Friday 29th of March, Week nine, term one.

This morning was spent over in the hall watching some learning in the Assembly which was lead by the year 2 classes. It was all about student agency!

We then did go noodle with the junior primary classes.


We practiced the Holy Week Song and shared some prayers…

Deeksha – Dear God thank you for the plants, tree and sky Amen

Athian – Dear God thank you for the whole world Amen

Porsha – Dear God thank you for animals Amen

Kobe – Dear God thanks for the plants and the people and everything Amen

Ekmann – Dear God thank you for the animals Amen

Navya – Dear God for the teachers Amen

Gurshaan – Dear God thank you for the insects Amen.


To further explore letters…shaving foam was put out for the children to explore and practice forming their letters. It was so much fun and also a get sensory experience.

Learning about train sizing, the different types of trains and why we have trains was further explored by Athian, Anthony, Andrew and Dylan.

Decoration making was happing on the craft table with Navya, Ameer, Yasmin and Fatumata.

Discussion of shapes and sizes of boats was happening with the Lego.

Michael, Micky, Krish, Adhip and Gurshaan were looking at forces ‘push or pull’ force when playing with the wooden blocks/lego to make bley bleys.

Origami was continued with Ekmaan showing leadership skills as she taught others how to make different objects.

Porsha, Sophia, Ebony and Massa were creating a ‘maths shop’…they were discussing costs, change, money values and counting the objects they had.



Time to read with a friend, read in a group, read on your own or read with a teacher!



‘peace out’ deep relaxation, guided meditation.

The children then had time for mindfulness colouring.



Shared reading text: Sid the Seed

We practiced our high frequency words and enjoyment of reading. The story followed on from yesterdays discussion on living things and being co-creators with God.

Celina – first it was a seed then turned to tree

Yasmin – he drank some water

Lowell – he drunk lots and lots of water

Richard – he was growing alot, he drink lots of water then he grows

Athian – Sid was a seed, i like the seed

Gurshaan – Sid the seed he ran up and got his cup and got alot of water and then he growed into a tree


Thursday 28th of March, Week nine, term one

Hello all and welcome to Thursday!!



Creation story from the Bible.


Navya – I noticed that God crated the flowers, plants and trees

Deeksha – I saw the sun, sky, moon and twinkling stars

Athian – God made a lion and a Man

Adhip – I saw God make a puffer fish

Krish – God made the animals

Porsha – I liked the story and how the flowers and rainbows made, i liked the birds

Tanish – God made dirt and people and flowers

Grace – The man have to look after the plants

Ivan – God said to care and look after the animals

Gurshaan – And to look after the sea, sea animals

Fatumata – God created all the animals and people

Deeksha – Look after the Earth, God said

We then showed how much we loved and cared for God’s creation as we picked up rubbish outside, cleaned our environment and watered the plants.

Then we reflected in our books:

I care for God’s creation by….


We played a fun dice game together!!

Practicing our addition skills 🙂


R1TD went to PE and Music classes.


R/1GC visited The Village and did some learning about Palm Sunday.


R1TD spent time with their buddies continuing our inquiry on ‘forces’.

The children were given a piece of paper in their buddy group and asked if they could make it move…predict how they could make it move further.

Some decided on planes, some balls, some kicked, pushed, pulled, used objects to hit or even blew the paper. They were describing the force they used, recording and predicting just like scientists!!

Richard – “I can push the plan to make it move”. Richard worked on making a plane to make the paper move.

Tanish – “we are making the paper into a plane…I will use a fast pushing force to make it move far”

Athian “I use my hands to make the paper into a plane…im pushing it to make it move”

Celina “im  making the paper to a plane and push it”

Dylan “I push the plane to move it”

Adhip “making a origami with the paper, then push it with my hand fast so it moves”

Abel – “I made a plane…you pull it back like this then push it really hard to fly it far away” “I could blow it to make it move but doesn’t go far…push it is better”

Luka – “if you pull it back at. First it will get more air in it first, then push it so that it can go further. You use pull and push force”

Scarlett – “I folded the paper and when you blow moves abit shorter then blow it harder with three of us it goes more”

Ameer – “im making a plane with paper, you use pushing force to make it fly”


R1Gc worked with their buddies to make pledges about what they are going to do to look after the environment this year. The pledges are going to be displayed in R1GC.


Sports day is coming up very soon. Next Friday 5th of March 12pm-4pm.

We are looking for parent helpers if you can on the day. We also need all permission slips returned ASAP.

Hope you can make it 🙂

Wednesday 27th March, Week nine, Term one

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday!!



We did our daily timetable, days of the week and weather check 🙂


mini lesson – addition.



Lets move our bodies!!!

A visit to the playground to get moving!!


In preparation for Holy Week we listened to the Easter story. With a particular focus on the meaning of the palms. For Holy Week our class will be presenting to the school about ‘Palm Sunday’.

We then sung the Palm Sunday song they we will be presenting.
Reflection prayer…

Lowell: Thank you God for all the blessings, Amen

Massa: Dear God, thank you for all the people and everyone, Amen

Kobe: Dear God, thank you for all the people that need glasses and thank you for helping them see, Amen


The children were posed a question and asked to reflect on this –

How do you be a good friend?

Kobe: being nice to someone and help

Krish: help people when they get hurt

Navya: when I play with someone

Grace: when someone falls over you can help them

Richard: taking turns is nice

Ekmann: being kind to your friend



We read the book – LET ME SLEEP SHEEP! By Meg McKinlay

We related it to things we do when we try to sleep:

Deeksha – Sometimes i use my imagination and I go to sleep

Anthony – I count sheep too

Gurshaan – I go for a big run before i go to bed then i just fall asleep.

We then borrowed our readers for the week.


MINI LESSON: Word of the day is ‘some’. Can you put it into a sentence today?

What is your Writer’s Workshop book about?

Jason: My book is about Monsters and Aliens, in my story there are different kinds of monsters and aliens in the book

Navya: My story is about the Rainbow Unicorn, Lilly got lost, so Sparkle Shot and Scarlett went to go find Lilly at the house, at the playground and at the rainforest but they can’t find her

Ebony: My story is about Miss Canala going to a party, you got on your shoes and your ring and you put on your necklace and you also after that you go in the car to the party and you have to wait until it starts

Lowell: My story is about me going to the beach surfing, so I went to the beach but I forgot my surf board and then I tell my dad to drive back and get my surf board and he went to get my surf board and then he gave me my surf board and then I was going to surf right away


Christina: My speck of gold was I like playing with my friends

Micky: My speck of gold was playing with the train tracks

Navya: My speck of gold was playing with Porsha and Grace, we were dancing at lunch time in the center

Kobe: My speck of gold was playing on the laptop

Porsha: My speck of gold was playing with Mya and playing with Christina

Celina: My speck of gold was going to the library

Abel: My speck of gold was playing with the Lego

Thank you for a lovely day! We will see you in the morning.


Tuesday, 26th March 2019 – Week Nine, Term One


Adhip: “Some kids are coming to school”.

Kobe: “I have some cats and some are black and white”.

Richard: “Something is missing”

Massa: “Can I have some grapes?”

Micky: “I have some orange”.


Our time outside in the mornings is such a wonderful way to start our day – there is always lots of conversation, caring and collaboration that takes place.



Mrs Tropeano and Miss Canala worked with small groups of children to develop skills in skip counting and adding using the ten frames. Other children worked in groups to develop:

  • Counting in 1’s
  • Matching collections of objects to their written numeral
  • Adding to ten using ten frames
  • Writing numbers
  • Using the counting on strategy to add the value of two dice


Who is Jesus?

Navya: Jesus is God

Gurshaan: Jesus is God’s son

Why do we tell stories about Jesus?

Ivan: Because we love Jesus

Tanish: Because Jesus always chose people and used all of the learning powers

Fatumata: Jesus and God is very powerful and they let people to have good days and bad days, good dreams and bad dreams.

Does anyone have a prayer they would like to share? Today we prayed to Jesus.

Jason: Dear Jesus, thanks for helping people. Amen

Porsha: Thank you for the whole world and the kids and the parents. Amen

Athian: He look after the whole world. Amen

Krish: Dear Jesus, thank you for helping people in the whole world. Amen

Scarlett: Dear Jesus, thank you for this whole school. Amen


We read our Shared Reading Story “Owl Know How” by Isobel Knowles and Cat Rabbit.

Mrs Tropeano asked us some questions about the story, she asked us what learning powers we thought the characters were using in the story;

Porsha thinks that Cornelia uses her creativity learning power to solve the problem of their town sinking into the trees.

Lowell thinks the characters are using collaboration to work together to turn on the factory.

Gurshaan thinks they’re using sense making to work hard to solve problems.




We reflected on words we know that start with G. We sang songs about the letter G. We used books to find words that started with G.


During writer’s workshop our teachers conferenced with children on their writing. This including supporting children to :

  • structure their stories
  • develop strategies to spell words
  • ordering the pages in their books
  • including punctuation in their writing
  • developing the detail in their illustrations

Grace: In writer’s workshop my book was about rainbows. Today I did a lot of writing, the rainbow went to his friends house.

Fatumata: I was doing a writing about monkeys, I like monkeys because they’re very cute and very soft.


During Investigations we continued exploring our interests. We used our Learning Powers to extend our understanding of a range of things were interested in.


R1GC went to their music lesson with Mrs Crisp while R1TD continued Investigations.


Ebony: My speck of gold is playing with my friends. I used Tamoo’s learning power (belonging) by making friends.

Richard: My speck of gold is playing with the Beyblades and even the train tracks. I used my collaboration learning power about playing and making stuff with other people.

Mya: My speck of gold is playing with my friends. I made chatterboxes for my friends. I used hope and optimism because I used my growth mindset.

Monday 25th March 2019 – Week 9 Term 1


We discussed the meaning of our ‘word of the day’ and the ways we use it in sentences.

Gurshaan: “Come to me!”

Kobe: “I have two pets dogs and my brothers says ‘sit’ and Sierra comes to him”

Ivan: “You are coming to the party”


Our morning fitness play helps children in many ways. It gets their body moving and this helps set them up for learning for the day. The teachers also use it as an opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with children which helps to build their relationship and also children’s oral language.


We discussed what we are really interested in and what we already know.

Brooklynne: “I love to learn about the kitchen. I cook food and you burnt the food. Then you cook it and then you put it on a bowl”.

Gurshaan: “I love learning about trains. They move with wheels and they need tracks to move on”.

Mya: “I am interested in doing puzzles. When I learn about puzzles I use my sharp eye if I get it right or if I didn’t I get it wrong. When it’s right if I finish it then if I want to do it again I start again. What do you do if the piece doesn’t fit, I take one piece out”.

Krish: “I love learning with lego. I like lego so much. While we are playing with it I try to make another version and I try to make my friends one and they help. I help them”.


We viewed the story of Palm Sunday. We discussed the learning powers that Jesus used (Kobe said belonging) and the events that happened in the story.


Our shared reading text this week is ‘Owl Know How’ by Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles.

We studied the front cover and predicted what the story might be about.

Kobe: Three owls, I think I saw three or two.

Brooklynne: They might have a swing that they build.

Scarlett: It might be about birds and koalas, they climb.

Abel: Maybe they might save somebody from a fire.

What do you see on the front cover?

Yasmin: Rabbits

Krish: A dragon

Abel: A shop

Tanish: I think it’s teamwork

Scarlett: Owls



Gurshaan: I learnt in Spanish how to say hello. You say ‘hola’.

Tanish: I learnt in Spanish we say bye. We say ‘adios’.

Adhip: I did the puzzles. There was small ones and big ones. They were creatures that live on land and water.


Massa: I was in the tunnel.

Lowell: At the obstacle course it was so tricky for me to balance so all I did was had a try and I keep on making a mistake and then I doing it because I learnt it. So I just went to the end and I just did it!

Brooklynne: I went on the steps.


We did a mini lesson on the counting on strategy.

We then investigated number, counting and addition through a series of provocations including:

  • Subitising using dice
  • Ordering numbers by skip counting by 5’s
  • Ordering numbers to 30 and matching collections of objects to the written numeral
  • Adding to 10 using 10 frames


Through a guided meditation, we calmed our body and stilled our thoughts.


Today, the focus of our investigative play was developing our learning powers. We had lots of conversations with children about the learning powers they were using in their play such as collaboration, creativity and sense making.


Photos for Assembly!

Dear Families,

Early next term we will be hosting our first assembly for the year. As it falls on the Friday before Mother’s Day, the theme of our assembly is ‘Magical and Magnificent Mums’.

We would greatly appreciate it if you provide a photo of you (mum) with your child. You are welcome to email the photo to one of the following email addresses:

Alternatively, you can provide us with a printed photo which we will copy and return to you.

Thanks so much for your support with this. We can’t wait to create a special celebration to honour the amazing mum that you all are!!

Kind regards,

Nicole, Sinead and Gabriella.




We wore cultural clothes or orange. We had a whole school assembly celebrating the cultural diversity at our school. We sung a Harmony day song for prayer. We then joined the school in a shared lunch where we brought in traditional foods from our cultural background.

Thursday, 21st March, 2019 – Week Eight, Term One

Happy Thursday text on orange watercolor background.


This morning we acted out the song 5 little ducks together.

We then explored a range of Numeracy Investigations.

Deeksha: I was doing plusses and multiplies with Ekmann. I was using my fingers and then I was getting the big number and counting on

Tanish: I learned that six add six makes twelve and I made that with the dice and I connected the unifix cubes to make the number

Andrew: I was getting the acorns and putting what the number said

Navya: I was counting thousands and hundreds, my mum taught me that

Fatumata: I was doing some numbers with the counters, I put 27

Sophia: We was counting with the pencils, we had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and we were writing the numbers

Kobe: I was at Jurassic Park and I was taking away dinos and then I moved over to do the numbers at the other table, i did 9 plus 2 equals 11

Scarlett: i did counting the gems over in Jurassic World, there was 15 and there was 9 dinosaurs and the people were 5.

Grace: In Numeracy I played with the cards and my Nanna teached me a game with the cards so we counted six and if anyone has a King with diamonds on it the lowest diamonds has to go out the game

Porsha: So I was playing on the cards so we matched the queens together and the kings and we put them in order and had to see which one was the most.


For prayer we listened to a song about Harmony to celebrate Harmony Day. We then prayed to God.

Scarlett: I saw a photo of children from all around the world, Amen

Kobe: Dear God, We live in Harmony, Amen

Porsha: Thank you God for the whole world and the parents,Amen

Navya: Thank you God for my friends. Amen

Fatumata: Thanks for God, in prayer I saw people putting their hands together, Amen

Massa: Thank you God for my friends, Amen

Jason: Thank you God for having dogs and cats and puppies and kittens, Amen


R1TD went to sport with Mrs Cooymans and Music with Mrs Rebiero.


R1GC went to the Village and joined in with their Investigations.


After lunch we explored our provocations for the week during Investigations.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Harmony Day! Please wear your cultural clothes, anything orange, or your school uniform. Bring a plate of your favourite food from your culture to share at our shared lunch. Parents and friends are welcome to join us from 12pm.

Wednesday, 20th March, Term one, week eight.

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday!!

Hows the weather today?

Lowell checked the weather outside and that he thought it was partly cloudy today.


The ELC students came over to visit and play with us. We all showed leadership and kindness as we eagerly welcomed them into our classroom.

Continue with our investigative play on transport, Jurrassic world and Rainbow experiment.

Also continue to use oral language and social skills whilst we play in the home corner cafe and make use of our stage to create shows!

Gurshaan said “my bley bley has to push it and it push it hard it goes faster and faster” “I made a really strong car, I put lots of lego together to make it strong so when it hits something it wont break”

Ameer said “we are making a unicorn shop. A unicorn shop has money and you buy a unicorn, I am making all the money, this is 5 dollars”

Michael said “I made a boat, it is a square shape with circles ontop to make it go fast”

Deeksha said “I am looking at all the flags, this one is Australia, this one is Indian flag, I like this flag because I am Indian just like Ekmann we are both Indian”

Dylan said “im making a bley bley hold it up the top right here and it makes it move around bley bley is just a really small one but goes fast”





Our prayers about changing the world….

Porsha: Dear God I want to the change the world by helping to learn to turn the world into something else Amen

Kobe: Dear God I am wanting to change by helping people who dont have much water, food and money Amen

Massa: Dear God thank you for all the people and the planet Amen

Krish: Dear God I am going to the world Amen

Grace: Dear God I am going to help people when they fall over Amen

Brookyln: Dear God when i see rubbish i will pick it up Amen

Ivan: Dear God i will help people by giving money Amen


Shared reading: I’m Australian Too by Mem Fox

Places all over the world.

Where is your family from?

Deeksha – My family is from India

Massa – I speak English My mum comes from Africa

Yasmin – My family lives in Australia, come from Syria

Lowell – My Dad and cousins were born in Phillipeens

Athian – My family lives in Adelaide

Krish – My cousins are from Italy

Michael – My mum is from Vietna,

Scarlett – My family is from Australia, My cousin is from India

Dylan – My family Vietnam

Fatumata – My family is from Africa

Navya -My family is from fiji

Gurshaan – My fmily is from India

Grace – My mum’s cousins are from Sydney

Porsha – from Australia





Mini lesson – words we can write. Sight word of the day is ‘all’

Today in writers workshop i am going to try and include the word…

Scarlett – I like

Deeksha – Can, he, she

Adhip – you

Andrew – the

Krish – she

Gurshaan – the

Michael – Was

Athian – all

Richard – he

Ameer – me

Andrew – had

Yasmin – like

Anthony – I

Dylan – she



We borrowed our readers – don’t forget to read each night 🙂


Scarlett – My speck of gold was going to the library

Massa – My speck of gold was playing with Mya

Adhip – My speck of gold was playing with lego

Navya – My speck of Gold was playing with my friends

Yasmin – My speck of Gold with Mia we played hide and seek

Grace – My speck of gold was playing with my friends at recess, we played in the sandpit and made special potions.


Thank you all for a great day we will see you in the morning!