Thursday, 28th February, 2019 – Week Five, Term One


We began this morning with a liturgy presented by R1TD. Thank you to all of the family and friends that joined us in today’s liturgy.


After our class liturgy we went out for some morning fitness to get ourselves ready for learning.


For prayer we listened to “We’ve got the whole world in our hands”

We then thanked God for the world we live in;

Deeksha: Thank you God for plants, Amen

Gurshaan: Thank you God for the animals, Amen

Navya: Thank you God for the air, Amen

Abel: Thank you God for the sea animals, Amen

Ivan: Thank you God for the whole world, Amen

Fatumata: Thank you God for the animals, Amen

Mass: Thank you for all the animals and the sea and all the people and the whole world, Amen

Scarlett: Thank you God for the animals, Amen


Initial Sounds – Ee

Today we learnt about the letter E and the sound that it makes. We spoke about words we know that start with e.

Diagraphs – ng

Another group of us learnt the diagraph ng. We spoke about words that had the ng sound in it.


While R1TD went to sports and music, R1GC joined their friends in the Village for Investigative Play. We enjoyed drawing, listening to shells. playing in the home corner and making with blocks and the marble run.



For Numeracy today we played a game where we danced around the room to music and when the music stopped we had to make a group of however many people Miss Canala or Mrs Diotallevi told us.


We ended the day exploring a range of Investigations.


Porsha: My speck of gold is playing with my friends and playing on the playground with my sister

Tanish: My speck of gold was playing with paper aeroplanes

Ebony: My speck of gold is playing with Gracie

Adhip: My speck of gold was playing with my friends

Micky: My speck of gold was playing at the playground

Excursion Note

An excursion note was sent out yesterday.

Our excursion is on Friday 8th of March. Leaving HFCS at 930am and due to return at 130pm.

We are heading into the fringe to see a show about recycling, then walking to the botanical gardens for lunch.


If you think you could come on the day to help, and have all the necessary clearances, please let us know asap.

We need 2 parent volunteers per class.

Thanks so much.

Wednesday 27th February – week 5 Term 1

Good morning and welcome to this warm and wonderful Wednesday!!


yesterday was Tuesday said Porsha

Today is Wednesday said Adhip

“Marnkuintu” is Wednesday is Kaurna.

Its is the 27th of February said Jason.

The word of the day is ‘can’


Which month are we in now?

Ivan: February

Do you know which month you were born in?

Kobe: Mine is August 24th

Navya: May the 7th

Krish: My birthday is April 26

Mya: My birthday is on April 16th

Carmelo: The May of 16th

We then drew and wrote about our birthday’s.


Outside to move our bodies before the heat sets in!!


We practised our songs and singing parts all ready for tomorrow.


“We have new bins in our class” said Navya.

“red, blue and green” said Kobe

“And grey” added Krish

In the blue bin – “you put paper” said Celina

In the yellow bin – “plastic bottle” said Gurshaan

In the red bin – “chip packets” said Mya

In the green bin “banana peels and compost…” mentioned Kobe “you can put apple (core) in there” said Ivan

“you could put leaves that fell down too” said Lowell

“put your lunch order bag in the blue bin” said Porsha

We then had an inquiry to sort out rubbish!!


The stage was VERY popular today. We had actors and dancers performing all exciting tricks and shows for their audience. We saw fantastic organization and planning as the dancers choreographed their dance…they practiced and practiced until they were ready for their show. It was great to see leadership and negotiation in their play!


Connectors are always popular…there was a large group of children who created ‘cars and bikes’. Once created they then decided to make a race!!

Scarlett was making a boat and attempting to float it in the water – she posed a question – “how do boats even float?” a question will explore further. Grace is also making a very long boat, she kept adding to it i asked what she was up to “im putting these plastic boxes on the bottom so that it will help it to float…its a big boat for a whole family to go on but it needs to float”

Lowell was busy ensuring all the rubbish was going into the correct bins – thanks Lowell!

Ebony, Celina and Scarlett finished off the fairies they were making by painting them today.


We listened to a guided meditation which supported us in getting our minds and bodies focussed…the children were all very calm during this time.

Afterwards we discussed how we felt then the children drew a picture of what they thought about during the guided meditation/how they felt etc.


We read the book – Ngana Ngai? (Who am I?)

It was a book written in both Kaurna and English!

Massa: The koala eats leaves

Kobe: The echidna has sharp claws, claws and a long tongue to get the ants

Sophia: The bat has webbed fingers to fly

Navya: The book was read in Kaurna

Fatumata: The parrots like to eat worms

New readers to share at home tonight!!!



Miss Canala read our shared reading book ‘how to catch a star’

She focused on using the strategy ‘tommy tracker’ and ‘sharp eye’ – looking at the pictures/visual literacy to predict the text.

Have a lovely evening, see you all tomorrow!

Tuesday 26th February 2019 – Week 5 Term 1


We began the day by getting our bodies moving and using our muscles in Log Park. There we explored our Creativity learning power by using our imagination to make and play with the logs.


On our way back from log park, we went on a number hunt. We found many numbers in our environment.

Adhip: There were numbers on the sign and the window.

Grace: I found the number 6

Kobe: It’s a tag with the number 37, 116.

Jason: the number was really big. There was a number on the bin.

Porsha: I find the letters and the numbers on the car. There is 2, 9, 5.

Back in our indoor learning space, we engaged in a range of provocations that explored numbers, number value and 1:1 correspondence.


This week for Shared Reading we are reading “How to Catch a Star” by Oliver Jeffers. We used our Tommy Tracker Reading Strategy while we were reading.

Kobe: In the end he got what he wanted and I think it was a star fish.

Porsha: So he wanted a star and then he tried to get it and wait and then he saw a star in the water and he tried pick up and he couldn’t. He waited so it could come back to there and he was happy.

Abel: He was waiting for the star to fall down and when he got to the beach on the sand the wave put the star onto the sand.

What are some of the things that the boy tried to get the star?

Gurshaan: He tried to go in his rocket ship.

Deeksha: He tried to jump.

Mya: When he was going to catch the star but it was too heavy.

Michael: Use his hands.


For prayer today Miss Canala read the Creation Story from the Children’s Bible. We reflected on the world that God made for us.

Abel: How he made lots of plants and sea creatures and trees.

Tanish: God made the trees and the plants and the sky and the birds and the sun and the clouds. Even the sun and moon.

Porsha: He said he made the sky and the sea and the fish and the animals and people. He made trees and flowers.

Yasmin: God let the birds to fly.

Gurshaan: He created the people.

Scarlett: Thank God for having this world. Amen.

Lowell: God thanks for all the good guys and thanks for my school because its part of you.

Massa: Thank you for giving all the teachers and the whole world. Amen.

Navya: Thank you for Miss Canala. Amen.

Richard: Thanks God for the whole world and the food. Amen.



Miss Canala worked with a group learning about the letters C and K and the sounds they make. We spoke about words that we know that start with their sound…



We continued to write our own books during writer’s workshop. Mrs Tropeano and Miss Canala conferenced with us to help us with strategies for spelling words, structuring our stories, etc.


During Investigations we focused on using our Creativity and Belonging learning powers while exploring our provocations. Today we particularly enjoyed making boats and experimenting to see if they would float. Some of our didn’t and we used our Growth Mindset to fix them so they could! We also developed our ‘Fairy Land’ with some children making their own fairies out of salt dough to play with.


Celina: My speck of gold is playing with Yasmin. We were playing with the kitchen.

Massa: My speck of gold is playing outside and playing with my friend and playing in the sandpit. I like the sandpit.

Mya: My speck of gold is playing with my friends. I played aeroplanes with my friends.

Monday 25th February 2019 – Week 5 Term 1



Before it got too hot, we went outside for a play on the playground. We moved our bodies in many ways!


Today we learnt more about the learning power of creativity. Our friend ‘Nori’ joined our class today and shared more about what it means to be creative.

We also viewed part of the following movie clip.

How did the character use his creativity in this film clip?

Abel: He made a lot of animals.

Navya: He made the world and he used his creativity.

Porsha: He was trying to make people and houses and he made a world and he made lots of animals.

Tanish: He used his imaginations to make some stuff and he used his mind to make the world.

Kobe: He made a horse and put some black bits and tipped it over and it made a zebra. I think that was a really smart thing.

We had the opportunity to cultivate our own creativity too. We each chose a coloured piece of paper and used our imagination, ideas and thoughts to create something with it! Some of us chose to draw on it, fold it to make paper planes and other amazing things!


During prayer, we shared one version of the Creation Story. We discussed all the wonderful things God created.

Porsha: God crated the birds and the sun and the grass and water and fishes and some animals.

Abel: He created the whole world in 6 days. On the 7th day he give it a bless.

Deeksha: He made plants and he made flowers, the sea and the moon and the sun.

Yasmin: God did make stars and the sky and the night time.

Sophia: He created the stars.

We then gave thanks for our beautiful world.

Gurshaan: Thank you God for creating the world. Amen.

Andrew: Thank you God for creating the people. Amen.

Tanish: I thank God for my mum and dad and sister. Amen.

Kristina: I thank God for my teachers. Amen.

Brooklynne: I thank God for the school. Amen.

Lowell: God thanks for all the school. Amen.







Richard: “I learnt about Chinese and Vietnamese new year”.

Anthony: I learn in Chinese new year there is a dragon.

Ameer: At Spanish I did the year of mouse in Chinese new year.


Today we continued to explore number including:

  • Counting up to 10, 20 and beyond
  • Writing numbers up to 20
  • Identifying the missing number in number lines and charts
  • Ordering numbers
  • Adding numbers together using dice and counters
  • Recording our learning


This week our provocations are inspired by the children’s interest and learning from the previous week.

  • Fairies – writing letters to the fairy, planning a fairy garden and playing in our ‘fairy’ mini world
  • Theatre – continuing with our dog show and other theatre
  • Box construction and making corner (creativity learning power)
  • Names – investigating the names of children in our class (belonging learning power)
  • Numbers – exploring numbers, writing numbers






Friday week 4 term 2

Good morning and welcome to FriYAY!!!


It was our Buddies assembly today – the theme was belonging!!


We joined the rest of the school in a ‘Gonoodle dance’


We practice the song ‘these hands’ in preparation for R1TD Liturgy.


We did a mini lesson game which had a focus on subsisting!



During investigations the group of girls continued their ‘dog show’ from this weeks investigations…

Grace wrote a sign. Fatumata and Scarlett were busy creating invitations, Porsha and Ameer made tickets and money. Porash went around the room selling the tickets.

While they were doing this they were discussing which roles they would play for the show and how they had to practise before the real show begun.


Michael, Athian, Gurshaan, Anthony, Ivan and Micky continued their train track into the city.



R1TD and 4MR worked together on our ‘buddy profiles’. The children posed questions to each other, collated the information and then used their 100 languages to make a profile!!



This year, R1GC and 4BP are going to have an ongoing sustainability and ecology focus during their buddy lessons. Today we explored the importance of looking after our environment and, with our buddies, brainstormed some ideas of activities we could do together throughout the year…

Happy weekend all!!! See you in week 5!!!

Thursday, 21st February, 2019 – Week Four, Term One

Welcome to Thursday!!


Days of the week

Navya – yesterday was Wednesday

Scarlett – Today is Thursday

Abel – Tomorrow is Friday

Massa – It is month of Febuary

Michael – it is the 21st

Scarlett – in 2019

Hows the weather?

Kobe – partly cloudy and partly sunny


Today is the UN International Mother Language Day.  This year is also the International Year of Indigenous Languages

Languages, with their complex implications for identity, communication, social integration, education and development, are of strategic importance for people and planet. Yet, due to globalization processes, they are increasingly under threat, or disappearing altogether. When languages fade, so does the world’s rich tapestry of cultural diversity.

Miss Canala and Mrs Diotallevi shared ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ in their Mother language – Italian.


Do you speak another language at home?

Deeksha: I speak Indian…it is Punjabi

Abel: speak a different language

Ivan: I speak Spanish at home

Navya: My parents were born in Fiji, we speak Hindi

Richard: I speak Vietnamese, Chinese at home

Krish: I speak Indian too

Massa: I speak a different language

Fatumata: I speak Kaurna

Lowell: I speak phillpiness

Yasmin: I speak English

Ameer: I speak Dinka

In groups children taught each other a new word from their own language, or some children had conversations with each other in their home language!



How do we use our hands safely?

Abel – keep your hands in your lap

Massa – keep them to youself

Porsha – dont touch people with your hands

Scarlett – Not touching handbands

Porsha – you can ask them

How do we use our feet safely?

Fatumata – Cross your legs on the mat

Michael – not touching others

Navya – walking feet in the classroom

How do we use our mouth?

Kobe – its closed when listen

Deeksha – you can say thank you

Kobe – you say i like you

Tanish – say nice words

How do we use our bodies safely?

Massa – smiles




Caring for our world, animals and each other.

special prayers for Gods creations

Gurshaan – thank you for the animals the people

Tanish – i thank god for the animals



We all got stickers to put into groups!! We used a growth mindset to try label our groups aswell.



R1 TD go to PE and Spanish classes.


While R/1TD went to Spanish and Sport, R/1GC reflected on who Jesus is;

Fatumata: Jesus is like God but he’s different

Kobe: Jesus is our father

Porsha: Jesus is looking after us and all our parents and mums and dads

Lowell: Jesus is the guy that’s part of this school

Massa: God loves the whole school


Brooklynne: Jesus is the one where he goes in the sky

Navya: Jesus is our father and he looks after us and he’s in the sky and on the cross

We then each drew an image of Jesus based on our interpretation


Following on from teachers documentation of the children some investigations and provocations were set up available.

  • theater – ticket making/selling
  • pictures of boats and submarines with the lego and blocks
  • planting the plants
  • a dinosaur world
  • water colour paints (rainbows)
  • Information book on the weather



See you all tomorrow 🙂


R1 TD class Liturgy

Dear Parents


Please come join us on Thursday 28th of February at 9am for our class liturgy. The theme for the Liturgy is ‘friendship’.

Some children have been given ‘speaking parts’. The teachers have given them a piece of paper with what they need to say to take home. It would be fantastic if you could practice this with them at home in preparation for our Liturgy.

Thank you

Sinead and Nicole

Wednesday, 20th February, 2019 – Week Four, Term One


Focus was on sorting and classifying

How can you sort?

Tanish: the same colours

Massa: You can colour the cars

Kobe: You can sort by size or shapes, sizes

We did a group activity about sorting. We had a go together sorting animals into farm and sea animals. We also sorted coloured dots into groups and practiced labeling groups.

The children then went off and explored, hands on activity to sort and classify objects in the room.

Yasmin: we sorted the sticks by colours

Fatmata: I made a purple group

Deeksha: i sorted groups, i put all the gems together then all the little logs together

Celina sorted large and small buttons

Athian: The cards into the same numbers

Lowell: i sorted the pencils in the same colours, in the right jars

Gurshaan: i was sorted out all of the cube colours, the white, dark blue, light blue

Scarlett: i sorted the gems and the pinecones



Yasmin: Thank you God for Mia, we play on the playground

Christina: Thank you God for Mya and Brooklynne

Deeksha: Thank you for Ekmann because she always helps me when I’m hurt

Gurshaan: Thank you God for Michael for he always helps me when I fall down

Celina: Thank you God for Yasmin because she always helps me

Navya: Thank you God for Scarlett, Yasmin, Mia and Sierra becauyse they always play with me

Ameer: Dear God thank you for Miss Canala for being my teacher and Mrs Diotallevi


Focus Learning Groups

Initial Sound – Pp

Miss Canala’s group learned letter today, P, and about the sound it makes. We sang songs about the letter and then reflected on words we know that start with that letter;

Diagraphs – ie

What has ie sound?

Fatumata – pie

Navya – lie

Ekmann – Flies

Deeksha – Die

The children went on a search for ‘ie’ words then recorded in their books and shared what they did with a friend.



Celina, Grace, Sophia, Mya, Christina, Massa and Broklyn made their own ‘dog show’.

They took turns negotiating play , role playing, lots of oral language and leadership was seen.

They had an audience, stars, ticket makers/sellers and more!!

Richard made a boat for the future, Jason made a fast boat and Ivan made a submarine!! These three boys used lego to do so, they discussed and planned their creations.

Fatumata made a mask using craft materials.


At the Library we read Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers and then borrowed our new library books for the week.


Porsha: My speck of gold is playing with my friends and playing in the kitchen and playing with the chalk

Micky: My speck of gold was playing with the blocks

Adhip: My speck of gold was playing with the Lego

Christina: My speck of gold was playing with friends

Yasmin: My speck of gold was drawing the kite

Celina: My speck of gold was playing with Yasmin

Massa: My speck of gold was playing outside

Fatumata: My speck of gold was going to the playground with Celina and playing on the slide

Tuesday 19th February 2019 – Week 4 Term 1



Today we started learning about our CLARA Learning Powers. We have some new friends in our class who each have a learning power. Today we met Tamoo the monkey. Tamoo has a special power called Belonging. It means he loves to be with people and to feel like he is a part of a community. He has lots of friends that help him learn and grow as a learner.

What does Tamoo like?

Mickey: His family

Abel: he likes eating fruits and vegetables

Tamoo told us about how belonging means we are part of a group, when we have the power of belonging it means that we feel loved and supported.

We then watched a short video about belonging.

How did the minions show belonging in the video, what did they do?

Porsha: They gave their money and shared their money

Abel: they gave coins but not plastic coins but real coins

Massa: The minions gave the coins

Who is someone in your life that helps you

Michael: Adhip helps me with making stuff

Kobe: Mummy helps me with making me good food

Abel: My dad helps me making a truck

Mickey: My mum helps me making my food

We then drew pictures of how we belong and the people that help us in our lives.


Today when we read our Shared Reading book we used our “Tommy Tracker” strategy to pint to the words as well as “Sharp Eye”, which means we look at the pictures to help us understand the story.

Mrs Tropeano asked us what we saw in the pictures with our “Sharp Eye” reading strategy;

Richard: She likes herself on the inside like the skeletons and brains and everything

Porsha: I think she likes playing

Navya: I think she feels happy because she has a big smile on her face


Sophia, Deeksha, Christina and Anthony set up our sacred prayer space. We sang the song ‘We’ve Got the Whole World in our Hands’. We then shared prayers about how we are going to look after our world.

Lowell: Dear God, I’m going to look after the planet by putting rubbish away. Amen.

Porsha: Dear God, Thank you for the whole world. I’m going to be friends and look after people”.

Gurshaan: I will look after the world by helping every single person on the planet. Amen.

Sophia: I will look after the world by looking after the animals. Amen.

Athian: I will look after the garden. Amen

Abel: Thank God for the planet and taking care of all they city. I’m going to help people.

Grace: Dear God, I’m going to look after the planet for when people fall over I will help them get up. Amen.



A small group of us worked with Miss Canala and learned about the letter T. We snag songs and learnt about the sound that the letter t makes. We then spoke about different words we know that start with the letter T.


A small group worked with Mrs Tropeano on the digraph ‘oa’. We sang songs and played an online blending game. We discussed that the sound ‘o’ has many different spellings i.e. ‘oa’ as in boat, ‘ow’ as in show and ‘o_e’ as in joke.



After we had practiced our new sounds we had the opportunity to work on our Writer’s Workshop books. Writer’s Workshop gives us an opportunity to explore our creative writing and writing styles. Miss Canala, Mrs Tropeano and Mrs Moise all supported us during this time e.g. with spelling, sequencing our ideas, planning our stories, etc.


We rested our bodies through relaxation – we are getting very good at our relaxation and being able to be present in stillness and calm. It’s a beautiful part of our day.


During investigative play, Miss Canala and Mrs Tropeano also listened to children read and found out more about children’s letter and word knowledge.


Gurshaan: My speck of gold was playing with the lego. I made a police helicopter.

Lowell: Today I have two speck of golds. One is playing with the lego and I made an aeroplane and the other speck of gold is going to music.

Adhip: My speck of gold is playing with the lego. I made an aeroplane (Adhip used a growth mindset because they were hard to fit in so he tried something new and it fit).

Mya: My speck of gold is playing with my friends. We played fairies.