singing and the actions for the songs we are performing at our Carols Night on Friday 1st December.

Reflection – Sport

Oliver: I did in sport there was this like this balloon and a tube and the balloon couldn’t touch the floor.

Naomi: My speck of gold in sport was doing splats. First we have a ball and then we need to have a stick and we had to hit it and the ball had to go to our goal.

Thaison: My speck of gold in sport is playing tennis with Phuc.

Reflection – Spanish

Alexander: We had to colour in things that were black. The word for black is negro.

Phuc: In Spanish we have to colour all of the things. I did orange.

Akemjot: In Spanish we were colouring i spiders and cats and the bottom row we had to draw something in. I know red is rojo.

R/1GC – Assembly Practice

R/1GC practiced their assembly with their buddies in the hall

R/1TB – Bucket Filling

R/1TB revisited the positive psychology strategy of bucket filling – doing good to make ourselves and others feel good.

Ann: Bucket filling is something that you do. It isn’t a bucket that you can hold in your hand, it’s a bucket in your mind. People can fill it by they do nice things.

Dion: Being nice and if someone’s hurt you can help them. If someone is being mean you say ignore them.

Deng: You don’t hit, you make nice things. If you hit people, you have to tell the teacher.

Monika: You can share things

Saanvi: Bucket filling means if someone thinks another person is doing something nice then their bucket gets filled. If someone isn’t doing a nice thing to them then they’re bucket gets empty.

R/1TB – Maths Investigations

R/1TB continued with their maths investigations from yesterday. We worked on many different skills and concepts such as sorting, capacity, tessellation and addition.


Monday 13th November 2017 – Week 5 Term 4

Come Read with Me

Investigative Play

This weeks provocations include:

  • Sketching places of significance to our artist in residence Mr Martin including Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Mt Connor
  • Making our own instruments and sound makers
  • What can you do with a jar? Upcycling glass jars
  • Three flags of Australia
  • Making ochre paints
  • Design and make your own invention

Please refer to the Village blog for photos.

Investigations, Monday Term 4 Week 5

Investigative Play – Reflection

Georgia: In Investigations I was doing the ochre making. I had to make paint with dirt, sand and water and then I mixed it. So then after that I had my piece of paper and with the stick I used it to paint on it. The Kaurna people used to paint with Ocher. And then after all that stuff that I done we were trying to make a pony that could more and we tried to make some wheels but Lily’s going to ask her Papa to do it, who’s an expert.

Alexander: I made a bow and arrow out of a rubber band and I had a stick and I put the rubber band onto the stick and I stretched it to the bottom. I used the paper clip for the end of the arrow.

Anh: I do drawing over there. I draw Uluru. I used yellow and orange, blue and green. Uluru was brown, I mixed yellow and orange.

Phuc: In Investigations I was at next door and I was playing with ice to melt it on the animals. You need hot water to melt it because if you don’t use hot water and you use cold water it starts to go ice and in the water there was glitter. When it melts it becomes waters.

Numeracy Reflection

After recess we reflected on the different ways we use maths in our everyday lives including number, measurement, maps and money. These reflections will be in our report.

R/1GC Assembly Practice

R/1GC and 3/4MJ practiced their assembly in the hall after lunch. Not long now until the big performance!

R/1TB Maths Investigations

This afternoon we explored the following provocations:

  • Using mirrors to explore symmetry
  • Adding two digit numbers using MAB blocks (tens and ones)
  • Exploring the capacity of different containers using unifix cubes
  • Tangrams

Specks of Gold

Aidan: My speck of gold is practicing our assembly.

Thuy: My speck of gold is that when I was new in the school I make friends.

Jayden B: My speck of gold it was I like doing the assembly practice. I like everything.

Bella: My speck of gold is playing with Saanvi and Joseph because they’re my friends and be nice to me.

Monday 6th November 2017 – Week 4 Term 4

Come Read with Me

Investigative Play

Our investigations this week include:

  • Skittles rainbow experiment
  • Flags at our school
  • Shadow puppets
  • Creative writing table
  • Portrait drawing
  • Nature parts and art

Investigative Play – Reflection

Javeria: In investigation I made a pink bag with a love heart and different words written on the front. I folded the paper and put it together using sticky tap. I also made a handle that was stuck together with sticky tap. Inside the bag I put some paper that Naomi gave to me. I also drew a rainbow and put it in the bag.

Amber: In investigation I did the skittle experiment. we put skittles in a plate and then we put water into the plate. All the colors went into the middle.

Phuc: In investigation I was also at the skittle experiment. When we left the water with the skittles the water sucked the color out of the skittles.

Alphonsa: In investigation I made a kite with Anna. Anna thought of the idea. we got sticks from outside and put them in a cross because we had seen that on other kites. Anna forgot to put the string on the kite but I remembered so we tied string to the kite.

Writing – Reflection and Writer’s Workshop

Today we reflected on how we use literacy in our lives. Our reflection will be used in our reports. We thought about what we like to read and write about and how we use writing and oral language in our lives.

We then continued with our writer’s workshop.


After lunch, we spent time with our buddy classes.

R/1GC continued to work on their assembly with 3/4JM.

R/1TB went to 3/4KC. Our buddies showed us the different powered cars they had made and then helped their buddies to design their own inventions. We used many mathematical and design and technology skills. Some of us used the laptops to draw designs, some of us used a compass for the first time and some of us used hot glue guns to join materials together.

Specks of Gold

Liam: I was making a truck with Sammy. We put the wheels on that were bottle lids.

Felix: My speck of gold is playing soccer. In buddies, I got my reading part.

Monika: My speck of gold in buddies is I was with Thuy and Riley and Riley was making a car that could drive and I was making a house with paper and Riley was making his car so it could move by itself. The car is going to move with blu tac and the electric thing.

Lily: My speck of gold is coming to school back from my holiday. My speck of gold with my buddy would be practicing my reading part and doing the dance with my buddy.

Ann then shared her medal with us “I got it for the Taekwondo championships. You get it for sparring or breaking wood. I got it for sparring.” Ann then gave us a demonstration with Miss Canala as her sparring partner! 🙂

Wednesday 25th October 2017 – Week 2 Term 4

Come Read With Me

Grandparents and Special Friend’s Morning

We had such a beautiful morning welcoming many parents, grandparents and special friends to join in our learning. Thank you so much for coming and for all of the love and support you give your grandchildren and families.

Investigative Play

Our grandparents joined us for investigative play and supported us with our learning.


Oliver: I was playing with the ozobots. My nanna was helping me. I showed her the ozobot, even the ozobot was doing different things like dance moves. it was like going and following it and then it went front and then it went back and then it spinned around.

Joseph: I drawed a picture of my grandparents and I done a show for my grandparents. A show with the puppets, there was all puppets walking across and they sair “hi”.

Portia: In Investigations I made some snakes because we’re looking at The Rainbow serpent. I made some love hearts for Pam and Dennis because they came over to share our learning.

Aurora: In Investigations me and my brother were doing a magic show and my mum and nanna were watching and also I did a puppet show and my nanna was watching and the puppet show was about Goldilocks and the Three Bears and also with a bean stalk that was a tree. The magic tricks were with the hula-hoops and the first one was I put one on my head and it magically fell down and then I put it on my arm and it magically started spinning and the same thing as my arm as with my waist.

Shared Morning Tea

We enjoyed a lovely morning tea with our special friends. Thank you very much for the delicious food you brought to share.


At the Library we read the book “Home in the Rain” by Bob Graham. Before reading the book, we read the blurb and predicted what we thought would happen.

Anna: I think the book is about a family about to have a baby but Francie doesn’t know what to name the baby

Indi: I think the book is about having a baby but they don’t have time

Lily: i think it’s about that they don’t know what to name the baby but they had so many ideas that they just didn’t know what one to choose

After Miss Appelbee read the book to us we reflected on what the book was about.

Jess: When they start excited and when they went excited for the name. The name was Grace.

Indi: She wrote her baby sister’s name in the window.

Anna: i think the story was about when they were excited for the baby. Francies mum stops at the petrol station and then she finally tells Francie that they will name the baby Grace.

We then shared the books we borrowed with our friends and teachers.

In R/1TB we thought about what Francie’s baby sister might be called and why.

Saanvi: “Maisie because I got the name from ‘My Cat Maisie'”

Ann: “Rosie ’cause I think the family likes roses”

Charlize: “Celia because my cat is named Celia”.

Liam: “They might like it”

Thaison: “Maybe they make it up”

Buddies – R/1TB

R/1TB and 3/4KC read the Creation story from Genesis (Children’s Bible) version for prayer.

We then discussed and wondered about this story of Creation.

Vince: “How could God do water and sky at the same time?

Oliver: “Sometimes when you go to sleep God sends you a message”.

Axel: “Didn’t God make other planets like Mars and Pluto and stuff, they didn’t talk about that”

Together, we created an artwork about what happened on one of the days of God’s creation. We are going to use these artworks for prayer in our assembly.

Buddies – R/1GC

We read a beautiful story about loving people that may not be part of our lives anymore. We reflected on the book using our 100 languages

Mass Practice

After lunch we practiced our mass in the Centre with Mrs Ciccarello. We warmly welcome all family and friends to attend our mass tomorrow at 11:30am in The Center. The theme is ‘We Trust in God’.

Shared Reading

We read our shared book for the week ‘My Cat Maisie’ by Pamela Allen. Our focus today was describing the main character, Andrew and using adjectives. The children described him as:

  • lonely
  • rough
  • gentle
  • black hair
  • a boy
  • nice


Wanted: Glass Jars, Containers and Plastic Bottles

Dear Families,

This term our inquiry focuses on ‘environment’. We learning about ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ and would love some donations of the following items that we can reuse and ‘up-cycle’ into new products such as planters, windmills, vases, etc:

  • Clean Glass Jars
  • Clean plastic bottles such as milk containers, soft drink bottles
  • Other clean plastic, glass or ceramic containers e.g. yoghurt, old coffee mugs, old bowls, etc.

Thanks so much for your support.

Nicole, Gabriella and Julie

Upcoming Diary Dates

Dear Families,

Next week we have the following events:

Wednesday 25th October 2017 – Grandparents Morning from 9:30am – 11:00am

Please bring a small plate of food to share for morning tea

Thursday 25th October 2017 – Class Mass ‘Trust in God’ at 11:30am in the Centre.

We hope you can join us for these special celebrations.

Kind regards,

Nicole, Julie and Gabriella


Spring Fair – Can you Help?

Dear Families,

This Sunday 22nd October is our school Spring Fair.

Our classes are responsible for staffing the lollies stall and we are needing parent volunteers to work on our stall. You only need to commit an hour of your time and the job involves selling bags of lollies.

If you could please sign up for a time on the sheet in our classrooms, it would be very much appreciated.

We greatly appreciate your support and thank you so much.

Nicole, Gabriella and Julie

Monday 16th October 2017 – Week 1 Term 4

Welcome to Term 4

It was lovely to see everyone this morning. We had a lovely break and hope all of our families did too.

We had a little celebration for Miss Canala this morning to celebrate her birthday and engagement which both happened during the holidays! We are so excited for her. Congratulations and much love to you Miss Canala! xx

Investigative Play

We began our day with investigative play. Our provocations this week include:

  • Investigating light with mirrors
  • Bakery – making and selling
  • Making mandalas to celebrate the festival of Diwali
  • Mini world play
  • Indigenous painting
  • Writing table – thank you cards and letters
  • Using wooden skeleton parts to make dinosaurs and other creatures

Please refer to the Village website for photos.

Investigative Play – Reflection

Davide: “I made play dough with flour and I forgot”.

Felix: “In investigations I made play dough. I made a cupcake because Miss Canala said we are having a bakery. I’m going to sell it. Maybe $10”.

Ann: “In investigations I was making play dough and I added water, oil and flour and then we had to mix it all up and when it was ready we had to mix it with our hands. We made cupcakes and donuts with it ’cause it was a bakery”.

Anna: “In investigations I was drawing and painting a picture of the plant Mrs Tropeano gave to Miss Canala. When I was half way some friends started to come over and started to do it with me”.

Akemjot: “In investigations I was trying to plant a bean stalk bean and I used water but it didn’t work and then Miss Canala said I had to put dirt in there. Then the box broke when I lifted it up in my hands. I had a growth mindset and tried to get another box and sticky tape it from the bottom and that worked. It is in the sun now”.

Aurora: “In investigations me and Anna were doing pineapple and I was also making play dough. It was a little bit wet and I kept mixing it and add a little bit more flour and salt that I found on the table. I put it in my play dough and then I kept mixing it and it turned into play dough and I made a donut and pancake to sell at the bakery and it’s going to cost $3”.

Writing – Recount writing and Focus Learning Groups

Today we wrote about an event from our holidays. Some children used a story board to draw pictures of when, where, who and what happened. Other children worked with Mrs Tropeano in a focus group to learn more explicitly the structure of a recount. That is, a recount has an introduction, series of events and conclusion. These children then wrote the introduction for their holiday recount and will continue with this over the coming days.

Inquiry – Environment

This term our inquiry focus is “How do we make our planet happy?” Today we began by exploring what children currently do to look after our planet. They created an artwork using different mediums such as oil pastel, water colours and paint to demonstrate this.

Amber: I look after the planet by having a growth mindset. I pick up rubbish to keep it clean

Mykel: I look after the planet when I pick up rubbish and I put it in the bin

Ezekiel: I am picking up rubbish and I am putting it in the bin so the animals don’t eat it

Kenneth: I keep the planet safe by picking up rubbish and tissues. I put them in the bin

Jayden M: I turn off the lights when I’m going out the house because so then we have more electricity.

Indi: I look after our planet by putting rubbish in the bin because the rubbish makes the world get hurt

Aidan: Don’t cut down trees because we won’t have any oxygen. We could help by planting more trees. We could also stop wasting paper because paper is made from trees so we can only use a bit of paper.

Anh: We can plant flowers

Alphonsa: So I saw this rubbish and then it was flying away so I jumped to grab it and then I put it in the bin and I was like “phew” it didn’t fly away. The animals could get choked in the rubbish.

Jayden B: When someone throw the rubbish in the road the car might crash it so you need to put the rubbish in the bin.

Kylen: I was picking up rubbish and I picked one for each bin. The blue bin is for paper and the red one is for other rubbish and the yellow is for cans and bottles.

Joseph: I’m putting something in the bin and the bins very smelly. If you don’t put your rubbish in the bin it’ll make the earth get sick.

Lily: It’s good for our environment if we pick up rubbish. If we don’t pick up the rubbish then it’ll all go into the floor and the earth won’t like it.

Georgia: I help the planet by picking up rubbish and having fun at the same time. It we don’t pick up the rubbish then some of the animals could get trapped into the rubbish and it hurts the planet and it hurts the animals.

Piol: I look after the planet by picking up rubbish. We have to pick up rubbish because or else the world will get messy.

Felix: I pick up rubbish because it helps our planet because if you throw rubbish around and you don’t pick it up then the whole world will be covered in rubbish.

Manseerat: We need to plant more trees so we get more oxygen.

Lynn: They throwed rubbish on the floor so good people cleaned them up. The planet will get so so sad and it’ll get all tangled.

Anna: I take care of the environment by turning off the lights when I go out of the room so we don’t waste electricity

Kurt: I pick up rubbish so the fish and all the creatures won’t get hurt by it

Aurora: I look after the planet by picking up rubbish and also planting trees with my parents. You need to pick up rubbish so it doesn’t hurt animals and at the beach so it doesn’t go in the water and hurt the fishies and the other sea animals.

Thuy: “I look after the planet when I pick up the rubbish”

Monika: “I clean the planet and sweep and saying to my friends to help me how to clean”.

Annaliese: “I pick up rubbish”

Javeiria: “Those are the rubbish and that is the bin and I am holding the rubbish and I put it in the bin”.

Charlize: “I pick up rubbish at the beach and the park and I also pick up rubbish with my sister sometimes”.

Naomi: “The trees help us to breathe. We can’t cut the trees because they are our environment”.

Avleen: “I look after the environment because I stop picking the flowers now because they help us to smell”.

Deng: “I draw the earth and the sky and the sun”.

Ann: “I look after our environment by picking up rubbish”.

Dion: “I put rubbish in the bin. I pick the wrappers up and put it in the bin”.

Thaison: “I put rubbish in the bin”.

My: “I pick up rubbish”

Bella: “I pick up rubbish and turn off the light”.

Annaliese: “I pick up rubbish and not cut the trees down and I help my garden to grow”.

Davide: “I put rubbish in the bin and when I see someone put rubbish on the floor I say “stop please!””

Alex: “Putting rubbish in the bin”

Liam: “I put rubbish in the bin and the food bin”.

Akemjot: “I pick up rubbish and telling people to put their rubbish in the bin”.

Saanvi: “I turn the lights off and sometimes I forget and then I notice and run back and turn them off”.


This Thursday, 19th of October is casual day. Please bring a plant to donate to the Spring Fair.

This Sunday, 22nd of October is our annual Spring Fair. We are looking for volunteers to work on the lolly stall. Please let us know if you are willing to help!