Tuesday 30th April 2019



Being in nature is good for the mind, body and spirit. Starting the day outside is a beautiful way for us to connect with our environment and each other.


Mya: I am here.

Michael: Here I come.

Deeksha: Here is my laptop.

Gurshaan: Here is my Granny and Grandpa.


We sang ‘The Shape Song’ and then discussed the different shapes we sang about.

What shapes were in the song?

Gurshaan: Heptagon

Massa: Star

Fatumata: Heart

Deeksha: Pentagon

Grace: Diamond

Mya: Circle

Adhip: Hexagon

Porsha: Triangle

Jason: Square

Micky: Oval

We talked about shapes that are regular and irregular and discussed the properties of regular shapes such as corners and sides. We then engaged in a range of provocations to develop our understanding of 2D shapes and their properties.


We began prayer by singing ‘Hearts on Fire’. We then shared our own special prayers of gratitude.

Ebony: Dear God, My favourite part of the day was running with Emily. Amen.

Abel: Dear God, thanks for making the whole world and everything the planet needs and all the food we need. Amen.

Porsha: Thank you God for different countries and different worlds where people live. Amen.

Celina: Dear God, thank you for giving the whole school and all of my friends. Amen.

Mya: Dear God, thank you for the whole planet and the flowers and the trees. Amen.

Gurshaan: Thank you God for all of the food and for people not being sad. Amen.



We explored the Uu sound and reflected on words we knew that started with this sound.


We explored this digraph through song and brainstorming words with an ‘oi’ ‘oy’ sound.





Mrs Tropeano worked with a small group to develop understanding of writing and drawing with a purpose, as well as to write simple sentences using high frequency words explored through shared reading texts. Today, this group of children wrote an ‘I can….. ‘ text. They thought about something they can do, drew a picture of it and wrote the sentence ‘I can …..’.


We explored our provocations for the week, continuing and developing our learning.



Christina: My speck of gold was playing with my friends

Deeksha: My speck of gold was going to Spanish because I like drawing

Ekmann: My speck of gold was doing Investigations

Anthony: My speck of gold was playing with the trains

Micky: My speck of gold was playing with the Lego

Monday 29th April, Week One, Term Two

Welcome to Term Two everyone!! We hope you had a wonderful holidays!


We began our day by getting our body moving and our brains ready for learning at the playground.


This term we will be learning more about Character Strengths, these are the things we do to help us be good people. Today we are learning about kindness

We watched a video about kindness.

What did the people do to show kindness?

Adhip: The boy helped the girl by giving her an apple

Sophia: The man help the lady push her bag

Athian: The baby was crying and then the lady made a funny face

Ebony: The man dropped his money and the girl found it and then the man went back to get it

Ebony: When we show kindness the whole world falls in love

What can you do to show kindness in our class?

Celina: I will help people if they’re alone

Deeksha: If someones hurt, I will help them get up

Grace: If someone feels upset and she doesnt have a friend we can write something for her and play with her

Abel: When someone drops their things, I will pick it up for them

We decorated leaves with ideas about how we are going to show kindness in our classroom. These leaves symbolise how kindness can grow. That with one act of kindness, others reciprocate and pass kindness on.


Grace: Dear God, I like Sophia because she’s my best friend and I always help her when she gets sad, Amen

Celina: Dear God, I help my friends when they get hurt, Amen

Jason: Dear God, I love playing with Kobe at recess because he’s my best friend and I also help him when he’s sad or hurt, Amen

Abel: Dear God, Thanks for helping me help the whole world and I help make the planet clean and I help people if the need me, Amen

Massa: Dear God, I help somebody when they’re sick, i help my friends because I help them feel better, Amen

Porsha: Dear God, Thank you for the people who live in different countries and help us to be nice and kind, Amen

Ebony: Dear God, I help someone if they’re feeling sad and it makes them happy, Amen


Last Thursday was Anzac Day.

What do you know about Anzac Day?

Kobe: To celebrate the soldiers from Australia and New Zealand

Porsha: If people die for Anzac Day, the soldiers walk around at the football place and there was lights on and the football players were there to watch

We read a story called “Anzac Biscuits” by Phil Cummings and Owen Swan.

Mrs Tropeano kindly brought some Anzac biscuits into to school today for us to remember all of the soldiers that have been in the wars.


R1GC then went to Sports and Spanish with Mr Pearce and Signora Nunez.


R/1TD discussed how all things – people, plants, trees, objects have a shape. Sometimes, these shapes are regular and have a name like triangle, rectangle, square. We looked at some different shapes on the screen and named them. We then identified the special features of these shapes – their sides and corners! We also talked about these shapes being 2D because we can identify their length and width. With different materials, we then made various 2D shapes and counted how many sides and corners these shapes have.


Our provocations for play included:

  • Retelling the Easter story
  • Making Easter baskets
  • Box construction
  • Making poppies to represent Anzac Day
  • Painting props for assembly
  • Painting Rainbow Serpents
  • Home corner
  • Lego
  • Puzzles


Thursday 11th April 2019 – Week 11 Term 1


The children enjoyed exploring the different play spaces that we have set up and rearranged. The children’s play included:

  • Making spinning toys with Lego and items from the tool shop
  • Home corner
  • Playing ‘Mum’s and Babies’
  • Dinosaur play – Jurassic World
  • Watercolour painting
  • Drawing and writing
  • Making shapes and patterns using gems on the light table
  • Playing ‘Hide and Seek’



We viewed a video about the Easter story that we will be learning more about at our Holy Week presentations this afternoon – the capture and death of Jesus. We spent some time explaining how the historical perspective of this time, and how society was very different when Jesus was alive.

Massa: Thank you for God for all the people and all the cross and all the world and all the flowers. Amen.

Abel: Thanks for God for making the whole world and everybody I the world. Amen.

Scarlett: Thanks for God for the stage and the TV’s. Amen.

Grace: Dear God, thank you for my class because they help me and especially Navya because she helps me write a lot. I love my mum because she loves me so much. Amen.




We viewed a wonderful play by the year 5/6 classes about the Stations of the Cross. In class, we reflected on what we watched.

Grace: Jesus had to walk with the cross and he had to walk really hard with the cross and he fell down 3 times and that hurt him and then he die on the cross.

Sophia: Jesus he got put on the cross and then he was in the bed (tomb). He also went for a walk with the cross.

Abel: Those police took Jesus and he go to the boss and they ask him the cross and they ask him to walk with the cross and then he fell down three times and then those police put him on the cross with the nail and then he died.


Our mindfulness today was relaxation. We listened to some rainforest sounds and classical music. Some of us lay down and closed our eyes whilst others looked at the different forest scenes on the screen.


A friendly reminder ……. we are hosting a special ‘Mother’s Day’ Assembly early next term. It would be much appreciated if you could email a photo of you (mum) with your child to:



Thanks so much!

Nicole, Sinead and Gabriella


Micky: My speck of gold was playing with the dinosaurs.

Ebony: My speck of gold is playing with Grace and Sophia and we were at the home corner and the stage and the stage was the bedroom and the kitchen was part of our house.

Krish: My speck of gold was playing with Richard and Tanish with the Beyblades and Richard wins the challenge.

Ivan: My speck of gold is playing with Micky with the dinosaurs and showing Micky how to make a sword.

Porsha: My speck of gold was playing in the home corner and the stage because we made only two beds.

Gurshaan: My speck of gold was watching the Holy Week presentation.

Yasmin: My speck of gold was drawing the bunny.







Wednesday 10th of April, Term one, week eleven


We began our day outside with some running, jumping, climbing and swinging on the playground. It is amazing how being outside and moving our bodies helps us to feel positive, happy and energised. We love starting the day in this fun way!


We read ‘My Mum’ by Anthony Browne.

We then shared what is special about our Mum’s.

Massa: My mum carries me to the shop and makes me food.

Abel: My mum is the best cooker.

Ivan: My mum is a great cook. I love her pancakes.

Porsha: My mum cooks me lots of food like chocolate bars and putting me to sleep.

Gurshaan: My mum helps me when I get hurt.

Kobe: My mum buys healthy food from the shop every Saturday.

Ameer: My mum lets me go to school.

Sophia: My mum always make me sleep and always make me breakfast and let me get ready.


We used some of our 100 languages to express why we love our mum’s.



Abel: My prayer is for making the whole city and the whole world.

Massa: My prayer is thank you for you God for all the rainbow and all the sun and all the animals. Amen.

Krish: Thank you for God for the rainbow and the sky and the animals. Amen.

Gurshaan: Thank you for the rainbow, sky, people and sea. Amen.

Sophia: My favourite song is beautiful rainbow and it is golden. Amen.

Ameer: My prayer is about thank you for my family and all my friends and cousins and my teachers and also the whole world. Amen.


There was so much creativity, mindful agency, collaboration and sense making happening during our play today. Many of us are continuing to work on our creations – refining and changing our original designs to improve our product. The addition of a Beyblade Burst stadium added another parameter for the children who love making Beyblades.


We viewed the Holy Week presentations by the year 3 and 4 classes in the hall after lunch. We loved the play and movie depictions of the important events of Holy Week.


We then helped Mr McCarthy plant leeks and onions in our vegetable patches. We spoke about how big they grow and they types of recipes we use them in such as vegetable soup. We then had a quick play in log park with R/1EC and R/1MC. We loved playing with our friends from ‘The Village’.


Photos please!

Hi again

I am really needing some photos for our assembly which is all about MUMS!

Could you please send me a photo of you (mums) with your child/children to me on;


Thanks again 🙂

Tuesday 9th April 2019 – Week 11 Term 1


Our shared reading text today was ‘Say Something’ by Peter H Reynolds. This was a very special book about using who we are, our gifts, talents, thoughts, ideas and beliefs to make a difference in our world.

What do you think this book will be about?

Tanish: I think the book is about saying something.

Scarlett: I think it’s about dragons and people.

Gurshaan: I think because the boy is not saying anything.

Krish: I think the people are not saying to that boy.

What would you do or say to change the world?

Abel: I would say stop if someone hitting someone else.

Krish: I would say please and ask for help.

Tanish: I would say please when you want something from other people.

“We are all here to use our personality to live our true purpose.”

“With small actions we can make big change.”

Writer’s Workshop

Some of us continued to work on our books. Others drew illustrations and wrote about our drawings.


We sang a song called ‘Rainbow’. It is about all of the beautiful colours of the rainbow and God’s spirit shining through them.

Sophia: The colour of the rainbow was cool and there was all singing and then they say golden. Amen.

Ameer: Thank you for my family and my teachers. Amen.

Fatumata: I saw all the rainbow colour and it was so beautiful and I sing the song altogether. Amen.

Grace: I heard about the beautiful rainbow… yellow and green, violet too, underneath God’s beautiful rainbow. It’s my favourite part of that one because I love it. Amen.

Ebony: Nori has rainbow on her and she likes rainbows and the owl. Amen.

Abel: My prayer is about thanks for God for making the world. Amen.

Play Investigations

Today we engaged in our favourite provocations from this term. We used many learning powers including creativity, collaboration, sense making and mindful agency.

Play Investigations – Reflection

Scarlett: In investigations I painted a love heart and I colour it in.

Grace: In investigations I played with Sophia and Fatumata and Porsha. We played library teachers and then it was pet day at the library and everyone bought dragons to school and they went all around the school and there was 2019 of them and me and Ebony and the whole class were trying to stop them and put them in the cage. Then we went back to library and we borrowed our books”.

Yasmin: In investigations I was helping Mrs Tropeano to put the light table together. Then I use it and I build something with the gems. I made towers:.

Ivan: In investigations I played dragons. Ebony was a mum and I made a dragon costume. I used baskets for the head and bubble wrap and material for the body. I was jumping around all the school”.

Abel: In investigations I was playing with the tool shop and I was making something, a Beyblade and I used the pieces and Krish’s Beyblade was like mine. We battled over there. Next time I would made it better by making it with a different nail”.

Holy Week – Palm Sunday

We presented at the Holy Week celebrations today. We waved the palms we made as the school entered the hall and then sang the song ‘Cloaks and Branches’ with the other year one classes on stage. We did a wonderful job!

R/1GC Music/R/1TD Reading

Whilst R/1GC was at music, R/1TD did some reading practice. We read independently, in partners, small groups and to Mrs Tropeano. We practiced our strategies of pointing to the words and looking at the pictures.

Specks of Gold

Ameer: My speck of gold is playing with Arwan at the oval doing cart wheels.

Krish: My speck of gold was me and Michael was playing with the blocks for a mountain.

Brooklynne: My speck of gold was playing with Kristina in the corner. We were cooking fish.

Tanish: My speck of gold was playing with the Lego and making some stuff and using them to play with.

Jason: My speck of gold is playing with Carmelo and Ivan. We were playing with the dragons and making the costume.

Porsha: My speck of gold is playing with Massa at recess time at the centre because we were jumping around playing hide and seek.

Monday, 8th April, 2019 – Week Eleven, Term One

Welcome to Week Eleven! We cant believe it’s already the last week of Term One!


We went with the other R1 classes to the hall to practice our Palm Sunday presentation that we will present to the whole school tomorrow after lunch.


After our practice for Holy Week we went to the playground for some fitness.


We reflected on all of the learning powers. Mrs Tropeano showed us each mascot and asked us their name, and their learning power…

Micky: Tracey

Massa: Her learning power is collaboration, she is great at sharing things

Ivan: Learning by herself and with others

Sophia: Help some friend when they fall over

Krish: Owen

Scarlett: Owen’s learning power is Mindful Agency

Gurshaan: Owen is good at being mindful

Ivan: He’s good at sharing

Tanish: Dexter

Brooklynne: Hope and optimism

Gurshaan: Zuri

Lowell: Curiosity is Zuri’s learning power

Jason: Una

Ivan: Sense making is her learning power

Sophia: Tamoo

Michael: His learning power is belonging

Abel: Nori

Ebony: creativity is Nori’s learning power

What learning Power are you best at?

Tanish: Creativity, I make things

Gurshaan: I used my mindful agency by being mindful to people

Massa: Collaboration, I was helping people that have fallen down

Ameer: Belonging, I use it by staying in my classroom

Ivan: I use collaboration

We reflected on the Learning Powers that we think we use best.


Today Miss Canala read her favourite shared reading book of the term ‘Thelma the Unicorn’ by Aaron Blabey.


R1GC enjoyed Sport and Spanish for their last time this term!



Today we were introduced to skip counting. Skip counting helps us to count large collections of objects and is useful when using the number operations of addition and multiplication.



We demonstrated our learning in counting this term by counting numbers as high as we could and also writing them. We have all improved so much!


We listened to a guided mindfulness called On and Off. After, we reflected on how being mindful made us feel.

Abel: It feels straight and soft.

Fatumata: Mine was tight and now it’s a little bit smooth.

Dylan: I hold it tight and I breathe out and breathe in.

Tanish: I feel tight and soft.

Krish: I feel good and I feel so soft because I turn my energy off.


This week for Investigations we are enjoying some of our favourite Investigations from the term.


Fatumata: My speck of gold was playing with Massa and inside I was playing with Ameer and Awan

Micky: My speck of gold was playing with Lego

Ebony: My speck of gold was playing at the home corner and reading books near our new shelves

Porsha: My speck of gold is playing with Massa outside in Log Park because we made two beds so Massa sleeps on one bed and I sleep on the other bed and we saw a tree grow.

Jason: My speck of gold was helping Lowell and playing with him

Massa: My speck of gold is playing with Porsha in Log Park. We used collaboration.

Friday, 5th April, 2019 – Week Ten, Term One

Today we are so sad because Sports Day was postponed. Some of us went home and the rest of us stayed at school to do Investigations. We are happy to hear that we will have another Sports Day next term!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you all on Monday!

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 – Week Ten, Term One


Today we celebrated Miss Canala’s Wedding – she is Getting married next weekend!

To celebrate we had provocations all about weddings…

  • design a wedding dress
  • build a church
  • we had our own socio-dramatic play, Wedding
  • Setting up food for the reception
  • Make flowers for the wedding
  • Cinderellas wedding day book, writing

We also shared some cupcakes together and gave her a gift that we all made.


Celina: Dear God, Thanks for giving to whole school, Amen

Abel: Dear God and Jesus, Thanks for making the whole wirld and all the food and the whole planet, Amen

Mya: Dear God, Thank you for giving me the whole planeet, Amen

Ivan: Thanks God for the flowers, Amen

We then practised our song that we are sharing for ‘Palm Sunday’.


While R1TD were at sports and music, R1GC went to The Village for Investigations.


R1TD went to Sport and Music class during this time.


We made palms ready for our Palm Sunday celebration!

Don’t forget tomorrow is SPORTS DAY!!!

We will meet you at school at 12 o’clock. Please make sure you bring a drink bottle and eat your lunch before you come to school! You can wear your sports uniform and a top in your team colour. We can’t wait to see you all in your team colours!

Wednesday April 3, week 10, Term 1


Learning through play….. The R/1 students warmly welcomed the ELC students into the play space. Showing them around and including them in their play.

Some cars, a large piece of paper and textas was put out as a provocation for the children.

A group of boys eagerly begun exploring this space. Jason and Kobe created a bridge. Abel and Ivan drew roads, cars, road signs, round about and bus stops. Jason then came over and added a hotel, shopping center and an airport. Kobe drew some people and houses aswell. The boys worked so well together as they drew and created their very own community. They shared their thoughts and ideas with each other. We saw lots of leadership skills, creative thinking, negotiating and critical skills.

The storytable ‘Thelma the unicorn‘ was popular. The children enjoyed dressing up as a unicorn and retelling the story showing great oral language and comprehension.

There was a provocation of Aboriginal symbols available for children to explore… we saw children painting the symbol for ‘camp site’, ‘men’ , ‘women’ and also looking at the Australian animals



We shared the Easter story from the Bible.

Massa – Jesus died at Easter.

Abel -Jesus died on the cross

Porsha – Jesus died because of all of them though he wasn’t really Jesus…so they put him on the cross.

Ebony – Jesus died.

Celina – Jesus rode on a donkey

Tanish – Jesus was riding on a donkey and people were throwing leaves for him

Lowell – Jesus was riding a donkey to Jerusalem

Grace – Jesus in the Easter story..Jesus did everything for everyone.



UNICEF developmental goals discussion in our house group!

We listened to a presenter talking about the goals to change the world!!

I wonder how we will all help change the world.

Here is a snip-it of what we discussed…


We read the book ‘The man with small hair’ by Jane Jolly.

Before reading we got some clues about what the book could be about by looking at the visual literacy on the front cover. We then read the title and discussed that the title also gives us a clue.




Celina: My speck of gold was playing with Fatumata and Aisha in the classroom

Massa: My speck of gold is playing with Mya and Brooklynne and Christina

Abel: My speck of gold was drawing the road map

Porsha: My speck of gold is playing with Massa in the center doing tricks at lunch

Ebony: My speck of gold is playing with my Learning Power friends

Krish: My speck of gold was playing with the Lego

Ivan: My speck of gold is playing with Krish

Fatumata: My speck of gold was playing with Ivan and Scarlett and Andrew at lunch time