Thursday, 31st January

Goodmorning reception and year 1 children! Lovely to see you all today!

Patterns, patterns everywhere!

Pattern song

Lets make a pattern

We made patterns with objects in the classroom!

We helped Miss Canala to fix the patterns she was making and guess what came next…




Our Father

Children shared their prayers

Deeksha: Dear God thank you for my family

Fatamatua: Pray for God everyday Amen

Gurshann: Dear God thankyou God for giving me my teachers and class Amen

Abel: Thanks God for giving me a new house Amen

Massa: Dear God thank you for my family Amen

Navaya: I thank you for making my friends Amen

Ivan: Thank you for giving me my friends Amen

Lowell: Thanks for God for all the blessings, my mum and the food and the learning Amen

Grace: Thanks for Reejay

PE and MUSIC – R1 TD



While R1TD were at PE and Music, R1GC spent some time getting to know each other. Together we read the book ‘Emily Loves to Bounce’ by Stephen Michael King.

We then discussed the different things we like;

Navya: I like to do writing and reading books

Mya: I like to make fans

Ekmann: I like to mke stuff

Lowell: I like to make drum sets

Grace: I like to play my sister

Brooklynne: I like to do dancing

Ebony: I like to bounce

Ivan: I like to play with my sister and brother

Massa: I like to dress up

Fatumata: I like to play with my friends

Porsha: I like to play with my dogs because they always play with us

After that we began our first Writer’s Workshop book, on our first page we wrote about something we like. We will continue our books over the next couple of weeks.


5minutes of quiet relaxation focusing on our breathing…


We had time to strengthen and form new friendships through play!!


Gurshan: Speck of gold playing in the sandpit

Deeksha: Making friends

Tanish: Playing on the oval

Celina: was playdough

Thank you for a great day!!

Wednesday, 30th January 2019

We were so excited to be back at school for another day and engaging in some new learning.


We continued our Investigative Play where we explored a range of our interests.

My Family

After Recess we read ‘The Family Book’ by Todd Parr. We spoke about how all families are different. We spoke about our families and what they look like. We then spent some time drawing or writing about our own families. It was a lovely way to get to know each other better.



To begin our prayer, Richard showed us all how to make the sign of the cross. We then sang a new song called “Jesus loves me”. After, we had some time to share our Gratitude prayers;

Gurshaan: Dear God, Thank you for my home, Amen

Guneet: Dear God, Thank you for giving me my family, Amen

Lowell: Thank you God for all the food and thank you for all my blessings and thanks for everything, Amen

Grace: Thanks God for giving me a dog, Amen

Ebony: I thank you God for giving me my whole family and my heart, Amen

Abel: Thank you God for giving me my home, Amen

Sophia: Thank you God for giving me my home, Amen

Tanish: Thank you God for my mum and dad, Amen


We can’t wait for another fun day of learning and getting to know each other tomorrow. R/1TD don’t forget your sports uniform!


Tuesday 29th January 2019 – Week 1 Term 1

A warm welcome to all our children and families to the 2019 school year and to our classes, R/1TD and R/1GC. We are excited and honoured to be a part of your child’s life as they develop and grow this year.


This morning we engaged in some play experiences in order to get to know the children and their likes and interests and to build friendships.

Experiences included:

  • Scented play dough with pasta shapes
  • Numbers
  • Books and puzzles
  • Trains
  • Puppets and puppet theatre
  • Home corner with kitchen
  • Drawing/Writing table
  • Painting and mirrors
  • Lego
  • Small world play
  • Blocks
  • Kinetic sand


After recess, we joined together in prayer. We sang ‘Welcome to God’s House’ and then shared what we are grateful for.

Gurshaan: I am thankful for God for giving me my mum and dad.

Navya: I am thankful for making the earth.

Deeksha: Thank you for giving my grandma and grandpa.

Yasmin: I love my mum and she goes to work.

Michael: Thank you for God for make the whole school.

Ebony: Thank you God for being happy.

Abel: I love my brother Jerome. Amen.

Sophia: I am thankful for my pet parrot I got for my brother’s birthday.


We read the book ‘Have You Been a Bucket Filler Today?’ and discussed the concept of bucket filling. Each of us carries around an invisible bucket. When our buckets are filled we feel happy and when our buckets are empty, we feel sad and lonely. Our buckets can be filled by the kind and positive words and actions of others. We can also fill our own buckets by treating others well.

The children talked about ways they could fill someone’s bucket.

“I can help someone when they fall down”.

“I can share”

“I can say thank you”

“I can make a card for my mum”

Using their 100 languages (all the different ways children can share what they know), children demonstrated ways they can be a bucket filler.


This afternoon we visited Mrs Michalak in our library. There we read the book ‘First Day of School’ by Rosie Smith and Bruce Whatley. We talked about what the characters in the book did on their first day of school and what we did today. The children then drew a picture of what they loved about their first day at school this year.


We had the most wonderful day and are so excited for all of the fun, friendships and learning ahead of us this year 🙂





Welcome to our classroom community 2019

Dear Families,

We warmly welcome you and your children to R1 TD and R1GC. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, New Year and holiday break. Please find following some information about our classes to help us all settle in during the first week.


In R1TD your child’s teachers are Mrs Sinead Diotallevi and Mrs Nicole Tropeano. Nicole will be teaching on Monday and Tuesday and Sinead on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In R1GC your child’s teacher is Miss Gabriella Canala. We are so happy to be working with you and your child this year.

Family photos

We would greatly appreciate it if your child could provide a photo of their family so that it can be displayed within the classroom. Children will be able to see and share their photo throughout the year. The teachers are happy to photocopy the family photo so that the original photo is given back to you.


Communication with families is very important to us. We will endeavour to communicate regularly with you and to share positive information about your child’s learning through our class blog and to your email. Please ensure our school office has your current email address.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child at any stage, please do not hesitate to contact us in the following ways:



08 8250 6616

Food and Drinks

We value the role of quality food and nutrition in helping children to learn. Children are able to eat healthy snacks as they need throughout the day. We will however, also have designated eating times before recess and lunch breaks in a more formal setting. Please note that Holy Family is a nut free school. This includes food products such as all nuts, nut butters, some packaged foods such as muesli bars (please check for ingredients).

Please pack enough food for your child throughout the day including:

  • 2 x healthy snacks (for morning and afternoon) such as fruit, yoghurt, vegetable sticks, cheese, crackers
  • Lunch
  • Drink bottle (filtered water is available in the classroom)

Nude Food

At Holy Family Catholic School, ecology is one of our points of mission. To reduce the litter at our school we encourage children to bring ‘nude food’. That is, food that is not contained in any wrapper or packaging but rather in reusable plastic or glass containers.

Morning Routines

The classroom will open when the second bell sounds at 8:50am. At this time, children can organize themselves for the day by:

  • Putting their bag in their locker
  • Putting their lunch box and drink bottle in the fridge (or leaving it in their bag if they prefer)
  • Greeting their friends and teacher

Sport and Fitness

Sport day in R/1TD is Thursday and in R/1GC it is Monday. Children wear their sport uniform on this day. Children are involved in physical activities on the other days such as team games, skill development such as throwing and catching, skipping, obstacle course on the playground, etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We will be in touch soon with more information about the learning happening in our class. We look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Nicole, Sinead and Gabriella